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A Record Month -- Thank You!

I wanted to close out March by thanking you for making this a whalloping record month in terms of page views.

Many of you found this blog on-line during the Obamacare debate, and forwarded links to your friends. Others have posted links at various forums.

Many of you came from other blogs, who've linked to our coverage of the March 20th rally in Washington DC, and the video of the controversy which ensued over the Congressional Black Caucus' false and slanderous accusations that Tea Party Members used racial slurs against them.

Six or seven other people took videos that day. Little did any of us know we'd documented proof that would expose these Democrat lawmakers as liars, as well as the fraudulent coverage in the DNC Lapdog Media.

So many blogs linked here, or to the YouTube video I posted that Saturday evening, that I lost track of all who did. You can go to this post and see the names of many of the blogs who did link. If I missed naming your blog, please accept my sincere apologies, but let me thank you very much.

As always to you who come here regularly, or who've stopped by for the first time or occaisionally come by, thank you for your support! I'm honored to have you as readers and friends.

Now, onto Spring...and to November!

Don't Fall For Obama's Offshore Drilling Hoax

When I heard this morning that Barack Hussein Obama was going to open up certain areas to offshore drilling, I became suspicious.

From everything I've read, my suspicions were right.

Why is this just a small portion being opened up for oil exploration? And the leases won't be available until 2012?

Smells of politics...don't get me wrong. If Obama was doing this for the right reasons, I'd support it. But it smells like a payoff, perhaps to get crossover votes for Crap & Tax.

Mark Levin has expert analysis too, which I recommend listening to.

Mark Levin explains Obama oil deception
Uploaded by therightscoop. - News videos hot off the press.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UNBELIEVEABLE! DNC Chair Tim Kaine, "Jihad" Gerry Connolly & Jim Moron To Appear At Fundraiser For Terrorist Mosque

From Free
The 9/11 mosque Dar Al Hijrah will hold its annual fundraising dinner on Saturday at the Fairview Park Marriott in Falls Church. Among the special guests are former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, Congressman Gerry Connolly and Congressman Jim Moran.After receiving a briefing paper from the Center for Security Policy, the names of Senator James Webb and Virginia Delegate Kaye Kory have been removed from the dinner’s program.

The Dar Al Hijrah mosque has been the focal point for many who participated in the cowardly attack on the Pentagon and in recent terrorist acts at Fort Hood, Texas and other incidents.

We ask that you do the following:

Place a phone call to Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine @ (202-863-8000), Congressman Gerry Connolly (202-225-1492) and Congressman James Moran (202-225-4376)and encourage them to follow the good example of Senator Webb and Delegate Kory and withdraw from the Dar Al Hijrah fundraising dinner.

Join members of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force, Act for America and the Center for Security Policy who will protest outside the dinner. Please bring a sign to the Fairview Park Marriott, 3111 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church at 5 p.m., Saturday, April 3.

“While brave young American men and women are risking their lives to fight terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, Connolly, Moran and Kaine are yucking it up with them and popping champagne corks here at the Marriott. These spineless politicians are owned and operated by the radical Islamists and their sinister front groups.” -- James Lafferty, Chairman, Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force (VAST).

Frank Gaffney has more at this piece at Brietbart's Big Government, along with the following video.

For those who do not recall, this Falls Church, VA mosque is linked not just to some of the 9/11 hijackers, but also to the Ft. Hood shooting and the attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines 253 on Christmas Day 2009.

Connolly, as you recall, was former Fairfax County Board of Supervisors chair who publicly slandered Mr. Lafferty and other opponents of the Islamic Saudi Academy back in 2008. Connolly sided with "Jihad High School's" extension of their lease in Alexandria because it was "diversity," never mind the 1999 valedictorian is in prison for a plot to kill President George W. Bush in 2005.

Fairfax Supervisor Bullova voted against a recent ISA plan to expand their Popes Head Road location, but Supervisor Penelope Gross (who was in the majority) was all excited about the land development for the area.

Just call this example 156,352 of how the Democrat Party is the Party of Treason.

Mike Barnicle Promotes Slander Against Tea Party, But Forgets His Own Vile Bile, As He Fantasized Hanging Cheney & Rumsfeld

On the way home, I was listening to Mark Levin reference a nothing show on the White House's favorite network MSNBC (Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap) called the Morning Joe.

Today (noted at NewsBusters), The Morning Joe had liberal Mike Barnicle and New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin on and the discussion went like this.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Barnicle, was the Eric Cantor story [about death threats he and his family received from a Barack Obama donor] on the front page of the newspapers?

MIKE BARNICLE: I don't think it was. It was in the body of a lot of news stories. I don't think it was on the front page of the newspapers. Are we seeing balance in this? No. But we cover the moment. Right now we're covering the fringe of the Tea Party movement: the loudest, the most vile, the most expletive-filled things that come out during these demonstrations.

. . . BRZEZINSKI: I have a sense that when it comes to violence and crazy-talk, the fringe, that the left doesn't get seen--they get a pass. Would you agree with that?

BARNICLE: They're getting a pass right now. Because they are not in the forefront. The Tea Party movement is.

ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: I can't remember a moment where the left actually had this sort of, completely, where we covered it in the same way that we cover the fringe element of the Tea Party.

BARNICLE: No, I agree with you on that.

SORKIN: I don't remember ever a moment where there was sort of this, where there was such a view of crazy-talk coming out of the left in that respect.
Of course, Barnicle and Sorkin are continuing (in true Goebbels fashion) to push "The Big Lie" about the Tea Party using the word "nigger" towards black Congressmen (which did not happen).

But to say that this type of "vile" behavior never came from the Left? I could spend a week pulling up example after example.

