Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama's AmeriKa: Riot Police Are Called On Kids & Seniors Protesting President Thin-Skinned In Quincy, IL

Did you ever think this would happen in America?

Tea Party Members who protested President Thin-Skinned (Obama) in Quincy, IL yesterday broke out into a song, singing "God Bless America."

...and the riot police came out.

Jim Hoft, also known as Gateway Pundit, interviewed this 10 year old girl and her mother, who were a part of the protest.

GP also links to the following videos of the event, from Adam Sharp.

and PO'ed Patriot:

Now, compare that video of riot police called out on peaceful protesters to this video from last Friday...

...of racial slurs, bottles and rocks thrown at police in a "mostly peaceful" (according to the lapdog media) protest in Phoenix, AZ, after the anti-illegal immigration bill was signed into law.

Where do you think the riot police are needed more?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For All Who Don't Like The New Arizona Law On Illegal Immigration.... this column written by Michelle Malkin, about how strict Mexico is about enforcing who comes across their southern border.

Consider this point she makes:
Consider: Open-borders protesters marched freely at the Capitol building in Arizona, comparing GOP Gov. Jan Brewer to Hitler, waving Mexican flags, advocating that demonstrators “Smash the State,” and holding signs that proclaimed “No human is illegal” and “We have rights.”

But under the Mexican constitution, such political speech by foreigners is banned. Noncitizens cannot “in any way participate in the political affairs of the country.” In
fact, a plethora of Mexican statutes enacted by its congress limit the participation of foreign nationals and companies in everything from investment, education, mining and civil aviation to electric energy and firearms. Foreigners have severely limited private property and employment rights (if any).
So, Al Sharpton, why don't you take your liberal rent-a-mob and call the government of Mexico "nazis" you clown!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Illegal Alien Sanctuary City Of San Francisco Bans Business Travel To Arizona For The State Daring To Enforcing Immigration Law

Liberals in San Francisco are just plain idiotic they're funny.

"Greasy" Gavin Newsom has banned all business travel to Arizona, and the City Stupidvisors are mulling over a boycott of the state, all because the State of Arizona has dared to do what the Federal Government under Obama (or the City by the Bay, for that matter) won't do...enforce our immigration laws (USA Today).

The city of San Francisco today told employees that they're now banned from Arizona for official travel in light of the state's controversial new immigration law that's being widely denounced, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced the ban earlier, and it takes effect immediately, the story says. The city ban, however, does allow for exceptions such as for law enforcement authorities who are investigating a crime, the story says. It's not clear how many trips Arizona will lose, according to the Chronicle.
Well, let's take a little walk down memory lane and remind you about "Greasy" Gavin's record when it comes to refusing to enforce immigration laws in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.


November 2007: San Francisco, Sanctuary City For Immigration Lawbreakers, Approves IDs For Them

June 2008: Feds Investigating San Francisco's Sanctuary City Status After City Protected Illegal Alien Crack Dealers From Deportation

According to SFGate, the City of San Francisco is under investigation by the Feds for circumventing federal immigration laws, as the city allegedly protected eight youths from Honduras caught selling crack cocaine from deportation.

Rather than have the drug offenders deported, they have recommended that Juvenile Court judges and commissioners approve city-paid flights home to Honduras for the offenders with the aim of reuniting them with their families.
June 2008: $650,000 From "Greasy" Gavin To Illegal Alien Felons: A Price Must Be Paid For Aiding & Abetting Illegal Alien Criminals 2006, the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - a community outreach arm of Newsom's office - created a grant program specifically designed to assist, rather than deport, "undocumented, unaccompanied and monolingual" immigrants who were in the custody of the city's Juvenile Probation Department or on juvenile probation, according to city documents.

The city provided $467,000 to three nonprofit agencies under the grant program from mid-2006 and mid-2008, records show, and another $200,000 was approved for two of the agencies for this budget year.

Newsom's office created the program, in part, to deal with an influx of Central American youths being housed on drug charges at San Francisco's juvenile hall, according to those familiar with the grant. Crowding at juvenile hall had led to protests among youth advocate groups."

Of course, if the Federal Government was really serious about our laws, rogue leaders like Gavin Newsom would be arrested for refusing to enforce immigration laws and endangering the public safety. However, under the Obama Administration, the Department of InJustice under Eric Holder has become a political tool. Those who dare to enforce the laws or defend this nation are demonized and treated like criminals, while New Black Panthers can break election laws, illegal aliens can break immigration laws and have a shield of protection from Eric Holder.

Perhaps the State of Arizona could work something out with Sodom By The Sea: in return for no boycott of the state, they'll send all illegal aliens their way.

Why Aren't Carl Levin & Democrats Forced To Testify Under Oath About That "S**tty Deal" Known As Obamacare?

The ultimate hypocrisy happened today.

Goldman Sachs officials went up to Capitol Hill to undergo a star chamber type trial by a group of blowhards known as the United States Senate.

The King Inquisitor was Carl Levin, the lib Senator from Michigan, who has a penchant of using these type of hearings to act like a blowhard for the cameras, with his reading glasses dangling on the end of his nose--bullying, interrupting, berating (and profane...dropping the "s" bomb several times today)--making Bill O'Reilly look as gentle as a puppy.

Look, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to defend the Goldman Sachs guys, and say they did nothing wrong. Sure, there are a few in business who are corrupt and scam artists, who walk away like fat cats while the little guys get shafted. Punish them, when they are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, I don't not subscribe to the liberal point of view that anyone and everyone who makes a profit is evil; that someone else loses when a legitimate profit is made, and that government must come in like a knight on a white horse to create a level playing field.

But for all the hoopla over Goldman Sachs (who have a plethora of ties with Democrats and Obama), why isn't our Congress ever held to the same standards these blowhards in the Senate held that company's officials publicly today?

Case in point--Obamacare. To quote the bloward Levin, that was a "s**tty deal!" The Obama Administration and Democrats told us over and over that Obamacare would not increase costs or add more to the deficit (though most Americans didn't buy that "s**tty deal"). What happened? We find out today that they suppressed a report from Health and Human Services saying it was a "s**tty deal," one month AFTER they voted to approve that "s**tty deal," with most of them not even bothering to read the fine print. But they knew it was a "s**tty deal" and passed it anyway.

If the Democrats were in business instead of Congress, they'd be questioned and perhaps jailed for sexing up all the numbers to pass their "s**tty deal." Instead, they're not held accountable. They can retire or get deservedly voted out of office, and yet collect their government pension plus gold-plated benefits while the rest of us have to undo the "s**tty deal" they stuck us with.

Just once, I'd love to see Levin and these other self-righteous clowns forced to answer some questions, if only we had Senators and Representatives who took their oaths seriously.

Democrats Hid Damning Report About Obamacare For One Month AFTER Bill Was Passed

So much for the promise below of "Honest Leadership and Open Government" (American Spectator via Gateway Pundit).

