Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prove It John Lewis! (Unless "Kill The Bill" Is The New "N-word")

It has come to my attention that John Lewis and the racist organization known as the Congressional Black Caucus is accusing Tea Partiers of calling them the "N-word" today.

That's news to me, let's cue up the tape, shall we:

I don't hear an N-word, unless "Kill the Bill" has become the new "N-word."

I guess there was a reason for them to walk through the crowd. Go through protesters, make an accusation you're called a racial slur.

Where was John Lewis and the Congressional Black Caucus when Kenneth Gladney was called that slur in August? I don't remember hearing jack chit from them.

Unless you have solid evidence, John Lews, I tell you to shut the hell up!

Thanks to Skye at Midnight Blue, Gateway Pundit, IMAO, FreeRepublic, Atlas Shrugs, Hot Air Pundit, Dana Loesch, Right Klik, Washington Times, and Andrew Breitbart for the links.


Anonymous said...

Check freak

Whether he heard it or not, reaction from the "freakers" proves the tea party bags are racist.

Anonymous said...

Might want to put the same info in the video description.

RightKlik said...

Got some great stills from your vid:

Amazing! Thanks for providing the great footage.

Mark White said...

You are about to experience a blogswarm, my friend. Hope your site counter is up to it. :-)
great job on this post. I've linked you over at LJiC, and put you on my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

You should listen at 44 seconds in. I heard it pretty clearly.

Arvo said...

The previous poster, of course, is like all Liberals, unable to absorb what truth is despite seeing it with his own eyes and hearing it with his own ears.

Anonymous said...

The word at 0:44 was most definitely NOT the "n" word.

It sounded like "murderer". A definite "ur" phoneme in the first syllable, without question.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like "murderer" to me; it sounded like a two-syllable word. Perhaps "murder"...but unless the person yelling was either alerting those nearby that a murder had taken place or inciting them to murder somebody then it doesn't make much sense. (Actually, it doesn't make much sense for someone to be yelling "murderer" at a Congressman voting for a bill that will expand health insurance for millions of people, thus saving thousands of lives a year...but maybe I'm just dense.)