But I won't. Instead, I'll use the words of Mike Barnicle, is I wrote back in April 2007 (from an earlier Newsbusters piece) in which Barnicle appeared with Don Imus in January of that year, after the hanging of Saddam Hussein.

Imus: "I was – I tried to imagine how various members of the current (Bush) administration would behave were they subjected to the gallows as Saddam Hussein was. Um, and I can see Rumsfeld –"

Barnicle: “He wouldn't take it. No blindfold for Rumsfeld.”

Imus: "That's what I was thinking, you know. ‘F-you.' You know, you go to the gallows with the noose you want, not the noose you– or the noose you have, not the noose you want–"

Barnicle: "That's exactly right."

Imus: "Or Whatever. But Cheney–"

Barnicle: "Just as that trap door opens, he'd drop an f-bomb to all of them."

Imus: "How about Cheney?"

Barnicle: “I don't think Cheney would make it up the steps.”

Imus: "Now this is a guy who would, this is a guy – he'd wet his pants and he'd whine and start crying."

Barnicle: "Well He would order as a last meal 400 pounds of bacon."

Imus: "Yeah, ‘cause this is a guy got six deferments just to get out of Vietnam because he had, what was that phrase he used – he had some other more important issues to deal with. One of ’em, the last one, was getting his wife pregnant just to keep from having to deal with this."

Barnicle: "Oh God."

Imus: "Uh, who else? Wolfowitz, he'd cry."

Barnicle: "Oh yeah, he'd be shot in the back running away."

Imus: "Yeah, exactly. Yeah, or some of the other key players."

Barnicle: "Richard Perle."

Imus: "Oh, he'd, oh God, he'd, he would soil himself. So–"

Barnicle: "Can't you see him being dragged up by his cap?"

Imus: "Oh yeah."

Barnicle: "Clinging, splinters in his fingernails."

Imus: “A combover of his hanging all down the side of his head.”
Mike Barnicle goes after the Tea Party movement for "vile" and "expletive-filled" behavior, using a slanderous allegation that has been proven false, yet fantasized about hanging members of the Bush Administration, including Vice President Cheney, on a radio show.

Next time Mike Barnicle wants to look for such behavior on the Left, he need look no further than his own mirror.

Disgraceful Washington ComPost Headline On Terror Attack In Russia: "Fear Returns"

Another disgrace this morning from the Washington ComPost.

Yesterday, 39 people were killed by two suicide bombers in a terrorist attack on Moscow subways. How does the Washington ComPost headline the story? (I had to scan this because it's so unbelievable).
Fear Returns? How about Islamofascist terror?

Monday, March 29, 2010

One Week Later: No Apology From Lapdog Media, DNC, CBC For The False "N-Word" Story Against Tea Party Members...Instead The Slander Continues

Earlier this evening, video proof was posted showing the attack by "Dingy" Harry Reid supporters on the bus of the Tea Party Express.

Do you think the Obama Lapdog Media is interested? Hardly, judging from Google News.

It's a much different story when it comes to Tea Party and "N-word."

One week later, no evidence has been produced proving the allegations made by members of the Congressional Black Caucus that members of the Tea Party movement yelled the racial slur "nigger" at them as they walked through the crowd. Even as members of the CBC, including Jesse Jackson Jr., held their Blackberrys high to record the crowd. You can bet your life if any Obamacare opponent uttered that slur, the content of Jackson's Blackberry would be looped on every news service.

Instead, all the video evidence, including a 48 second video taken by this blogger (and originally posted before I even got word of the allegations), proves unequivocally that no racial slur was used against the CBC. Another video appeared last week shows that the "spitting incident" against Congressman Cleaver was, at the very least, an accident.

Despite the proof, there has been no public apology from members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and members of the lapdog media, including The McClatchy News Service, The Huffington Post, CNN and MSNBC (Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, David Shuster).

The Washington ComPost's Dana Milbank, who wrote an untrue story in 2008 about an alleged "kill him" yelled during a McCain/Palin rally, picked up the lie. On Friday, Eli Saslow, a ComPost reporter, wrote the following lede in a front-page profile on one Tea Party member in Iowa:

"He had no plans to throw bricks, issue death threats, spit in faces or scream racial slurs....."
Last Friday, I e-mailed reporter Saslow, the Congressional Black Caucus, as well as the press contact for Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan (who used the gay slur "teabaggers" against the protesters). Rep. Clyburn's aide kept me on hold for two minutes and then asked to take a message. Not surprisingly, I have not received a response, any interest in the story.

Instead, one week later, liberals in the media and liberal DNC activists are proving true not just the old adage of those who've lost the argument ("they play the race card"), but also the famous quote of Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, who said:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Who are those still spreading this slanderous lie?

*Alan Colmes, the "Trig Truther," even claims that the video of the phony spitting allegation proves it was intentional, even though the police officer next to Cleaver looked at the alleged spitter and did not make an arrest.

*Media Matters for Democrats, the George Soro$ propaganda outlet run by opportunist David Crock (more here).

*Frank Rich of the New York Slimes

*The notorious liberal smear merchants at have even launched a petition asking the GOP to "condemn bigotry and hate among your supporters, and make clear that those who embrace it have no place in your party and that you reject their support."

*Al Sharpton, the notorious race hustler, was on O'Reilly tonight, claiming he's seen the video. Yet the Phony Reverend Al probably still believes the Tawana Brawley story is still real.

Slander and lies of the worst kind, alleging people of this all the liberals have to run on? Keep in mind, this is not an attack on a certain politician or public figure.

The Democrat Party, their activist allies (MorOn and Media Matters), and their lapdog media are attacking YOU, the American people--many of whom have never been political in your lives--for daring to oppose their far-Left agenda, and they will stoop to the lowest forms of slander to shut you and I up, and to intimidate others from speaking up.