The economic report released last week by Health and Human Services, which indicated that President Barack Obama’s health care “reform” law would actually increase the cost of health care and impose higher costs on consumers, had been submitted to the office of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius more than a week before the Congressional votes on the bill, according to career HHS sources, who added that Sebelius’s staff refused to review the document before the vote was taken.

“The reason we were given was that they did not want to influence the vote,” says an HHS source. “Which is actually the point of having a review like this, you would think.”

The analysis, performed by Medicare’s Office of the Actuary, which in the past has been identified as a “nonpolitical” office, set off alarm bells when submitted. “We know a copy was sent to the White House via their legislative affairs staff,” says the HHS staffer, “and there were a number of meetings here almost right after the analysis was submitted to the secretary’s office. Everyone went into lockdown, and people here were too scared to go public with the report.”

In the end, the report was released several weeks after the vote.
So these Democrats, the same ones who spent the last eight years accusing (with no evidence whatsoever) the Bush Administration of lying to America to go to war with Iraq and manipulating evidence to support going to war, lied to the American public by hiding information that was damning to Obama and the Democrat dream of socialized medicine. No wonder so many had to be bribed and coerced with goodies or phony executive orders.

Besides the housecleaning needed in Congress to get rid of this Democrat tyranny, there should be investigations into what they knew and when they knew it, as well as what kind of political pressure was put on to suppress this information.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Divider-In-Chief Obama Doesn't Need Whitey's Help For 2010 Midterm Elections

In his highly touted 2004 address at the Democrat National Convention, Barack Hussein Obama said the following:
There's not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America -- there is the United States of America.

Those were obviously "just words, just speeches," as today our Divider-in-Chief released a video "rallying the troops" for the 2010 Midterm Elections...and whites need not apply (Politico, via Gateway Pundit).
The DNC released this clip of the president rallying the troops, if rather coolly, for 2010, with the express goal of “reconnecting” with the voters who voted for the first time in 2008, but who may not plan to vote in the lower-profile Congressional elections this year.

Obama speaks with unusual demographic frankness about his coalition in his appeal to “young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again.”

Can you imagine if George W. Bush or any other Republican made a video asking only for the support of "white Americans who powered our victory in the last election?" Well, why the double-standard when it comes to this reverse racism from Obama?

If it wasn't for his 20 year membership in the racist Trinity United Church of Christ (Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian), and other comments, we could assume that Obama just "acted stupidly."

Illegal Alien Supporters & Liberals Get Violent Protesting New Arizona Immigration Law; Lapdog Media & Bill Clinton Silent

You won't see this on your network news channel because it wasn't footage of a tea party that CNN, MSNBC or Bill Clinton could point to and allege violence and racism.

On Friday, when a bill became law in the State of Arizona to crack down on illegal immigration, advocates of those who've broken our immigration laws turned violent.

First two videos are from Flopping Aces. Rocks and bottles are thrown at police who are leading a man away opposed to the marchers. Shouts of "Get the white boy" can be heard as well.

Here's the overhead shot:

This video is from YouTube of the illegal alien supporters surrounding police who were making an arrest.

Gateway Pundit linked to this video showing a photographer who was assaulted by one of the rally organizers.

The Phony Rev. Al Sharpton, the full-time race agitator best known for his anti-Semitic statements and the Tawana Brawley case, says he's prepared to commit civil disobedience over the law.

Paging Bill Clinton, Joan Walsh and all who've slandered the Tea Party as violent, racist's another example of a violent rally and threats of violence....on the Left! Where's your words of condemnation for this riot committed by Leftists?

Obama's National Security Advisor Tells Joke Describing Jews As Greedy Merchants

From Yid With Lid, via
As the National Security Adviser, General James Jones is not known as a friend of the Jewish State. It was Jones who put together the team of Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski to meet with the President and advise him to impose a solution on Israel.

Earlier this week we may have gotten some insight into why Jones is not a fan of the Jewish Homeland. He was giving the key note speech at a Washington Institute For Near East Policy and started it out with a "Joke" that borders on anti-Semitic, teaching the crowd that Jews are just greedy merchants in the same vein as Shakespeare's Shylock:

A Taliban militant gets lost and is wandering around the desert looking for water. He finally arrives at a store run by a Jew and asks for water. The Jewish vendor tells him he doesn’t have any water but can gladly sell him a tie. The Taliban, the jokes goes on, begins to curse and yell at the Jewish storeowner. The Jew, unmoved, offers the rude militant an idea: Beyond the hill, there is a restaurant; they can sell you water. The Taliban keeps cursing and finally leaves toward the hill. An hour later he’s back at the tie store. He walks in and tells the merchant: “Your brother tells me I need a tie to get into the restaurant.”

According to the Jewish Forward

After the speech, two participants suggested, in private conversations with the Forward, that Jones’ joke might have been inappropriate. After all, making jokes about greedy Jewish merchants can be seen at times as insensitive.

A prominent think-tank source who attended the event said the joke was “wrong in so many levels” and that it “demonstrated a lack of sensitivity.” The source also asked: “Can you imagine him telling a black joke at an event of African Americans?”

Was the Joke Anti-Semitic? Well, the White House must have thought so. The White House transcript sent to reporters after the event conveniently began a couple of minutes into the speech. The video of the event posted on the Washington Institute Web site started right after the Joke, you can even hear the end of the laughter.

Its interesting that the same President that see racism in the legitimate actions of the Cambridge Police and the State of Arizona, hides the anti-Semitic prose of its National Security Adviser.

Well, this really shouldn't be a surprise. Obama went to Jeremiah Wright's racist, anti-Israel church for 20 years and the LA Times refused to release a videotape before the election showing Obama at a party for Rashid Kahlidi. These people, now that they're in power, are just showing who they really are.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stop Islamic Intimidation Tactics: May 20th Is "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"

Dhimmitude has been taken to a frightening level the last few days.

First, the creators of the tasteless Comedy Central cartoon South Park, received a not so veiled death threat from a Muslim website for episode 201 of the popular cartoon, which has Mohammed dressed in a bear outfit.

Weasel Zippers has this screenshot from Revolution Muslim's website, with a photo of the murdered (by the so-called Religion of Peace) Theo Van Gogh.

At the bottom reads "Have Matt Stone and Trey Parker (creators of South Park) forgotten this?"

Instead of going after the hate mongers at that website for making a death threat, Comedy Central caved to this blackmail and censored the episode. Never mind that the same show pokes fun also at Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise's alleged homosexuality, allows one character to take the name of Jesus Christ in vain and shows Buddha snorting cocaine.

The message? You can mock any religion, dump Jesus in a bucket of urine and call it "art" or depict the Virgin Mary with elephant dung and it's "free speech;" insult Islam and it's censored because of death threats.

Evangelist Franklin Graham, son of The Rev. Billy Graham was next on the list. He was disinvited from giving a prayer at the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer because of past statements about Islam (ABC).
...In 2001, the son of the evangelist Billy Graham described Islam as evil and said last year that he found it to be “a very violent religion.”

