Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Record Month -- Thank You!

I wanted to close out March by thanking you for making this a whalloping record month in terms of page views.

Many of you found this blog on-line during the Obamacare debate, and forwarded links to your friends. Others have posted links at various forums.

Many of you came from other blogs, who've linked to our coverage of the March 20th rally in Washington DC, and the video of the controversy which ensued over the Congressional Black Caucus' false and slanderous accusations that Tea Party Members used racial slurs against them.

Six or seven other people took videos that day. Little did any of us know we'd documented proof that would expose these Democrat lawmakers as liars, as well as the fraudulent coverage in the DNC Lapdog Media.

So many blogs linked here, or to the YouTube video I posted that Saturday evening, that I lost track of all who did. You can go to this post and see the names of many of the blogs who did link. If I missed naming your blog, please accept my sincere apologies, but let me thank you very much.

As always to you who come here regularly, or who've stopped by for the first time or occaisionally come by, thank you for your support! I'm honored to have you as readers and friends.

Now, onto Spring...and to November!

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