As a review, for those whom I've listed, here is video proof that there was no chorus of the "n-word" towards members of the Congressional Black Caucus. We'll start with the video I filmed as the CBC was walking back toward the Cannon Building.

The video proving the alleged "spitting" didn't happen.

Other videos showing no slur:

There's the proof, six videos and NO instance of racism. Gateway Pundit and Kevin Jackson published this plea earlier today and I join them in saying that it is time for a public apology, as well as a retraction of this slanderous allegation from the CBC, DNC and their lapdog media to the Americans who make up Tea Party Movement.

To quote Ted Knight...

"Weeeeeelllllll....we're waiting!"

Fimian Takes On Connolly Over Special Interest In Obamacare Vote

Congressman "Jihad" Gerry Connolly of Virginia's 11th district is being thanked by the Democrat National Committee and the union American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees for his vote for Obamacare.

Republican opponent Keith Fimian released the following statement.
“It didn’t take long for the DNC and labor union bosses to payback Gerry Connolly for his support of their budget-busting big government healthcare takeover,” Fimian said. “It is clear who Gerry Connolly serves—apparently anyone who promises him campaign contributions or political favors.”

“Gerry Connolly was there for the trillion dollar stimulus boondoggle, he was there for job-killing cap-and-trade, and most recently he was there for healthcare. In fact, he’s been there for Nancy Pelosi 97 percent of the time,” Fimian said. “It should come as no surprise that Pelosi and the DNC would payback a dependable liberal like Gerry Connolly.”

“Given the thousands of dollars labor union bosses are spending on advertising praising Gerry Connolly, it is clear that Connolly will be a strong supporter of job destroying forced unionization,” Fimian added. “Card check will destroy jobs, and Gerry Connolly and other liberal career politicians will vote against the wishes and interests of the voters because of their desire to win re-election, regardless of the consequences for our nation.”

VIDEO PROOF: Eggs Thrown By Harry Reid Supporters At Tea Party Express Bus

As reported earlier, supporters of "Dingy" Harry Reid threw eggs at the bus of the Tea Party Express, en route to the Showdown in Searchlight rally on Saturday.

Video by Founding Bloggers, linked at Gateway Pundit.

Video also includes one of the egg throwers (in what appears to be union shirts) bragging to Andrew Breitbart "glad you approve!"

This taped assault by liberals on conservatives has not made a dent in the liberal media, compared to the libelous story being pushed by Democrats that members of the Tea Party yelled racial slurs at black Congressmen last weekend.

UPDATE: Founding Bloggers ID'd a Reid supporter with a "smoking egg."

Jason Mattera Strikes Again...This Time Sen. Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) Shows He Doesn't Know What Is In Obamacare Bill

Another great video from Jason Mattera, author of the new book Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.

Jason caught up with Senatorial thief Stuart Smalley (aka Al Franken), who showed just how he doesn't know what's in the bill he voted for...

...and also how much of a jerk he is, even to his own staff.

Minnesota, are you proud of this clown?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tea Party Express Bus Egged By Harry Reid Supporters

As mentioned yesterday, supporters of Harry Reid threw eggs at one of the Tea Party Express buses headed to the Showdown in Searchlight rally against "Dingy" Harry Reid yesterday.

These screenshots were taken from this video.

Andrew Brietbart talks about the attack and how "Dingy" Harry supporters threatened him.

Windows Smashed At GOP Headquarters In Albemarle County, VA

From Charlottesville Daily Progress:
Bricks were thrown through the windows of the Albemarle County GOP headquarters overnight in what appears to be the Charlottesville area’s latest act of politically fueled vandalism.

County GOP Chairwoman Rachel Schoenewald arrived at the office in the Albemarle Square shopping center Friday morning to find two windows shattered and a third partially damaged.

...The county’s GOP headquarters also serves as the district office of Del. Rob Bell, R-Albemarle.

Schoenewald declined to blame any particular group, but noted that people are angry on both sides of the political spectrum.

“There are millions of people across the country,” she said. “Many of them are upset, one way or another. I hope this is the last of the violence.”

Albemarle County police are investigating the incident. Police estimated the damage would cost roughly $1,000 to fix. Police asked anyone with information about the vandalism to call Crimestoppers at 977-4000.
This wasn't the first time the GOP headquarters was targeted:
The shattered windows come five months after someone glued shut the GOP headquarters’ doors on Election Day when Republican Bob McDonnell defeated Democrat R. Creigh Deeds in Virginia’s gubernatorial race.

...Bell also urged an end to the politically motivated threats and vandalism Friday.

“This stuff has got to stop,” Bell said. “People who cut gas lines or throw bricks through windows need to be prosecuted and put in jail. If this keeps up, somebody’s going to get hurt.”

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tea Party In Searchlight Nevada...(Link To Live Stream) Bastard Harry Reid Supporters Attack Tea Party Bus

This is the scene a few minutes ago from the Fox News Live stream of the Tea Party Express, starting the first leg of their cross country tour in "Dingy" Harry Reid's hometown of Searchlight, Nevada.
Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker, along with SNL's Victoria Jackson, my friends Melanie Morgan and Mark Williams, Joe the Plumber, Roger Hedgecock and many others.

Link here.

The Live Sream is here, from Fox News.

UPDATE: Sarah Palin on right now, kickin' some major league ass, with the best line.

"Something is wrong when Fidel Castro likes Obamacare and we don't like it."

" (On the "Reload" comment that has liberals panties in a knot) "Now media try to get this right. That's not inciting violence, it's getting people involved."

Check out this sign which just appeared on Fox News.