Army spokesman Col. Tom Collins confirmed today, that at the Army’s request, the Pentagon Chaplain’s Office had contacted Graham to withdraw the invitation extended to him to be the main speaker at the Pentagon’s observance of the National Day of Prayer.

...In a statement, Graham said he regretted the Army’s decision and that he would continue to pray for the troops to "give them guidance, wisdom and protection as they serve this great country."

How the Army got involved was a convoluted process because they did not extend the invite to Graham in the first place. That was done by the Pentagon’s Chaplain’s
Office, but the Army is responsible for that office in its capacity as “executive agent.” When Graham’s past comments came to light, the pressure grew on the Army to decide whether it would let Graham still speak at the event.
Of course, the unindicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation case, CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) was happy.
“We applaud this decision as a victory for common sense and good judgment,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. "Promoting one's own religious beliefs is something to be defended and encouraged, but other faiths should not be attacked or misrepresented in the process."

To see where CAIR really stands, here is a photo of Nihad Awad speaking at a 2002 so-called "anti-war" rally in Washington DC. Off to his right side is the flag of the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah, which was involved in the kidnapping and murder of American citizens in Beruit, Lebanon.

But some aren't intimidated...and are planning a response on May 20th. From HotAir.

Someone at Dan Savage’s blog started it, then Michael Moynihan at Reason picked it up, now I feel obliged to help push it out there. Says Moynihan:

I will be employing my tremendous skill as an illustrator, of course, and expect that my colleagues will do the same. If they refuse, they will be declared weak-kneed, namby-pamby, quisling infidels and will be shamed on this blog (Though such idle threats rarely work these days; perhaps I could threaten them with a painful death, which seems to do the trick). If readers would like to show their solidarity, please email your Mohammad masterpieces to me here: mmoynihan at The best ones will be published on Hit & Run, which, along with the concomitant death threat, is reward enough.

May 20th has become "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" See the flyer below.

What will the response be leading up to that date? We will find out.

"Hope She Chokes" Sign At Anti-Palin Rally In Oregon, Media & Bill Clinton Silent

Sarah Palin went to Eugene, Oregon for a GOP fundraiser and was greeted by the following "non-violent" liberal sign "Hope She Chokes" (AP, via Gateway Pundit).
What is interesting is this hateful sign was from a town who declared itself a "Hate Free Zone."
As usual, the media and liberal bloggers who tarred and feathered the Tea Party as violent haters, racists, the second coming of Tim McVeigh, and KKK members minus the hoods had not a negative word to say about these signs.

Paging Bill Clinton.....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Second Navy Seal Cleared In Alleged "Abuse" Of Fallujah Terrorist

Two of the three Navy Seals who are undergoing a court martial for the alleged abuse of a terrorist who was behind the killing and burning of four US contractors have been cleared of all charges.

Yesterday (Fox News):
...a six-man Navy jury found Petty Officer 1st Class Julio Huertas not guilty of dereliction of duty and impeding the investigation. The jury heard too many differences between the testimony of a sailor who claimed he witnessed the Sept. 1 assault at a U.S. base outside Fallujah and statements from a half-dozen others who denied his account.
Today (AP):
A U.S. military judge has cleared a Navy SEAL of wrongdoing in the alleged beating of a prisoner suspected of masterminding the grisly 2004 killings of four American contractors in Iraq.

The military says the judge found insufficient evidence to convict Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Keefe on charges of dereliction of duty.
Why this exercise is even being allowed to happen is despicable. Instead of getting medals for capturing the murderer of four Americans, these heroes are being treated as criminals and given trials in Iraq, while the Administration of Hopey Changey wants to bring the planners of 9/11 to trial blocks away from the scene of their attack.

But that's what happens when you have a Commander in Chief who disrespects the men in uniform and has a problem with our status as a military superpower.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A(O)P: Obamacare Will Increase (Not Lower) Health Care Tab

Surprise! The rogue writer at the Associated (with Obama) Press writes the following on Yahoo News:
Government economic forecasters say President Barack Obama's health care overhaul will increase the nation's health care tab instead of bringing costs down. The report by economic experts at the Health and Human Services Department, released late Thursday, says the health care remake will achieve Obama's aim of expanding coverage.

But the report says that the law falls short of the president's twin goal of controlling runaway costs. And it warns that Medicare cuts may be unrealistic and unsustainable.

The first comprehensive look at the health care law by neutral experts amounts to a mixed report card for Obama's top priority during his first year in office.
Weren't many of us in the blogosphere and talk radio saying the same thing? And we were called "fearmongers" who were against "change" and wanted to keep "the status quo." Now A(O)P comes along, late to the game, and tells the nation what we all suspected was right.

Can't say we didn't tell you so!

Clueless Joan Walsh of Marin County, CA Says There Are No Violent Left-Wingers

Leave it to someone isolated in the Leftist version of Pleasantville known as Marin County, CA to dismiss the idea that anyone on the Left is violent.

Joan Walsh does. She is a writer for Salon and has written for the S.F. Comicle. She lives in Marin County with her husband, sports broadcaster Barry Tompkins (whose Marin IJ columns I have to admit I enjoyed reading when I lived there).

Walsh was on MSNBC (Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap) and was completely ignorant of anyone on the Left who has called for violence. Newsbusters notes she also wrote a blog posting doubling down on that claim.

Uh, Joan, let me help you out. What about Randi Rhoades, who not once but twice made assassination references toward President George W. Bush. But of course, you were suffering from BDS five years ago, so you didn't notice. There's Sandra Bernhard, who said Sarah Palin should be gang raped by blacks in Manhattan.

But I'll bet Walsh hasn't heard of Allee Bausch, pictured below with a look of fear and pain on her face after her leg was broken in four places, she was called a "blonde bitch" and her boyfriend was assaulted and called a "f**king faggot" (see The Hayride for the latest developments).
Bausch is a fundraiser for Louisiana's Republican Governor Bobby Jindal. Leftist protesters who gathered outside a fundraiser she attended are suspected in the attack. However, since this brutal attack was not the work of "teabaggers," it is all but ignored by the lapdog media.

Meanwhile, the Christian Science Monitor (via Newsbusters) found something revealing: police say tea party attendees are more peaceful than so called "anti-war" protests. That flies in the face of the slander coming from the Congressional Black Caucus, MSNBC, Nancy Belosi and the former Predator-in-Chief, Bill Clinton.

Hope I've been able to clear the air, Joan. If you need anymore examples, send me an e-mail, because I've got plenty I can provide you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Most Transparent White House Closes Lafayette Park, Prevents Press From Covering DADT Activists

How's that Hopey Changey Transparency Thing working for ya? (Newsbusters).
Last week it was liberal Post columnist Dana Milbank snarking about how the nuclear summit was closed off to press scrutiny. Today it's Politico's Ben Smith, who shared with readers in a snarkily-headlined post "Most transparent White House ever," how (emphasis mine):

Police chased reporters away from the White House and closed Lafayette Park today in response to a gay rights protest in which several service members in full uniform handcuffed themselves to the White House gate to protest "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

People who have covered the White House for years tell me that's an extremely unusual thing to do in an area that regularly features protests.

