Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mike Barnicle Promotes Slander Against Tea Party, But Forgets His Own Vile Bile, As He Fantasized Hanging Cheney & Rumsfeld

On the way home, I was listening to Mark Levin reference a nothing show on the White House's favorite network MSNBC (Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap) called the Morning Joe.

Today (noted at NewsBusters), The Morning Joe had liberal Mike Barnicle and New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin on and the discussion went like this.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Barnicle, was the Eric Cantor story [about death threats he and his family received from a Barack Obama donor] on the front page of the newspapers?

MIKE BARNICLE: I don't think it was. It was in the body of a lot of news stories. I don't think it was on the front page of the newspapers. Are we seeing balance in this? No. But we cover the moment. Right now we're covering the fringe of the Tea Party movement: the loudest, the most vile, the most expletive-filled things that come out during these demonstrations.

. . . BRZEZINSKI: I have a sense that when it comes to violence and crazy-talk, the fringe, that the left doesn't get seen--they get a pass. Would you agree with that?

BARNICLE: They're getting a pass right now. Because they are not in the forefront. The Tea Party movement is.

ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: I can't remember a moment where the left actually had this sort of, completely, where we covered it in the same way that we cover the fringe element of the Tea Party.

BARNICLE: No, I agree with you on that.

SORKIN: I don't remember ever a moment where there was sort of this, where there was such a view of crazy-talk coming out of the left in that respect.
Of course, Barnicle and Sorkin are continuing (in true Goebbels fashion) to push "The Big Lie" about the Tea Party using the word "nigger" towards black Congressmen (which did not happen).

But to say that this type of "vile" behavior never came from the Left? I could spend a week pulling up example after example.

But I won't. Instead, I'll use the words of Mike Barnicle, is I wrote back in April 2007 (from an earlier Newsbusters piece) in which Barnicle appeared with Don Imus in January of that year, after the hanging of Saddam Hussein.

Imus: "I was – I tried to imagine how various members of the current (Bush) administration would behave were they subjected to the gallows as Saddam Hussein was. Um, and I can see Rumsfeld –"

Barnicle: “He wouldn't take it. No blindfold for Rumsfeld.”

Imus: "That's what I was thinking, you know. ‘F-you.' You know, you go to the gallows with the noose you want, not the noose you– or the noose you have, not the noose you want–"

Barnicle: "That's exactly right."

Imus: "Or Whatever. But Cheney–"

Barnicle: "Just as that trap door opens, he'd drop an f-bomb to all of them."

Imus: "How about Cheney?"

Barnicle: “I don't think Cheney would make it up the steps.”

Imus: "Now this is a guy who would, this is a guy – he'd wet his pants and he'd whine and start crying."

Barnicle: "Well He would order as a last meal 400 pounds of bacon."

Imus: "Yeah, ‘cause this is a guy got six deferments just to get out of Vietnam because he had, what was that phrase he used – he had some other more important issues to deal with. One of ’em, the last one, was getting his wife pregnant just to keep from having to deal with this."

Barnicle: "Oh God."

Imus: "Uh, who else? Wolfowitz, he'd cry."

Barnicle: "Oh yeah, he'd be shot in the back running away."

Imus: "Yeah, exactly. Yeah, or some of the other key players."

Barnicle: "Richard Perle."

Imus: "Oh, he'd, oh God, he'd, he would soil himself. So–"

Barnicle: "Can't you see him being dragged up by his cap?"

Imus: "Oh yeah."

Barnicle: "Clinging, splinters in his fingernails."

Imus: “A combover of his hanging all down the side of his head.”
Mike Barnicle goes after the Tea Party movement for "vile" and "expletive-filled" behavior, using a slanderous allegation that has been proven false, yet fantasized about hanging members of the Bush Administration, including Vice President Cheney, on a radio show.

Next time Mike Barnicle wants to look for such behavior on the Left, he need look no further than his own mirror.

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