Monday, April 19, 2010

Brutal Attack Of Female GOP Fundraiser Ignored; But "Tea Partiers Are Violent" Mantra Contiunes To Be Played

UPDATE: For the latest on this brutal attack, including the description of a possible suspect, visit The Hayride.

While I was away on business, a horrible attack on a woman and her boyfriend happened after leaving a political fundraiser in New Orleans.

Her leg was broken in four places,

Reports say she was called, "a little blond bitch,"

Her boyfriend was allegedly called "a f**king faggot."

It appears that there is a political motive behind this attack, from reports of others who attended the fundraiser.

Who was attacked? Liberal Democrats? Was the allegedly violent and racist Tea Party movement behind this?

No they weren't. Assuaulted was Allee Bautsch, 25, a top fundraiser to Republican Governor Bobby Jindal. Her boyfriend, Joe Brown, 29 (Human Events).

Bautsch’s leg was “stomped” by her assailants causing breaks in four places that required surgery, a steel rod and seven screws to reconstruct. Brown suffered a broken jaw and nose, a brain concussion and black eye.

The assailants were described as five Caucasian males, the main assailant looking “dirty” (but not homeless), with dark red ponytail and a beard.

During her first interview with Fox News (reported and transcribed in full on HUMAN EVENTS) Bautsch’s mother, Della Berning, confirmed reports of the political nature of the attacks but was reluctant to discuss that aspect of the assault.

In her latest interview with Yahoo News (via The Hayride, h/t Pat Dollard) Berning
went a bit further, saying her daughter Bautsch and her daughter’s boyfriend, Brown, believe the attackers were a group of political protesters who followed them after they left the GOP event.

And they are not alone.

Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere, Jr., the host of the fundraising event that took place April 9 at Brennan’s Restaurant in the New Orleans French Quarter, said when he and his party of a half-dozen people tried to leave the event, the front door was blocked by protesters.

...Mick Wright at the Tennessee Conservative has an extensive array of photographs of the actual group of protesters in his report on the nature of their signs: all about money and “the rich” and class warfare.

The main group planning the protest according to their fliers was The Iron Rail Collective, a New Orleans-based anarchist group in the vein of those who make news in America and worldwide as they trash and burn cities whenever and wherever world leaders meet.

(Other reported protesters at the SRLC event included a group of University of New Orleans "UNO" professors and local Democrat groups.)

Their signs at the GOP event protest included the capital “A” with a circle, an anarchist gang-style symbol, and such gems as, “Capitalist f***s,” “Tax the Rich,” “JINDAL, tell your rich friends to GO HOME,” and “Ruling class robbers” to name a few.

Select protesters attempted to hide their identity by tying scarves or bandanas around their heads to cover the lower half of their faces right below the eyes.

The GOP fundraising event was attended by Govs. Jindal, Haley Barbour (Miss.) and Rick Perry (Texas). Republican donors paid $10,000 per plate to attend.

This horrific beating is being largely ignored by the lapdog media. Meanwhile, they're still playing up the slanderous "Tea Party is violent" mantra, with former Perpetrator in Chief Bill Clinton using the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing to link the Tea Party movement to possible acts of political violence.

This is despite the fact that there have been no acts of violence at tea parties. No riots, no cops on horses being pushed over, nothing like that. Yet Leftists will attack recruiting stations with red paint or bombs, get arrested at SEIU rallies, or attack Tea Party buses with eggs and the so-called "mainstream media" pretends not to notice. President Thin-Skinned, Barack Hussein Obama, is friends with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and the media doesn't think it's a big deal.

No wonder people don't trust the media.

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