A reporter can be seen in the YouTube video above calling the move "outrageous" and "ridiculous."
Here's the video:

Can you imagine the howls of outrage if this had been Code Pinkos and during a Republican Administration?

Obama's Unrepentant Domestic Terrorist Friend, Bill Ayers, To Speak Thursday In Fresno, CA (Paging Jerry Brown)

If you're in or around Fresno, CA, this coming Thursday and Friday, an unrepentant domestic terrorist is going to be in your neighborhood (KMJ radio, via FreeRepublic).
A 60's radical who's name became major part of the 2008 presidential campaign is on his way to Fresno.
Bill Ayers, the co-founder of the Weather Underground, is slated to make an appearance in downtown Fresno this Thursday evening. The event is free to the public.

(Thursday, 7pm Hugh M. Burns State Bldg Assembly Hall at 2550 Mariposa Mall)

He will also appear for a movie screening and book signing Friday on the campus of Fresno State. The event, sponsored by CineCultue, The College of Arts & Humanities and the Kremen School of Education.

(Friday, 2pm, Alice Peters Building, PB 191)

...He's the co-founder of the Weather Underground, the leftist, anti-war group that rioted in the 60's and fire-bombed police cars in Chicago. They later attacked the Capitol and the Pentagon.

Even though he admitted to taking part in the attacks, domestic terror charges were never filed and were eventually dismissed.

Since coming out of hiding and joining the faculty at the Univ. of Illinois, Ayers has penned numerous best selling books on education.

The Fresno Center for Non Violence and the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom are putting on the event this Thursday night at's free to the public.
Now that's an oxymoron, that this phony "Center for Non-Violence" in Fresno is putting on an event for the leader of a violent, communist group who engaged in bombings and even tried to plant a bomb to kill US soldiers at Ft. Dix. Ayers' Weather Underground may have even been behind a bombing at a San Francisco Police Station in 1970 that killed one police officer. Ayers even told the New York Times on September 11, 2001 that he didn't regret his domestic terrorism and felt he "didn't do enough."

President Thin-Skinned, Barack Hussein Obama, started his political career in Ayers' home. Both he and Ayers served on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and even on a panel at a 2002 University of Illinois Chicago conference. But the lapdog media, who have gone out of their way to slander Tea Party members as violent racists, didn't find this connection to a real domestic terrorist newsworthy.

If Ayers is to be heard, then patriots who are opposed to this domestic terrorist scumbag should be heard as well.
Go out and be heard!
Why is former (and wannabe again) Governor Moonbeams Jerry Brown using the office of Attorney General to investigate CSU's contract for Sarah Palin's recent speech and not the contract for taxpayer money to fund the speech of an unrepentant domestic terrorist?

Longtime WH Press Corps Member Snubbed From White House Correspondent's Dinner, Money For Table At Dinner Buys Two Chairs Instead, Lawsuit Filed

Another example of how the Administration of President Thin-Skinned treats members of the media who dare to question him (WorldNetDaily).
A lawsuit has been filed in Washington accusing the White House Correspondents' Association of doing the bidding of the Obama administration in trying to belittle, exclude and irreparably harm a leading Internet news outlet, WorldNetDaily, which has carried commentary critical of the president.

The dispute arose over WND's request – and payment – for three tables at the association's annual banquet in Washington, which has been described as being to the news industry what the Academy Awards are to Hollywood.

...But the association then notified WND it would be able to use only three seats at this year's event, which is scheduled for May 1 and features entertainer Jay Leno as a speaker.

The lawsuit explains that during past administrations, WND has been given access to at least one table for its personnel and guests.

"However, it has been largely excluded from the event during the tenure of the Obama administration. This year, for instance, WND was among the first to order tables at the event and it ordered three tables. WND was led to believe by the WHCA that it would get three tables. WND needed three tables in order to bring its personnel and distinguished guests to the event, [to honor] Les Kinsolving's tenure as a distinguished White House correspondent, and his daughter, Kathleen Kinsolving Willmann, has just written a book about his career, entitled 'Gadfly.' The three tables were thus necessary to celebrate the occasion and because WND has become over the years a major publication," the complaint states.

"This year, in anticipation of the event, which will take place on May 1, 2010, WND tendered $6,750 USD for three tables. However, the WHCA cashed only one of the checks, number 13662, for one table. ... The amount of the check is $2,250.00 USD. Accordingly, WHCA accepted WND's offer to buy at least one table for the event."

The complaint explains WND also was "led to believe" it would get the two additional tables for which it submitted payment, and "WND invited guests ... for three tables."

"On information and belief, after the WHCA accepted WND's order for one table for the event, the Obama administration and White House intervened and put pressure on the WHCA to reneg on even this commitment. As a result, and in an insulting manner, WND was then informed that it would only get three seats at the event, and not even its own table," the complaint continues.

"Obviously, this harmed and continues to harm WND's ability to celebrate [the tenure of] Les Kinsolving and the publication of his daughter's new book, but also harms WND's access to White House reporting and its reputation generally, as it is being treated as a 'black sheep' in the media world," said the complaint, filed by Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, on behalf of WND.
Kinsolving has been a member of the White House Press Corps since the Nixon Administration. And to add to this outrage, the WHCA, according to Farah, has not returned the funds from the check for the one table.

Ed Chen, president of the correspondent's organization, earlier told a WND reporter asking about the allocation of seats, "Well, basically a number of factors go into this. The demand has never been greater and almost nobody, individual or organization, can get more than what they had last year."

But he then got upset about the fact WND was reporting on the conflict and hung up on a reporter.

Is Ed Chen (above) doing Obama's bidding, by banning critical press outlets from the WH Correspondent's Dinner?

Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of WND, said, "We're one of the fastest growing news organizations in the country, while most of our competitors are shrinking. Yet, many of them are getting up six, seven, eight tables. On what basis are those decisions made? Has it occurred to Mr. Chen and his colleagues playing favorites like this and making up the rules as they go along is dangerous business and highly discriminatory?"

To prove Farah's point, why is Ed Chen playing favorites when it comes to liberal media outlets?

Case in point: Arianna Huffington, who it is reported received only one table and raised Holy Hell until she was granted her request for additional seats ( Why? The Huffington Post is a largely liberal outfit, whose correspondent was allowed (at one time, even coached in asking his question) to ask questions at a Presidential News Conference. Another liberal website, Talking Points Memo, is given access to the Correspondents dinner, according to the Examiner. So, why not WND, and their correspondent, who is one of the most senior members of the WH Press Corps?

Can you say, political agenda? Kinsolving is slurred by liberals in the lapdog media and on liberal blogs as being a "Birther," but he has also asked important questions to Robert Fibbs (as Sister Toldjah has christened him) regarding scientists who question glo-BULL warming and the Safe "for whom" Schools Czar Kevin Jennings, who once praised a NAMBLA pedophile and has also promoted the radical homosexual agenda (ie "fisting") to school children.