Gateway Pundit reports that a bus of Tea Party members was attacked with eggs by "Dingy" Harry supporters.

Supporters of Senator Harry Reid have just thrown eggs at the Tea Party Express bus caravan – striking at least one of the three buses (the red Tea Party Express bus) with multiple eggs.

About 35 Reid supporters had lined Highway 95 in front of the Nugget Casino in Searchlight where they were attempting a counter-demonstration the tens of thousands of tea party supporters who are gathering for the “Showdown in Searchlight.”

More details to follow…

Andrew Breitbart was attacked as well.

Supporters of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid staged a counter-protest today in Searchlight, Nevada, the Senator’s hometown. Reid supporters gathered just down the road from the launching point of the Tea Party Express tour, and when Breitbart happened upon them, he was met with threats of violence. At least one protester threw an egg at Brietbart, missing him.

Reminiscent of Astroturfing for Obama supporters wishing death on mothers opposed to Obamacare.

Left Coast Rebel has some great photos.

The Other McCain, who is on the scene in Nevada, will have more soon.

Thanks to Nice Deb for the link.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Astroturfing for Obama Member To Opponent Of Obamacare "I Want You To Die"

Remember the post earlier about how President Obama has links to liberals who have wished death upon or uttered slurs on conservatives?

Here's another one from yesterday, sent to me via YouTube user eightieserin. This is of a protest in Chicago (the video was posted yesterday) outside Melissa Bean's office against Obamacare.

This is of an Astroturfing for Obama supporter (aka Organizing for America) telling an Obamacare opponent, a mother, "I want you to die." (the line comes at about 1:40)

Hello Mr. President, Democrat Party, where is your outrage and condemnation for this act?

I guess this is another example of how Obama told his supporters in 2008:

“I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.”


“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia last night. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.

Obama Thugocracy at work.

FLASHBACK: John Kerry's Threats Against George W. Bush, Sarah Palin

More from the files of liberal hypocrisy.

In the fall of 2006, "Hanoi" John Kerry appeared on Bill Maher's Real Time HBO show and commented about his wife's recent birthday.
MAHER: You could have went to New Hampshire and killed two birds with one stone.

KERRY: Or, I could have gone to 1600 Pennsylvania and killed the real bird with one stone.
In June 2009, Kerry was speaking about the brief disappearance of South Carolina womanizing Governor Mark Sanford.

The Bay State senator was telling a group of business and civic leaders in town at his invitation about the “bizarre’’ tale of how South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford had “disappeared for four days’’ and claimed to be hiking along the Appalachian Trail, but no one was really certain of his whereabouts.

“Too bad,’’ Kerry said, “if a governor had to go missing it couldn’t have been the governor of Alaska. You know, Sarah Palin.’’

The Democratic-centric crowd laughed
Stay Classy!

Obama's Links To Liberals Who Have Threatened Conservatives With Violence/Slurs...See Proof Below

In their attempt to run roughshod over the freedom of political speech of those opposed the Democrats mission of shoving Socialism down our throats, the game of "associate the 'teabaggers,' and talk radio with Republicans" is being played.

The goal: intimidate all opposition to Barack Hussein Obama.

One problem: these allegations are either (the "n-word" & spitting) false or (vandalism/threats) there is no proof who is behind them.

You want to play associate the group with the act, liberal Democrats? Fine...we can play that game as well and link Barack Obama to people who have issued threats and hate speech towards conservative politicians and media figures.

Ed Schultz:

The big guy is a failed liberal talk radio host, so (unless you watch the President's favorite network, MSNBC) you've probably never heard of him.

Here's Ed with Obama,
And here's Ed sitting next to Helen Thomas at "That One's" first Press Conference.
Ed recently was caught on camera saying this about former Vice President Dick Cheney, who suffered a heart attack (Radio Equalizer):

How dare the Democrats make fun of Dick Cheney's heart problems and turn it into a political football. (back to normal voice, to the extent possible) I can just hear some little weasel who's writing that at NewsBusters. You're my entertainment.

Bozell, Bozell and his bozo crew. You're damn right, Dick Cheney's heart's a political football. We ought to rip it out and kick it around and stuff it back in him. I'm glad he didn't tip over. He is the new poster child for health care in this country.

... How come Dick Cheney's health care isn't being dropped? Do you realize that if you had five heart attacks, hell, you wouldn't get past two heart attacks and they'd dump you.

But because you're a war criminal and because you are on the take from Haliburton and you had these executive meetings in 2001 back in the, you know, the days of the rolling blackouts and executive privilege on how we're going to develop energy policy in this country, you do stuff like that, hell, you can get the best health care on the face of the earth.
Fathead Ed also said the following about Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (NewsReal Blog):
Do you think we could get Michelle Bachmann to slit her wrist right here on “The Ed Show”?
Randi Rhodes:

In 2004, liberal loon talk-show host Randi Rhodes said of then President George W. Bush (Newsmax):
"Like Fredo (Corleone), somebody ought to take him (Bush) out fishing and phuw."
That assassination joke didn't stop Obama from appearing on her show in November 2004:

A few months later, Rhodes made another "assassinate Bush" skit (link here).

In Philadelphia, Obama supporters wore the following t-shirts below where Sarah Palin was appearing.
Do you have any doubt they were Obama supporters? From his campaign website (later scrubbed, photo from HillBuzz).This was Obama's choice of "entertainment" for the first White House Correspondent's Dinner: commodeienne Wanda Sykes, who said:

"I hope his (Rush Limbaugh's) kidneys fail."

Obama's response? And this is not even counting Obama's friendship with unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and Behrnardine Dohrn or former PLO operative Rashid Kahlidi.

