Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey Barack, The Time For Talk Is Over

As if it wasn't enough, "That One" is planning to hit the road again, to promote Obamacare.

Whatever happened to the time for talk being over?

If this was such a good bill, why do 59 percent (according to CNN!) don't like it? See BS also shows most people don't approve. Why do you have to go out and promote something which has been passed that a majority of Americans didn't like?

At the same time, if it was such a great bill, why didn't it pass by a bigger margin? No Republican voted for it, but 33 Democrats voted against it. So, the only thing bipartisan about it was the opposition. Why did it take the arm twisting, the bribes, the backroom deals?

Finally, why the rush to have the government seize control of our health system?

So, where do we go from here?

The move by 12 states to file a lawsuit against the Federal Government is one step, because of the many provisions which appear unconstitutional (requiring ownership of insurance at pentaly) and taking power from the states. But, will the lawsuits appear before judges who are liberal appointees who will re-write the Constitution from the bench?

Repeal is being mentioned, though many are saying it will be hard. True. However, there are two elements that is on the side of the repeal movement: public oppostion to the bill and the partisan manner in which it was passed.

Compare the vote on Obamacare last night to other heated legislation. Wikipedia states that the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed the Senate by 73-27 and the House 289-126. Not only was there bipartisan support, but Republicans supported the bill by a wider margin than Democrats. Public support was on the side of the bill, as 68 percent polled in January 1964 supported the Civil Rights act. The Washington Times also notes that:

When Social Security passed in 1935, the vote was 372-33, with 77 Republicans crossing party lines to vote yes. In 1965, when Medicare passed, the vote was 313-115, with 65 Republicans joining Democrats.
Look at the most divisive issue of George W. Bush's Presidency, the Iraq War Resolution of 2002. It had bipartisan support (House 215 Republicans & 82 Democrats voted for it; while 48 Republicans & 29 Democrats said "Aye."), as well as public opinion on its side. The same cannot be said of Obamacare. Petitions calling for the repeal have exploded and people have rushed to sign them. Opposition candidates are getting a wave of support after last night. But, as Rush Limbaugh stated today, repeal must not be just a mantra.

That's the key, electing people who are the right leaders.

For those who say it's hard to repeal something once it becomes law, let me remind them of the Volstead Act.


Anonymous said...

Public opinion, while certainly valuable, isn't infallible. Yes, Americans supported the Iraq invasion at the time, but in the month before the invasion a Gallup poll found that the majority of Americans incorrectly believed that Iraq was behind 9/11. Additionally, a Harris poll two weeks prior to the invasion found that 80% of Americans believed that Iraq had WMDs.

Incidentally, support for the war was by no means universal. Millions of anti-war protesters filled the streets in major cities worldwide a month before the war. New York's rally dwarfed last weekend's Tea Party protest in D.C.

Byron said...

A new USA Today/Gallup poll finds that more Americans favor the bill:


light in the dark said...

to anonymous @ 2:20pm

I don't know if you have one of the jobs "created" by the current administration's stimulus bill by getting paid to provide troll and post a disagreement at a conservative web site.

4 info on trolls:




Anyway, let me change your 1st sentence:

Public opinion (add and polls), while certainly valuable, (aren't) infallible.

If polls are to be always relied upon wouldn't it be even more so of a formal and larger sampling like a state vote? I live in the leftest state of Calif near an area notably affected by rich and or young sheepish ignorant liberals/socialists (the bay area). While in our state we recently voted on an anti-immigration bill (prop 187) and to save the sanctity of the definition of marriage (prop 8). After lawsuits filed and shopped around to liberal judges, the former bill was overturned and the latter one is in the judicial decision process in court. If you think polls are to be a standard by which to base the truth on or form a decision(because that it all comes down to) shouldn't an actual vote have more meaning because it is verifiable and accountable event?

I don't like to resort to call people names or blatantly put down their opinions because we are humans and I think it causes one to lose his position and I usually stop reading when someone has done that. We should be proud of our country. We have the 1st amendment to state our beliefs, but the extreme left's (socialists etal) political tactics, for a large part the public education system, and the lack of balanced public msm media (just look at the political slant of the editorial cartoons, articles, and political proposition/candidate recommendations) are causing a decline in the ability of debating or arguing.

If part of the reason you are anti-republican and pro-democrat because of the incorrectly self described badge of being open minded (I say incorrectly because like agreeing with a poll, one usually is open minded only when it agrees with their position). Try to be open minded on just a couple of stories on the topic of WMD in Iraq (don't just take these stories I invite u to do your own search at google or..).






Oh for description of what our military had to face looking for WMD and a really neat pic look at this:


light in the dark said...

Part 2
As far as the tea party crowds, interesting that you brought it up because there was minimal news by the MSM again so I'm surprised anyone heard about it, but then again msm must realize that their other tactics aren't working so they must do some type of slanted reporting. Also, it's interesting that the movement is made up of all types of people of color and ethnicity and voting backgrounds (not exclusive), but the common thread is they love the country, the constitution, & the flag; they realize it is flawed (name one nation that isn't), but we don't like what is happening to our constitution and the path our country is headed. As an aside why do you think nancy pelosi and the others made it a point to go out their way and walk through a tea party event on their way to the capital? Perhaps this is why their methods of getting bipartisan support is doing so well (/sarc). Actually it is one of many examples of her ability to lie, divide, and demonstrate their power.