As proof of his liberal leanings, Chen, when he was an LA Slimes reporter, once asked President Bush if he "personally bear[s] any responsibility in having contributed" to the "poisonous partisan atmosphere here in Washington."

This isn't the first time, either, that the Administration of President Thin-Skinned has gone after members of the press who dare to question him. In the last days of the 2008 election, three reporters were kicked off the Obama campaign plane to make room for more press. The common link between the three ejected reporters was that their newspapers had endorsed John McCain.

Fox News has been regularly attacked by Obama and members of his Administration as "opinion journalism," and their WH Reporter, Major Garrett, was almost blocked by the White House from attending a press pool event. Yet MSNBC, whose personalities (Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Chris "Tingles" Matthews and Ed Schultz) practically give the President verbal Lewinskys 24/7, is regarded by some at the White House as the network they love.

This Administration is taking attacks on press critics to a level Richard Nixon never imagined, while the same "media" who attacked Nixon's excesses are silent when this White House acts in a similar manner. The snub to WorldNetDaily/Kinsolving is the latest example of that.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Brutal Attack Of Female GOP Fundraiser Ignored; But "Tea Partiers Are Violent" Mantra Contiunes To Be Played

UPDATE: For the latest on this brutal attack, including the description of a possible suspect, visit The Hayride.

While I was away on business, a horrible attack on a woman and her boyfriend happened after leaving a political fundraiser in New Orleans.

Her leg was broken in four places,

Reports say she was called, "a little blond bitch,"

Her boyfriend was allegedly called "a f**king faggot."

It appears that there is a political motive behind this attack, from reports of others who attended the fundraiser.

Who was attacked? Liberal Democrats? Was the allegedly violent and racist Tea Party movement behind this?

No they weren't. Assuaulted was Allee Bautsch, 25, a top fundraiser to Republican Governor Bobby Jindal. Her boyfriend, Joe Brown, 29 (Human Events).

Bautsch’s leg was “stomped” by her assailants causing breaks in four places that required surgery, a steel rod and seven screws to reconstruct. Brown suffered a broken jaw and nose, a brain concussion and black eye.

The assailants were described as five Caucasian males, the main assailant looking “dirty” (but not homeless), with dark red ponytail and a beard.

During her first interview with Fox News (reported and transcribed in full on HUMAN EVENTS) Bautsch’s mother, Della Berning, confirmed reports of the political nature of the attacks but was reluctant to discuss that aspect of the assault.

In her latest interview with Yahoo News (via The Hayride, h/t Pat Dollard) Berning
went a bit further, saying her daughter Bautsch and her daughter’s boyfriend, Brown, believe the attackers were a group of political protesters who followed them after they left the GOP event.

And they are not alone.

Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere, Jr., the host of the fundraising event that took place April 9 at Brennan’s Restaurant in the New Orleans French Quarter, said when he and his party of a half-dozen people tried to leave the event, the front door was blocked by protesters.

...Mick Wright at the Tennessee Conservative has an extensive array of photographs of the actual group of protesters in his report on the nature of their signs: all about money and “the rich” and class warfare.

The main group planning the protest according to their fliers was The Iron Rail Collective, a New Orleans-based anarchist group in the vein of those who make news in America and worldwide as they trash and burn cities whenever and wherever world leaders meet.

(Other reported protesters at the SRLC event included a group of University of New Orleans "UNO" professors and local Democrat groups.)

Their signs at the GOP event protest included the capital “A” with a circle, an anarchist gang-style symbol, and such gems as, “Capitalist f***s,” “Tax the Rich,” “JINDAL, tell your rich friends to GO HOME,” and “Ruling class robbers” to name a few.

Select protesters attempted to hide their identity by tying scarves or bandanas around their heads to cover the lower half of their faces right below the eyes.

The GOP fundraising event was attended by Govs. Jindal, Haley Barbour (Miss.) and Rick Perry (Texas). Republican donors paid $10,000 per plate to attend.

This horrific beating is being largely ignored by the lapdog media. Meanwhile, they're still playing up the slanderous "Tea Party is violent" mantra, with former Perpetrator in Chief Bill Clinton using the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing to link the Tea Party movement to possible acts of political violence.

This is despite the fact that there have been no acts of violence at tea parties. No riots, no cops on horses being pushed over, nothing like that. Yet Leftists will attack recruiting stations with red paint or bombs, get arrested at SEIU rallies, or attack Tea Party buses with eggs and the so-called "mainstream media" pretends not to notice. President Thin-Skinned, Barack Hussein Obama, is friends with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and the media doesn't think it's a big deal.

No wonder people don't trust the media.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Business Calls..., I must leave my keyboard, pack my bags, and head out for my once a year business trip.

Consider this a business vacation open thread.

See you around April 18 or 19th (or whenever the jet lag wears off!)

AFL-CIO Advocates "Social Justice" (Marxism) Taught To Jr. High Students (But Don't Want Glenn Beck To Know)

From Naked Emperor News, via Breitbart TV.

"Union thugs going into high schools -- I can hear it now. ...but we really need to reach beyond to the young people who actually aren't plugged in to that, and don't know about the social justice movement and what it can do to help them economically."
That is the focus of this Administration. Think I'm making this up? At the post on where I found this video is a link to this 2008 Investors Business Daily article:
During his NAACP speech earlier this month, Sen. Obama repeated the term at least four times. "I've been working my entire adult life to help build an America where economic justice is being served," he said at the group's 99th annual convention in Cincinnati.

And as president, "we'll ensure that economic justice is served," he asserted. "That's what this election is about." Obama never spelled out the meaning of the term, but he didn't have to. His audience knew what he meant, judging from its thumping approval.

It's the rest of the public that remains in the dark, which is why we're launching this special educational series.

"Economic justice" simply means punishing the successful and redistributing their wealth by government fiat. It's a euphemism for socialism.
Oh, and while we're talking about unions here's what Obama's friends in the thuggish (S)SEIU union think of white union members.

They're all "so f***ing rabidly RAAAAACIST!"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Washington ComPost: Maybe We Should Have Investigated The "N-Word" & Spitting Allegations Better

Andrew Alexander, ombudsman of the Washington ComPost, responded today about the liberal rag's rush to judgement on the allegations of racial slurs and spitting against black Congressmen outside the March 20 protests against Obamacare.
Demonstrators at the Capitol were loud and angry on March 20 as they jeered House Democrats preparing to approve landmark health-care legislation. Before the day ended, The Post and other news organizations had reported a series of incidents so ugly they were denounced by congressional leaders of both parties.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II, a black Democrat from Missouri, said a protester spit on him. Rep. Barney Frank, the openly gay Democrat from Massachusetts, was heckled with anti-gay slurs. Two black Democrats, Reps. André Carson of Indiana and John Lewis of Georgia, said protesters subjected them to racial epithets. The episodes were recounted for days in Post stories and columns. Much blame was directed at Tea Party activists.

