Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rally Against Obamacare In DC - March 20, 2010 (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

A warm spring day in Washington DC got even hotter for the Democrat led House of Representatives, as the lawn of the Capitol was packed with people from all over the country who came at a moment's notice, on their own dime, to say NO to Obamacare, and the gimicks, backroom deals, bribes, etc being used to push it through, despite the fact that most Americans have said they don't want it.This is what it looked like at about 11:30.Near the end of the rally, from behind the stage.
Jon Voight spoke:

As did Rep. Steve King.

The rally eneded with a singing of God Bless America.

Then it was on to the Cannon Building and other offices of House members.

That One was due to meet with Democrats at three and went into the Capitol a different way, in order to avoid the "angry mob" he and his lapdog media pretend don't exist.

John Lewis and members of the Congressional Black Caucus got a warm reception (end sarcasm) when they waded through the crowd. Look at the arrogance.

Here's some of the signage from the crowd at the rally and outside the House offices.

Several signs reminded lawmakers the risk of ignoring the will of the people. And there were the signs calling for impeachment...not just for "That One."I hate to have to do this, but it seems we have to these days, for the benefit of the President's favorite network, MSNBC (Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap), to show that it is not all white people who attend Tea Parties and are opposed to Obama's socialist agenda.

Like Tito the Builder, who spoke:

Hey Keith Olbermann, put that in your pipe and smoke it!
On the way to the House offices, we saw that the Code Pinkos had shown up. There was a rally at Lafayette Square of the hate-America, support the terrorists crowd. Must have been poorly attended, because Susie "Medea" Benjamin and her little sissy boy Tigue were there.

As Obama was in the Capitol, many yelled at the windows of the House section to get the attention of those on the balcony, and those inside.

At five o'clock, they planned to surround the Capitol and hold a candlelight vigil. Many I talked to were staying overnight and coming back tomorrow to keep the pressure on.

Seventy other rallies were held around the country protesting Obamacare.
Thanks to Mudville Gazette for the link


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics, and thank you to all the patriots who attended. Wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these! If i was up to the MSM, we'd never see it! Keep up the awesome work. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding - a protest of what - 7,000 and you were able to find 4 people of color (always surrounded by a see of white faces) - wow - racial diversity at its finest...

The tea party is a group of white people whose main message is "its all about me and my family and my kids." Spend much time in the projects lately? Maybe 'it' should be about all of us. Go and see how Americans live in the bombed out ghettos of Detroit, see old people dig through trashcans for food in southside Chicago, watch a Dad stand in line all day outside a temporary job hiring center in LA in hopes that he can keep a roof over his kid's heads for another week, so they don't have to move into a shelter. Watch a son in Cleveland wonder why his family has to move out their home because his Dad's medical bills have bankrupted the family.

You judge a country on how it treats its poor, its old, its infirm and its sick, not on how the middle class white population wanted to keep an extra $5 per paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Agee with above comment. Thanks for covering the event. And thanks to all those who stood up for Liberty!!

RightKlik said...

Thanks for providing the coverage. You might find this interesting:

Black woman among those accused of hurling racial slurs at Congressional Black leaders:

Anonymous said...

You found some awesome signs. I love the "baroke" one. Thanks for sharing! I photo'd some signs that day and posted them on my blog too.

The 3rd anonymous comment decries the sitution for the poor. In cities that have been liberal-democrat controlled for a long time. Libs earn points b/c supposedly they care more. But "caring more" don't mean squat. Caring progressive paternalism has made the situation worse.

The majority is white. So what? I judge people by the color of their politics, not the color of their skin.

An extra $5 a paycheck? Sigh. Believe what you want about my motives. I know my own heart.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of five minorites (one who's a kid and one who's an invited speaker) and one audible yell of "n----r" (44 seconds into your Congressional Black Caucus video) are your evidence that the Tea Party isn't racist?

Anonymous said...

i've listened to 6 videos and NO where does anyone say the N word.
so, where is it?
i checked the 44 seconds. there's no n word there. Call me deaf if you want but my african roommate couldn't hear it
She didn't vote for Odumber :D

Anonymous said...

Looks like at least 2 in the Black Caucus have video cameras going. If things happened as they said, certainly it would be on their cameras.