Why didn't Democrats/Obama denounce these threats/slurs when they happened?


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obama's Astroturfing Organization Using Accusations Of Tea Party Violence For Fundraising Purposes

Mitch Stewart of the group Astroturfing for Obama sent me the following e-mail this afternoon.

We knew that power concedes nothing. So did President Obama. So did the members
of Congress who courageously voted for reform, knowing that the special interests and the extreme right wing would retaliate swiftly.

The attacks are fierce. Deceptive ads are hitting the airwaves in swing districts. GOP lawmakers are pushing to repeal reform -- and preventing the Senate from performing basic functions. A few Republican attorneys general have launched a baseless attack to overturn the legislation. But that's not even the worst of it.

A conservative blogger posted the home address of Congressman Tom Perriello, urging tea partiers to "drop by." Other members have had death threats. Democratic offices have been vandalized.

Please chip in $5 or more to defend health reform -- and those in Congress who fought to make it possible.
So these threats of violence "allegedly" made by Republicans/Tea Party members are not just being used to intimidate opposition to this Administration, but also as fundraising by the President's campaign website.

It's really one thing to intimidate legitimate dissent, but it's another to use it for fundraising purposes, especially when it is not known who the perpetrator is, or, like the phony allegations of spitting and calling the Congressional Black Caucus racial slurs, the accusations are proven to be false.

Andrew Breitbart is offering $10,000 to anyone who can prove the slur "nigger" was actually yelled at the CBC members. So far, the video I shot, as well as about five others taken from different angles and across the street have surfaced. No racial slurs and the spitting allegation was proven false, accidental at the very least. And to you commenters who keep telling me you hear it at 44 seconds, no, it's not there, I've heard it. Go back and play your vinyl copies of "Stairway To Heaven" backwards and get back to me.

The allegations get cornier. Gateway Pundit and the St. Louis Tea Party are falsely accused by supposed "journalists" of leaving a casket at Russ Carnahan's lawn. Not only that, a pony-tailed, dope smoking bicyclist and failed jazz guitarist repeats the lie.

FLASHBACK: Democrat Rep Tom Perillo Accused Of Using Law Enforcement To Harass Tea Party Members

Let me state that, first of all, if there is any real claim of violence or anything of the sort toward members of Congress, yes, it should be condemned.

However, threats made without proof, as well as phony allegations of racial slurs and spitting aren't going to, and should not make those who disagree with this Administration and Congress afraid to express legitimate dissent.

Including Congressmen allegedly using law enforcement to intimidate dissenters.

Let me give you a flasback of what Virginia Democrat Rep. Tom Perillo was accused of doing last July.
I received the following from the leader of the Danville, VA Tea Party. Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Va., may be using the state police and local law enforcement to harass and intimidate citizens who have publicly expressed opposition to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trillion-dollar health care reform legislation, a local TEA Party leader charged Tuesday in a letter urging state Attorney General Bill Mims to conduct a formal investigation (click on link for copy of letter).

Danville TEA Party chairman Nigel Coleman told Mims that Virginia State Police officers Monday came unannounced to the home of another member of the group to question him about attending a town hall meeting Saturday in Blairs which featured Perriello and two Obama cabinet secretaries.

"All Americans should be concerned when a congressman uses the state police to intimidate citizens and suppress dissent against a government takeover of our health care.," Coleman said. "No American should have to fear that the police will show up at his door because he's dared publicly disagree with some politician's political agenda."

Saturday, Coleman and other TEA Party leaders were refused an opportunity to ask Perriello a question during the event, and then were instructed by a plainclothes police officer to leave the property when they attempted to display signs urging the congressman to follow the Constitution and oppose Pelosi's "socialized medicine scheme."

Coleman said he and the others peacefully complied, but were followed to a restaurant by an officer in an unmarked car, who then exited his vehicle, walked over to the activists' cars, and called in their license plate numbers over the phone.

Coleman said he contacted Perriello's Danville office Monday to request a meeting with the congressman to protest the police intimidation tactics used at the event and to ask why he and other TEA Party activists were told to leave.

Perriello's staff refused the request for a meeting, Coleman said, while assuring him that the office understood that he and other local TEA Party activists pose no threat to the congressman.
Others, including Claire McCaskill, used police against Tea Party protesters last summer.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey David Shuster of MSNBC, Here's Proof Democrats Have Vandalized Democrat Offices

Gateway Pundit links to an interview with Kevin Jackson done by David Shuster on MSNBC, about the phony allegations of racial slurs and spitting at members of the racist Congressional Black Caucus, and vandalism done at Democrat Party headquarters.

Jackson told Shuster that there had been instances where Democrats had vandalized their own property, to which Shuster acted disgusted.

But Kevin Jackson is right. From August of last year, Denver Post via Michelle

A 24-year-old arrested this morning on suspicion of smashing 11 windows at Colorado Democratic Party headquarters tried to conceal his identity while allegedly committing the crime, according to police descriptions.

Maurice Schwenkler wore a shirt over his face, a hooded sweat shirt and latex gloves before he and another man fled the scene on bicycles, police said. Schwenkler was apprehended after a short chase. The other suspect remains at large.

While Schwenkler does not appear in the state’s voter registration database, a person by that name in November 2008 received $500 from a political 527 committee called Colorado Citizens Coalition for “communications,” according to campaign finance

The accountant for the 527 appears to be the same woman who handles the books for many other Democratic-leaning political committees.

A Maurice Schwenkler also signed an online 2005 petition to free anti-war Christian protesters who were captured in Iraq.

State Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak initially blamed the vandalism on animosity surrounding the health care debate, though Denver police declined to comment on possible motives.
More about the Democrat vandal here. Also, Sister Toldjah reminds us about the bomb threats received at Republican Sen. Jim Bunning's office during his standoff about unemployment benefits. The lapdog media was largely silent

Newsbusters has more examples of left-wing violence. Tell that to the drunk-driver Rick Sanchez at CNN, who blames the GOP and "talk-radio" for violence.

Bob McDonnell SIgns Bill Opting Virginia Out of Obamacare

Thank God we in Virginia have great leaders like Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli (WSLS-10).
Governor Bob McDonnell (R) signed Virginia’s opposition to the Democratically led federal health care reform bill Wednesday afternoon.

The governor put his signature on the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act at a ceremony in Richmond. State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, State Senators Steve Martin, Fred Quayle, Jill Vogel, Delegate Bob Marshall, and Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources Dr. Bill Hazel all took part in the event.

“We all agree that we must expand access to quality health care and reduce costs for all Virginians. However, that should not be accomplished through an unprecedented federal mandate on individuals that we believe violates the U.S. Constitution. The Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act sets as the policy of the Commonwealth that no individual, with several specific exceptions, can be required to purchase health insurance coverage. The Act was passed with bipartisan support, in sharp contrast to the narrow straight line partisan vote that enacted the federal health care bill on Sunday night. Virginia’s Healthcare Freedom Act received the votes of leading Democratic Senators, as well as the Democratic House Minority Leader. It was an important step to sign this bipartisan legislation today,” McDonnell said in a news release.

New Video Emerges of Phony "Spitting Incident" On Cong. Emmanuel Cleaver At DC Anti-Obamacare Protest

A new video has emerged of the so-called "spitting incident" against Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver, member of the racist Congressional Black Caucus.

Cong. Emmanuel Cleaver gives Marooned in Marin a mean stare, just seconds prior to the alleged "spitting incident."

The video below, found at, was taken by someone with a YouTube account of yk122960. It is taken at the same time the video I filmed was taken, but from further back and up on the steps of the Cannon House Office building. At about 1:25, the alleged incident happens.

I say "alleged" because, based on viewing the video, I believe it was an unintentional spit, if it occurred.

The man had his hands cupped over his mouth and was yelling KILL THE BILL. It appears when Congressman Cleaver came by, spit flew out of the man's mouth as he was yelling.
I make this analysis because, behind and to the side the Congressman, you see a woman police officer. Had she seen the man intentionally spit, why didn't she arrest or detain him.

The Congressman then comes back out.... ...this time with a black police officer who was inside and not witness to the alleged incident.

So, once again, it appears from the footage that there was no intentional spitting. Just as this, as well as two other videos which have surfaced, show that NO ONE yelled a racial slur, nor yelled a chorus of racial slurs.

You want proof of a Democrat lapdog media? Where is the journalism? Instead of reporters going to YouTube and various blogs that refute these bogus claims, they trumpet these race-baiting Congressmen as if their claims of racism on the part of the Tea Party members are the Gospel truth.

Jesse Jackson Jr. is seen holding a cell phone either taking video or audio. Why hasn't Jesse Jr. released the contents, if there is any there, there?

Even worse, where is the major conservative media? Bill O'Reilly's coverage of this has been weak, to say the least. No one in the media has played the (at least five, that I've counted) videos available on the Internet to disprove these claims. Thus, far-Left loons like Keith Olbermann and the Democrat Party are using these false claims to slander an entire movement that they cannot defeat intellectually.

PREVIOUS COVERAGE: Prove It John Lewis (Unless Kill the Bill Is The New "N-word")

"To Control The People"

What Obamacare was all about...control, not health care reform.

Let me remind you this has been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.
Democrat John Dingell, via Hot Air.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clinton Appointed Judge Orders 9/11 Linked Gitmo Terrorist Detainee Released

Think elections don't have consequences (WSJ, via NRO)?

U.S. District Judge James Robertson granted Mr. Slahi's petition for habeas corpus, effectively finding the government lacked legal grounds to hold him. The order was classified, although the court said it planned to release a redacted public version in the coming weeks.

Mr. Robertson held four days of closed hearings in the Slahi case last year. Mr. Slahi testified via secure video link from Guantánamo Bay, said his attorney.

"They were considering giving him the death penalty. Now they don't even have enough evidence to pass the test for habeas," said the attorney, Nancy Hollander, of Albuquerque, N.M.

She said she could not comment further because the proceedings were classified. Mr. Slahi remains in detention at the U.S. facility in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. The government may appeal, and on Monday Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd said the Justice Department was "reviewing the ruling."

Brig. Gen. John Furlow, who helped lead a Pentagon-ordered investigation into detainee abuse at Guantánamo Bay, has testified that Mr. Slahi was "the highest value detainee" at the offshore prison and "the key orchestrator of the al Qaeda cell in Europe."
Via Wikipedia:
James Robertson (born 1938) is a judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. James Robertson was appointed a United States District Judge by President Bill Clinton in 1994.
Why it is important to elect the right people, as well as why these scum should not be given the same rights as Americans.

Thanks liberals, for making us a little less safer.

Hey Barack, The Time For Talk Is Over

As if it wasn't enough, "That One" is planning to hit the road again, to promote Obamacare.

Whatever happened to the time for talk being over?

If this was such a good bill, why do 59 percent (according to CNN!) don't like it? See BS also shows most people don't approve. Why do you have to go out and promote something which has been passed that a majority of Americans didn't like?

At the same time, if it was such a great bill, why didn't it pass by a bigger margin? No Republican voted for it, but 33 Democrats voted against it. So, the only thing bipartisan about it was the opposition. Why did it take the arm twisting, the bribes, the backroom deals?

Finally, why the rush to have the government seize control of our health system?

So, where do we go from here?