But many readers, echoing conservative broadcasters and bloggers, insist the reports were exaggerated or that the events simply never took place.
Gee, do ya think so? First rule of journalism I learned 21 years ago when taking journalism classes was to get all sides of the story. The ComPost, as well as the major networks, immediately took the words of these congressmen at face value, never mind that we live in a different media age. Citizens armed with handheld cameras or cell phones can take photos and or seconds of live video that can make news, or discredit an individual. Those of us who have blogs can add these videos and photos to our blogs and post them/have them picked up by other sources.

If there was such a thing as journalism, you'd think that the ComPost and the networks would have checked YouTube or the blogosphere to see if there was anything to contract the claims of Carson, Lewis, Cleaver. But they didn't, because the lapdog media is invested in the success of the Obama Presidency that they had a movement (the Tea Party) to smear.

As for the Barney Frank allegation, I cannot say. I have not seen the video that Alexander claims exist, and I've heard one story where Frank egged on protesters by telling them (in the vernacular) to go forth, be fruitful and multiply. But that doesn't call for slurs, if they did happen.

I can say, since I was in front of the Cannon Building when the CBC left for the Capitol and came back (and my video evidence proved it) that I did not hear or pick up anyone yelling the word "nigger" once...let alone 15 times, to these Congressmen. I did not see the alleged spitting incident, but the video proves that it was--at the very least--an accident instead of being intentional.

Kerry Picket at the Washington Times Water Cooler blog has had great coverage of this allegation, as she was at the Capitol when the allegation was first made to reporters by Rep. Carson.

This whole story is telling, not only for the fact of how the profession of journalism no longer exists, but to the effectiveness of the Tea Party movement. Remember that in February of last year, when the first Tea Parties were held, the media largely ignored them. On Tax Day last year, the media made fun of them by using the homophobic slur "teabagger" or (as on CNN) claiming falsely that it was promoted by Fox News. They tried hard to minimize the size of the 9/12 Rally in Washington and then resorted to playing the race card on March 20th, because the Tea Party was effective, despite the best attempts by the media to minimize it. So, they sought to smear it with the dirtiest trick in the book by using the race card.

So, to my friends in the Tea Party, keep your cameras with you at all times. Especially now, when the liberals are making threats to crash the parties and make incidents happen. As Jon Voight said last night: watch the person next to you.

Jon Voight Takes On Obama Admin For "Using His Agression & Arrogance For His Own Agenda Against The Will of American People"

There's something to be said about phony Hollywood types who appear to rally behind a cause, but it's usually limited to a speech or some quick appearance before being hustled off in a fancy motorcade to grab some gold-plated accolade.

You cannot say that about Jon Voight. Here is an actor who was part of the anti-military, anti-Vietnam left in his youth who saw the error of his ways and has spent the last few years making his amends. Unlike the phony Hollywood activists, Voight has been in the trenches with everyday Americans. He's been at many of the Tea Parties against Obamacare (I had the privlidge of meeting him on March 20th). In other words, he walks the walk.

Voight has also given a public voice to the concerns of the silenced majority about the extreme, radical agenda of President Thin Skinned, Barack Hussein Obama. He did it again last night on Mike Huckabee's Fox News program, reading an open letter (video below from Associated Content).

In three minutes, Voight talked about how Obama feeds off those who think it is OK to redistribute wealth from those who've earned it, using the Alinsky method, "a socialistic, Marxist teaching, and with it, little by little, he rapes this nation; taking down our defenses and making new language for the Islamic extremists."
"President Obama uses his agression and arrogrance for his own agenda against the will of the American people when he should be using his will and agression against our enemies."

Voight invites all Americans to join the Tea Parties in their state, and advises Tea Party members to watch out for infiltrators, warning "they will plant their bullies among us. Everyone must pay close attention to who stands next to them. We can weed out the liars and agitators. Let us all stay in God's light....we can and will prevail."

Friday, April 09, 2010

Palin Hits Back At President "Thin-Skinned" Obama

The other night, on Sean Hannity's show, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann took on the Obama Administration's smoke signals of weakness to our enemies.

Well, that didn't sit well with President Thin Skinned (Obama), who said Palin was "not much of an expert on nucelar issues."

Palin fired back with both barrels today at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (Sister Toldjah):

Here's the full speech.

Asshole Alan Grayson Barges In On GOP Meeting In Florida

Gateway Pundit received this letter and video of this Horse's Ass from Florida.
Hi Jim.

I was at a local Republican Executive meeting last night when who should barge into our assembly but the honorable Alan Grayson!

The clip you are about to view is where he reads a copy of an email that was sent to those invited to the meeting about how a local patriot attended an Organizing for America event. That patriot learned OFA’s strategy for the 2010 election.

Somehow Grayson was privy to that email, learned of the time and location of the meeting, and interrupted the meeting to berate the group and accuse of us of stooping to spying on Organizing for America.

The gentleman who was standing up to Grayson is Matt Falconer, candidate for Orange County mayor in Orlando. He was demanding that Grayson apologize for a comment he made to Lew Oliver, chairman of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee. It was quite the scene.

There's a guy whose constituents need to give a pink slip in November, and get him a job flipping burgers.

Or send him to a rubber room.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

What Does Fox News Have In Common With Ozzy Osbourne & Judas Priest?

Some parent cannot take responsibility for their failures in rearing their offspring and blames something else for their adult child's destructive behavior (ABC 7 - San Francisco).
Gregory Giusti's 83-year-old mother had not heard that her son had been arrested, but she told ABC7 he has a history of mental problems. She does not think he would be capable of carrying out the threat; he has never owned a gun, and she blames Fox News for getting her son worked up.

Giusti was arrested Wednesday afternoon for threatening Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi over recent healthcare legislation.

"Greg frequently gets in with a group of people that have really radical ideas and that are not consistent with myself or the rest of the family, which gets him into problems," Eleanor Giusti said. "I say Fox News, or all of those that are really radical, and he, that's where he comes from."
Sounds to me like Mrs. Giusti is a card-carrying liberal Democrat. But let's look closer at her son, accused of making the threats to Pelosi (which I don't condone and anyone who does such a thing should be punished to the full extent of the law).
Giusti, 48, has a long history of encounters with law enforcement.

In 2004, Giusti was convicted of criminal threats. The San Mateo District Attorney's office says he was trying to evade the fare on a Caltrain, and when the conductor tried to kick him off, Giusti started yelling and threatening the conductor's life. As a result, Giusti was sentenced to one year in county jail and three years supervised probation. He was also ordered to undergo mental health counseling.
Giusti also had a Southern Baptist church in San Francisco file a lawsuit against him, as he was constantly harassing the church (gee, that's typical conservative behavior), and an assortment of other petty thefts, etc.

So, the guy is a nut job, and Mama Giusti does what any good liberal would do: remove any responsibility from herself for raising this nut and put the blame somewhere else. Being a liberal, Fox News is the most convenient target for the nut's mother.

