Saturday, February 27, 2010

TSUNAMI ADVISORY: California, West Coast & Hawaii Also Warned

As a result of the tragic 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile, the West Coast (including California) is facing the threat of a tsunami (KSFO).

The West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami advisory for the entire California coast from Mexico to Oregon, because of the tsunami generated by a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile. The National Weather Service in San Diego says says dangerous currents and surges are possible in harbors and bays, starting around noon. The NWS is urging residents to stay out of the water, off the beach and away from harbors and marinas, warning that the first tidal wave may not be the biggest and subsequent waves may be larger. Even so, no widespread coastal flooding is expected.
To our friends in California, take care of yourselves and be prepared.

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Uncle Al said...

When was our corrupt idiot government ever correct about anything? Bring it on! Real estate prices in Newport and Laguna are set to suffer an unanticipated bubble burst. Goodbye, San Pedro. Cleanse the Earth. Or not.