The move by 12 states to file a lawsuit against the Federal Government is one step, because of the many provisions which appear unconstitutional (requiring ownership of insurance at pentaly) and taking power from the states. But, will the lawsuits appear before judges who are liberal appointees who will re-write the Constitution from the bench?

Repeal is being mentioned, though many are saying it will be hard. True. However, there are two elements that is on the side of the repeal movement: public oppostion to the bill and the partisan manner in which it was passed.

Compare the vote on Obamacare last night to other heated legislation. Wikipedia states that the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed the Senate by 73-27 and the House 289-126. Not only was there bipartisan support, but Republicans supported the bill by a wider margin than Democrats. Public support was on the side of the bill, as 68 percent polled in January 1964 supported the Civil Rights act. The Washington Times also notes that:

When Social Security passed in 1935, the vote was 372-33, with 77 Republicans crossing party lines to vote yes. In 1965, when Medicare passed, the vote was 313-115, with 65 Republicans joining Democrats.
Look at the most divisive issue of George W. Bush's Presidency, the Iraq War Resolution of 2002. It had bipartisan support (House 215 Republicans & 82 Democrats voted for it; while 48 Republicans & 29 Democrats said "Aye."), as well as public opinion on its side. The same cannot be said of Obamacare. Petitions calling for the repeal have exploded and people have rushed to sign them. Opposition candidates are getting a wave of support after last night. But, as Rush Limbaugh stated today, repeal must not be just a mantra.

That's the key, electing people who are the right leaders.

For those who say it's hard to repeal something once it becomes law, let me remind them of the Volstead Act.

Monday, March 22, 2010

"The American People Overwhelmingly Voted For Socialism When The Elected Barack Obama"

From Nice Deb.

The words of Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton.

Here's Some Bigotry That The New York Slimes, CNN & MSNBC Ignores

Bill O'Reilly just had a segment about the supposed racial slurs yelled at members of the racist Congressional Black Caucus this past Saturday. Unlike other news outlets, O'Reilly and guest Dana Loesch said there was no evidence of any slurs yelled at the Congressmen.

Interestingly, someone with the Twitter screenname RightKlik sent me some still photos of the video I filmed of the CBC on Saturday, the implication being, who in their right mind would yell racial slurs when there was a mixed crowd on-hand.

Which brings us to some real bigotry that the New York Slimes, Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap (MSNBC) and CNN haven't found time to report, since they're too busy parroting the unproven claims of the CBC.

Jonn at This Ain't Hell posted photos from Ringo the Gringo in LA of the Moonbat protest against the Iraq War. Check out these two photos. You won't hear outrage about them from CNN, MSNBC or the NYT.

Obamacare Is Today's "Intolerable Act"

Video below from the Heritage Foundation:

More reading from the editors at National Reivew: Obamacare Isn't Inevitable.

Meanwhile, "That One" claims this is what change looks like. He's right. Change from a representative democracy to a Hugo Chavez-styled banana republic where the will of those in power overrides the will of the people.

Democrats now embrace everything they've been able to (with the help of their lapdog media) accuse Republicans of: cutting Medicare from seniors and restricting the liberty of American citizens.

That is not the change America voted for.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

-Boehner: "Hell No You Can't!" FINAL VOTE 219-212 - State AGs Plan Lawsuit Once Bill Signed

House Minority Leader (and future Speaker) John Boehner on the floor of the House, ON FIRE!

"and look at how this bill was written. Can you say it was done openly? With transparency and accountability? Without backroom deals struck behind closed doors, hidden from the people? HELL NO YOU CAN'T!"

By contrast, the Botoxed San Francisco treat, Nancy Pelosi claimed that health care is a "right." (I don't recall seeing that in the Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence), that being a woman wasn't a pre-existing condition (WTF?????) and invoked the name of the hero of Chappaquiddick (Ted Kennedy).

Nice analogy, Nan, your party is doing to America what that murderous drunk did to Mary Jo--driving us off a bridge.

Final vote, via Gateway Pundit 219-212. No Republican voted for it. 33 Democrats voted against it. Bipartisan opposition.

Congratulations Democrats, because you've sealed your fate for November. We won't forget.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott had a conference call with other state AG's. He writes at his Facebook page:

Just got off the AG conference call. We agreed that a multi-state lawsuit would send the strongest signal. We plan to file the moment Obama signs the bill. I anticipate him signing it tomorrow. Check back for an update at that time. I will post a link to the lawsuit when it is filed. It will lay out why the bill is unconstitutional and tramples individual and states rights.

Jesse Jackson Now Claims He Had Racial Slurs Thrown At Him By Tea Party In DC

Robert Costa at National Review Online is reporting that the alleged Rev. Jesse Jackson is claiming he was called racial slurs today after walking through anti-Obamacare protesters.
However, in The Hill, no mention was made of any slurs.
I'll bet Jesse, after hearing the allegations (refuted here) about the "n-word" being used against members of the Congressional Black Caucus, fueled up that jet and headed to DC so he could take a good opportunity to place the Race Card.

I strongly doubt this happened, as (like the CBC allegations) there is no proof. However, here is an allegation coming from a race hustler who called Jews "hymies" and New York "Hymietown." Don't forget his own hypocrisy about the "n-word, as I noted here in July 2008."

According to TVNewswer, Jackson said the following before he appeared on FOX News on July 6, which was edited from the infamous "cut his nuts off" tape.

"Barack...he's talking down to black people...telling niggers how to behave."
Just like John Lewis, Jesse, prove it!

RELATED COVERAGE: Prove It John Lewis! (Unless "Kill The Bill" Is The New "N-word")

Who Is Dan Benishek? He Is One Republican Running Against Bart Stupak

How can you send a message to "Stupid" Bart Stupak?