Which is why I made the similarity to two heavy metal groups, each were accused by some parents of planting messages in songs (Ozzy Osbourne - "Suicide Solution" and Judas Priest "Better By You, Better Than Me") that caused their young adults to kill themselves.

Never mind that the kids in both of these horrific events were both whacked out on drugs and alcohol. Gee, do you think that a lack of parental support and discipline may have had something to do with it?

Plus, I've never heard outright hostility on Fox News as I've heard from Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, or Chris "Somebody's going to jam a CO2 pellet into Rush Limbaugh's head" Matthews (aka "Tingles").

So, once again, the ravings of a nut are being used by liberals to attack opponents of the current Administration, who were so silent when it came to threats against President Bush.

E-Mail Sent To Black Tea Party Performer: "You're Still A Nigger"

Via Mark Williams, Lloyd Marcus, a great musician who performs with the Tea Party Express, writes at American Thinker about an e-mail he received from some liberal racist.
While riding on the bus to our first rally of the day in Davenport, IA, I opened the following email from Hallie Kempt.

Ms Kempt's subject line read, "YOU ARE STILL A NIGGER". Here is the text of her email,


I have saved Ms. Kempt's above email for documentation.
Read the rest here.

Video Of That Hateful, Racist Protest In DC On March 20

No, I'm not talking about the phony (and proven false) allegations that Tea Party members screamed "nigger" at black Congressman.

There was another protest in DC that day, protesting the start of the Iraq War. Jonn Lilyea was there as well that day and has followed the story about the IVAW scum Matthis Chrioux burning the US flag.

A post a FreeRepublic alerted me to the video below of highlights from this anti-American rally. I only watched a few seconds of it, up until that granola crunching, mothball smelling suit Ralph Nader came on.

At about 39 seconds into the hear a chant from the marchers that sounds like "Jews Out Now!"

And...unlike the "n-word" chant that wasn't, this was caught on video.

Other than Bernie Goldberg mentioning the hateful nature of the protest (the flag burning), last night on The Laura Ingraham Factor, as well as the blogosphere, you haven't heard about this extremism anywhere in the lapdog media. They made this protest sound instead like it was more patriotic and grassroots that the anti-Obamacare rally.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Charles "Icarus" Johnson Hits Bottom...Commences Digging

No link, of course, for the latest scream for attention noted by Weasel Zippers (screenshot below):
Doesn't matter that the "n-word" allegations have not been proved (except proven to be a falsehood), "Icarus" engages in the typical slander of Tea Party members as "racists," used by liberals.

That's when he's not looking at the Tennessee State Flag and claiming it's some sort of neo-Nazi flag.
Little Green Footballs?

Slander and falsehoods have become common place at a blog which was once a giant in the blogosphere, until Chuckles became consumed by a massive wave of paranoia. Just ask Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and R.S. McCain, who "Icarus" refers to as "white supremacist."

What started this paranoia? Is it the effect of too much of the wacky weed during his days as a "jazz" guitarist?

Sure, you can't say all musicians are dope smokers, but most of them do partake of various herbs and stimulants on the false belief that it gets the creative juices flowing.

So, if Chuckles continues to falsely label the Tea Party as "racists" and conservative bloggers as "neo-Nazi, white supremacists," perhaps we should apply the same standard to him, based on behavior he probably engaged in as a professional musician that has led to his state of psychotic paranoia.

Another Shoe-Bomber on DC To Denver Flight? UPDATE 11:10 pm - No Explosives Found, Qatar Diplomat Smoking In the Airplane Lavatory?

Per Ace of Spades:

This is breaking right now. A man on a flight from DC to Denver was tackled by air marshals as he attempted to light his shoes on fire.

More info to come...

More (9:42): I'm told the plane has just landed. All passengers are uninjured and the man is in custody.

Later (9:47): I'm a bit ahead of the news. Trying to get more info from DIA.

Another attempted shoebomber from within the United States raises questions about the usefulness of the TSA's "take those shoes off" policy.
Thank God this scum was stopped. Will await more news.

Ten to one this isn't a Catholic or a Southern Baptist trying to blow up an airplane.

UPDATE: Ace writes at 9:56 and 9:58

Talked to media contact at DIA. They're calling it a "security disturbance". The plane was from Reagan to DIA. It was met upon arrival by the TSA, FBI, and airport PD. It will have no impact on airport operations. There are no flight holds at present.

...He's got a diplomatic passport and is claiming diplomatic immunity.

The passport is from Qatar.

Ace links to ABC News, who has picked up the story (all my web searches have turned up nothing).

Federal air marshals subdued a man who authorities say attempted to "light his shoes on fire" on a United flight from Washington Reagan to Denver Wednesday night, federal law enforcement officials told ABC News.

Authorities say an explosive team is on the way to the airport, and that while the presence of explosives has not yet been confirmed, they believe it was an attempted "shoe bomb."

The suspect was identified by authorities as a diplomat in the Qatar embassy in Washington, Mohammed al Modadi. The FBI said the man had full diplomat immunity as the 3rd secretary and vice-consul.

Channel 7 News in Denver says 157 passengers and six crew members on the flight, United Airlines 663 from DC Reagan to Denver.

Some MSNBC talking head claims this may have been a "misunderstanding." Apparently, the guy was in the restroom on the plane for 30 minutes and told the air marshall he was trying to light his shoes on fire. If he was trying to smoke in the lavatory, that is illegal on all domestic flights, so is joking about lighting your shoes on fire.

Ch 7 in Denver now says:

ABC News reports that no explosives have been found on the airplane.

TSA released this statement:

“TSA is monitoring an incident on board United Airlines flight 663 from DCA (Reagan) to DEN (DIA) after receiving initial reports that a Federal Air Marshal responded to a passenger possibly causing a disturbance on board this aircraft. The flight landed safely at Denver International Airport."

More Proof Obama Is Soft On Terror, Removing "Islamic Radicalism" From Security Strategy

How can you fight and win a war when you refuse to recognize who your enemy is?

That's what the soft-on-terror Obama Administration is doing, blurring the lines about who has been behind recent terror attacks against the United States (AP via Brietbart).
President Barack Obama's advisers plan to remove terms such as "Islamic radicalism" from a document outlining national security strategy and will use the new version to emphasize that the U.S. does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terrorism, counterterrorism officials say.
The change would be a significant shift in the National Security Strategy, a document that previously outlined the Bush Doctrine of preventive war. It currently states, "The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century."

The officials described the changes on condition of anonymity because the document
is still being written and is unlikely to be released for weeks, and the White House would not discuss it. But rewriting the strategy document is the latest example of Obama putting his stamp on U.S. foreign policy, as with his promises to dismantle nuclear weapons and limit the situations in which they can be used.

The revisions are part of a larger effort about which the White House talks openly, one that seeks to change not just how the U.S. talks to Muslim nations, but also what it talks to them about, from health care and science to business startups and education.

That shift away from terrorism has been building for a year, since Obama went to Cairo and promised a "new beginning" in the relationship between the U.S. and the Muslim world. The White House believes the previous administration based that relationship entirely on fighting terrorism and winning the war of ideas.

