Friday, April 09, 2010

Asshole Alan Grayson Barges In On GOP Meeting In Florida

Gateway Pundit received this letter and video of this Horse's Ass from Florida.
Hi Jim.

I was at a local Republican Executive meeting last night when who should barge into our assembly but the honorable Alan Grayson!

The clip you are about to view is where he reads a copy of an email that was sent to those invited to the meeting about how a local patriot attended an Organizing for America event. That patriot learned OFA’s strategy for the 2010 election.

Somehow Grayson was privy to that email, learned of the time and location of the meeting, and interrupted the meeting to berate the group and accuse of us of stooping to spying on Organizing for America.

The gentleman who was standing up to Grayson is Matt Falconer, candidate for Orange County mayor in Orlando. He was demanding that Grayson apologize for a comment he made to Lew Oliver, chairman of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee. It was quite the scene.

There's a guy whose constituents need to give a pink slip in November, and get him a job flipping burgers.

Or send him to a rubber room.

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