Saturday, February 06, 2010

Obama To Democrats: Follow Me Off The Cliff For Obamacare, Calls Bush "Real Outrage"

I saw Barack Hussein Obama speaking to the Democrat Winter Meeting today, not giving up his grand dream for the risky scheme of Obamacare, encouraging them to follow him off the cliff to get socialized medicine passed (LA Times).

"So just in case there's any confusion out there, let me be clear. I am not going to walk away from health insurance reform. I'm not going to walk away from the American people. I'm not going to walk away from this challenge. I'm not going to walk away from any challenge. We're moving forward."
Besides attacking Republicans once again as making "a political decision all too often to jump in the back seat, let us do the driving and then critique whether we were taking the right turns," That One continued playing his Blame Bush card (Daily Caller, via Gateway Pundit).

“The country cannot return to the “dereliction of duty that helped deliver this recession,” Obama said. He added that the previous administration’s role in the economic meltdown was the “real outrage.”
What about the Democrat role in Fannie & Freddie Mac? The increase in debt in 2009 way higher than anything George W. Bush did. But it's easier to blame your predecessor instead of taking responsibility. Obama was probably the kind of guy who'd fart in his school classes, look at the guy next to him and say "Teacher! George farted!"

You want to see the "real outrage?" Start by looking in the mirror, Barack.

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