"You take a country where the overwhelming majority are not going to become terrorists, and you go in and say, 'We're building you a hospital so you don't become terrorists.' That doesn't make much sense," National Security Council staffer Pradeep Ramamurthy said.

Ramamurthy runs the administration's Global Engagement Directorate, a four-person National Security Council team that Obama launched last May with little fanfare and a vague mission to use diplomacy and outreach "in pursuit of a host of national security objectives." Since then, the division has not only helped change the vocabulary of fighting terrorism, but also has shaped the way the country invests in Muslim businesses, studies global warming, supports scientific research and combats polio.
This is just plain nuts! Reading this story, it's apparent this flawed strategy is out of the "they attack us because they're poor and oppressed" and "we lack empathy" thinking used by the left (and Obama, who stated as much after 9/11).

Never mind the 9/11 hijackers, the attempted underwear bomber, and the leaders of al-Queda come from wealthy or middle class backgrounds. Never mind also that the US siding with Muslims in the Kosovo operation, and the lack of force against Islamic terror attacks in the 1990s didn't prevent 9/11 from happening. For that matter, all of "That One's" goodwill towards Islam did not prevent the Arkansas Recruiting Station shooting, the Ft. Hood Jihadist's killing spree and the attempted bombing of NWA flight 253 on Christmas Day.

It isn't about wealth inequality, health care or any of that other feel good stuff. What liberals and too many here in America won't recognize is that radical Islamists view this as a religious war.

Unfortunately, too many Democrats and this Administration view the Tea Party and their ideological opponents as terrorists and the nation's real enemy, NOT the radical religious ideology that has attacked and still plots terrorist attacks on this nation.

Special Prosecutor May Be Called After Obama Misses Deadline On Sestak Inquiry By House GOP

Can we say, "impeachable offense?" (CNSNews)

The White House counsel’s office failed to meet an already extended deadline for answering questions from House Republicans about Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), who had said the White House offered him a high-level administration job in exchange for his not running against Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) in the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs also declined to say on Monday whether the administration would support a special prosecutor investigating the matter. Gibbs instead referred back to a Mar. 16 statement in which he said “whatever” White House conversations occurred with Sestak, they were “not problematic.”

Legal experts and members of Congress have said that if the White House made the quid pro quo job offer to Sestak, it could constitute a federal crime. Specter, a former district attorney, said it could constitute bribery.

The lack of response from the White House counsel’s office makes it likely that Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, will formally ask Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to review the matter.
Of course, Robert Fibbs does what he does best--deflect, deny and evade.

Issa can ask for the special prosecutor, but I think Holder is going to do his best to stonewall and roadblock. We've already seen how he's turned the InJustice Department into a political tool--threatening Bush Admin officials for protecting this nation while protecting radicals like the New Black Panthers (voter intimidation) and corrupt Democrats like Bill Richardson.

Racism At Tea Parties Liberals Find OK

That is, when black tea party members are called racial slurs by liberals...and this apparently was in AP (Nice Deb).
They’ve been called Oreos, traitors and Uncle Toms, and are used to having to defend their values. Now black conservatives are really taking heat for their involvement in the mostly white tea party movement—and for having the audacity to oppose the policies of the nation’s first black president.

“I’ve been told I hate myself. I’ve been called an Uncle Tom. I’ve been told I’m a spook at the door,” said Timothy F. Johnson, chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, a group of black conservatives who support free market principles and limited government.

“Black Republicans find themselves always having to prove who they are. Because the assumption is the Republican Party is for whites and the Democratic Party is for blacks,” he said.

Johnson and other black conservatives say they were drawn to the tea party movement because of what they consider its commonsense fiscal values of controlled spending, less taxes and smaller government. The fact that they’re black—or that most tea partyers are white—should have nothing to do with it, they say.
Of course, AP can't help but throw in their own racism by calling it the "mostly white" tea party movement. Because, when it comes down to it, the liberals are the real racists--always noticing the gender, racial makeup of a crowd.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

South Texas Churches Receive Threats On Easter Sunday

In deep South Texas, three churches in the tiny town of Rio Hondo received threatening letters on Easter Sunday (Brownsville Herald).

Rio Hondo Police Chief Humberto Barrera said three churches received letters with threats before the religious holiday, but declined to elaborate further on the case so as to not jeopardize the investigation, he said.

"We were looking at possible suspects," he said. "It is an ongoing investigation."

On Easter Sunday, parishioners saw Cameron County Sheriff’s deputies, constables and Rio Hondo police officers patrolling and guarding St. Helen’s Catholic Church and First Baptist Church.
KGBT 4 says La Trinidad Assembly of God also received one of the letters.

Of course, if this had been some liberal organization receiving threats, it would be national news with liberal news anchors falling all over themselves to connect blame to those "teabaggers." Churches apparently don't qualify, as the irreligious lapdog media networks used Easter Sunday to bash institutions like the Catholic Church.

Obama's Danerously Naive New Policy Regarding Use of Nukes

Via the New York Slimes, Barack Hussein Obama has just taped a "Kick Me" sign on the United States for all rogue nations to see.
President Obama said Monday that he was revamping American nuclear strategy to substantially narrow the conditions under which the United States would use nuclear weapons.

...Discussing his approach to nuclear security the day before formally releasing his new strategy, Mr. Obama described his policy as part of a broader effort to edge the world toward making nuclear weapons obsolete, and to create incentives for countries to give up any nuclear ambitions. To set an example, the new strategy renounces the development of any new nuclear weapons, overruling the initial position of his own defense secretary.

Mr. Obama’s strategy is a sharp shift from those of his predecessors and seeks to revamp the nation’s nuclear posture for a new age in which rogue states and terrorist organizations are greater threats than traditional powers like Russia and China.

It eliminates much of the ambiguity that has deliberately existed in American nuclear policy since the opening days of the cold war. For the first time, the United States is explicitly committing not to use nuclear weapons against nonnuclear states that are in compliance with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, even if they attacked the United States with biological or chemical weapons or launched a crippling cyberattack.
Where's the incentive for other nations to give up nuclear weapons, when the US decides to take them off the table? What "That One" has done, conversely, is give rogue nations an incentive to launch some kind of attack on us, seeing that Obama is showing nothing but weakness to the rest of the world.

"That One" Booed At DC Nationals' Opening Game -- Media Covers Up For Him -- Pitch? "Juuust A Bit Ouside"

"That One" Barack Hussein Obama threw the opening pitch yesterday at the Washington Nationals opener and received a good round of boos from the crowd, though you wouldn't have known it from reading the media reports.

Sister Toldjah noted that the AP wrote that Obama: "received a loud ovation from the packed crowd, with a few boos scattered in. Earlier, a video montage of presidential pitches in Washington elicited boos when it showed former President George W. Bush."

Here's the video of the "pitch" and the boos.

Looked like he was trying to throw to the mascot instead of the catcher. Obama's pitch reminded me of another pitcher.

"Juuuuuust a bit outside."