Easy...defeat him in November by electing Dan Benishek.

Here is his Facebook account. I understand that and his Twitter account have been hit by a tsunami of support.

I've also been made aware of Linda Goldthorpe, via Michelle Malkin's Twitter account. Goldthorpe is another Republican candidate for Stupak's seat.

Never Trust A Moderate Democrat: Stupak & Phony "Pro-Life" Democrats To Vote For Obamacare

Lesson number one: Never trust a Democrat.

Bart Stupak proved it today. He flushed his principles down the toilet and sides with his party.

The "principled" so-called "pro-life Democrat" showed that, to liberal Democrats, party and ideology come before country and the wishes of the electorate.

God Help America!

Take note, Democrats, including you-Stupak, the phony pro-lifers and the (blue)Lap Dogs--today, you've sealed your fate for November 2, 2010.

Stupak proved, in the end (as this video shows), he was all bark and no bite.

He had no intention of standing up for the unborn, just enabling Barack Hussein Obama's ego.

In the end, the whole executive order is a sham,

explained by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prove It John Lewis! (Unless "Kill The Bill" Is The New "N-word")

It has come to my attention that John Lewis and the racist organization known as the Congressional Black Caucus is accusing Tea Partiers of calling them the "N-word" today.

That's news to me, let's cue up the tape, shall we:

I don't hear an N-word, unless "Kill the Bill" has become the new "N-word."

I guess there was a reason for them to walk through the crowd. Go through protesters, make an accusation you're called a racial slur.

Where was John Lewis and the Congressional Black Caucus when Kenneth Gladney was called that slur in August? I don't remember hearing jack chit from them.

Unless you have solid evidence, John Lews, I tell you to shut the hell up!

Thanks to Skye at Midnight Blue, Gateway Pundit, IMAO, FreeRepublic, Atlas Shrugs, Hot Air Pundit, Dana Loesch, Right Klik, Washington Times, and Andrew Breitbart for the links.

Media Bias Example 954,263

This is Yahoo News headlines in Yahoo mail for this evening.

No one mention of the thousands of Americans who came to Washington DC to send a message to this corrupt Administration and Congress: NO OBAMACARE!

But they'll go out of their way to promote the astroturfed "Coffee (Cat) Party," where only 40 people will show up.

The lapdog media in this nation is just as corrupt as the Democrat politicians whose water they carry.

It's Official: "Jihad" Gerry Connolly Is Officially Nancy Pelosi's Lapdog, Will Vote For Obamacare

I had a feeling that "Jihad" Gerry's "undecided" status was a ploy. Wonder what Nancy bought him off with, or did Barry O give him a ride on Air Force One (at our expense).

He's now, officially Nancy Pelosi's lapdog.
Keith Fimian, a candidate in the GOP primary for the 11th District seat, said in an e-mail:
Today Gerry Connolly announced that he will vote “YES” on the healthcare bill Nancy Pelosi is ramming through Congress.

Gerry Connolly could not be more wrong. This healthcare legislation will only exacerbate the current problems with our healthcare system along with raising taxes, driving the 2010 deficit to $1.55 trillion, and putting 1/6 of our economy under government control.

The price tag is 1.2 TRILLION DOLLARS OVER 10 YEARS.

That includes over $500 billion in tax increases, new taxes on middle class families making $66,000 or more per year, $53 billion in raids on social security, and $200 billion in cuts to Medicare for seniors. It will also send $436 billion of your money directly to insurance companies Connolly blames for the problems with our healthcare system.
To those in VA's 11th District, it's time to retire "Jihad" Gerry. He bankrupted Fairfax County and now he's aiding and abetting the bankruptcy of America by this corrupt Administration and Congress.

Rally Against Obamacare In DC - March 20, 2010 (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

A warm spring day in Washington DC got even hotter for the Democrat led House of Representatives, as the lawn of the Capitol was packed with people from all over the country who came at a moment's notice, on their own dime, to say NO to Obamacare, and the gimicks, backroom deals, bribes, etc being used to push it through, despite the fact that most Americans have said they don't want it.This is what it looked like at about 11:30.Near the end of the rally, from behind the stage.
Jon Voight spoke:

As did Rep. Steve King.

The rally eneded with a singing of God Bless America.

Then it was on to the Cannon Building and other offices of House members.

That One was due to meet with Democrats at three and went into the Capitol a different way, in order to avoid the "angry mob" he and his lapdog media pretend don't exist.

John Lewis and members of the Congressional Black Caucus got a warm reception (end sarcasm) when they waded through the crowd. Look at the arrogance.

Here's some of the signage from the crowd at the rally and outside the House offices.

Several signs reminded lawmakers the risk of ignoring the will of the people. And there were the signs calling for impeachment...not just for "That One."I hate to have to do this, but it seems we have to these days, for the benefit of the President's favorite network, MSNBC (Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap), to show that it is not all white people who attend Tea Parties and are opposed to Obama's socialist agenda.

Like Tito the Builder, who spoke:

Hey Keith Olbermann, put that in your pipe and smoke it!
On the way to the House offices, we saw that the Code Pinkos had shown up. There was a rally at Lafayette Square of the hate-America, support the terrorists crowd. Must have been poorly attended, because Susie "Medea" Benjamin and her little sissy boy Tigue were there.

As Obama was in the Capitol, many yelled at the windows of the House section to get the attention of those on the balcony, and those inside.

At five o'clock, they planned to surround the Capitol and hold a candlelight vigil. Many I talked to were staying overnight and coming back tomorrow to keep the pressure on.

Seventy other rallies were held around the country protesting Obamacare.
Thanks to Mudville Gazette for the link