The tea party members realize our country has fallen in this declining state because we, the people inadvertently let it happen, we trusted the leaders and institutions of our society (media, schools, business) and the political system. We realize the media has drastically stopped reporting, asking tough questions where it matters. It has become more obsessed with reporting entertainment. People have become unaccountable to their actions. The public has become less aware of the cancer that has spread everywhere. After the tea party's we realize that we are not alone anymore. We still outnumber the few who want a different world.

The democrat party realizes our strength and in short has done everything but argue or debate like adults or even statesmen. This movement of concerned citizens has been ignored or labeled in HCR townhalls and marches. Sure you reference the one in DC a few weeks ago, but did you see the one last year:


or check out this "little" event (pics too):


What should we expect much from the msm news, when in 2003 during the Iraq war the media was trying to misrepresent the truth. (one example: http://usataxpayer.org/view.asp?Get=obamagibbs.asp)

Did you hear about this about our current president in the msm:




Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party
Democrat's campaign denied allegations, but new evidence indicates membership



If those links didn't persuade you and others like you to at least do some honest searching on your own and give those who are at this site and others like it respect for actions regarding this country then I have no use for people like you. Unfortunately these are issues about preserving liberty and protecting the constitution; I can't afford to say easily that "we must agree to disagree" on matters such as this.

Each person in our government took an oath to protect this country from foreign and domestic enemy's. Well we have domestic enemy's: terrorists (Texas military base shooting, 9/11 hijackers), undocumented illegal inhabitants, and a socialist groups some democrat members of congress belong to.

light in the dark said...

Part 3

Interesting your opinion is for an article at M.I.M. on health care but not one mention of it (a giveaway troll trait & political strategy: omit any negative qualities or disapproval with issue on your side and not answer the question). I guess you'll not have ANY problems with the next 2 agendas: immigration reform and cap and tax. let me know in a year if you were better off before the new "change" or not.

Here are a few links about the affects of HCR:


Rep. Dingell: It's taken a long time to 'control the people'


ObamaCare Day One
Companies are already warning about higher health-care costs.

*** note to readers: don't waste your time with replying to trolls, and above all don't let them persuade you from the opinion of the author or the opinion you formed from the article. Read about 2 to 4 articles as you can on a subject; not just one to get to the truth.
One of our enemies plans is follows the "if you tell a lie often enough it is perceived as the truth" line of thought.

Nancy kept saying:
-we have the votes for almost a year -Obama/Nancy said that the American People want HC reform and are happy with their bill
-The Republican's didn't offer any solutions
-The Republican's were preventing HC delays
Yet not one mention that the Dems had control and the votes to pass nor that not 1 Republican voted for their HC bill!

light in the dark said...

Byron @ 8:22am

Interesting, but could you expand on the article next time. Also, I am to assume just by that because 1 poll in a very succinct way states: Poll: Health care plan gains favor. Thus should this poll be given more equal status then the others that describe the opposite?

You left out a lot of items in that poll you mention that explain the results.

-the last paragraph basically says that a majority under 40 favor it, while a majority of seniors oppose it. How do you think is better to make decisions: the young (indoctrinated from the recent social systems: school, tv/movie/music video & song programming, MSM or senior educated and with life experienc? Do you think that is why before, during, and even after HCR has passed Obama visits college campuses to sell, convince, indoctrinate these young minds. It has passed. Obama gave almost a speech a day on HC for a year. When he took office it was evident our economy was going to be the top priority. Well it hasn't been! All that has been done on this end is the ramming of a huge $787 Billion Stimulus bill, of which only a fraction has been released. The results reported this year is that about 640 thousand jobs have been saved or created. Further reflection/analysis has reveled this has been a failure and filled with outright fixed numbers.
-13 different state Attorney Generals have filed lawsuits over the bill
-poll based on 1,000 people
-only 4% thinks the bill makes important changes necessary
-31% thinks it makes the wrong types of changes

What about the results M.I.M. mentioned of the 3/22/10 CNN poll: 59% oppose, 39% approve; 62 percent said the bill increases the amount of money they personally spend on health care; 21 percent said their costs would remain the same and 16 percent said they would decrease; 56 percent said the bill gives the government too much involvement in health care; 28 percent said it gives the government the proper role and 16 percent said it leaves Washington with an inadequate role.

The other poll mentioned, by CBS on 3/22, also misleads the public by its headline that excludes the HC results that 48% oppose, 37% approve.

A new poll I found on 3/24 at CBS says 62% or 2 of 3 of americans want the GOP to continue to challenge the bill, 32% not too. Also, before the vote 48% opposed, 37% approved. After the vote 46% opposed, 42 approved.

What does all this mean? More americans oppose the bill. How many polls will it take to understand that? Even after the voting on it? Do you think anyone other then pro dems & Obamalites are going to continue to skew and vote on a poll after the fact?