Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three Toyota Suppliers Raided By FBI

From WXYZ-Detroit:

The FBI is confirming raids at the offices of three Michigan auto suppliers who do work for Toyota.

Search warrants were served Tuesday evening at Yazaki North America, DENSO International and Tokai Rika. Yazaki sells electronic components and DENSO makes accelerator pedals.

Law enforcement sources say the raids are part of an ongoing anti-trust investigation of the companies. They say this is not a criminal investigation and not related to the current acceleration problems. Department of Justice spokesperson Gina Talamona said, "The Antitrust Division is investigating the possibility of anti-competitive cartel conduct of automotive electronic components suppliers. We are coordinating with the European Commission and other foreign competition authorities."
They say it's not related to the Congressional investigations and recalls over the acceleration issues, but this has a funny smell to it. For one, Toyota is non-union, as compared to the domestic auto makers. Add to that how the US Government is now running two auto companies (GM & Chrysler/Dodge) and you wonder why we're hearing about anti-trust with Toyota related companies, especially with the accelerator problems they're going through.

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sofa said...

Just one competitor trying to knock down the competition. Nothing to see here. Move along.