Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best Wishes & Prayers To Melanie Morgan

Last month, Melanie Morgan (a great friend of this blog and someone who has actively championed our troops), announced she was leaving the America's Morning News nationally syndicated radio show for health reasons and was returning to the Bay Area from Washington DC.

Today, Mel revealed that she has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, however, the good news is that she said the cancer has not spread.

I had an initial diagnosis (back in D.C.) of thyroid cancer. Some of my Doctors were afraid it was malignant. Others, not so sure.

But on Friday, I got the word that sent a wave of relief higher than the water in Half Moon Bay last week.

I am not going to die. At least, not yet.

So while I will be having some surgery for the six nodules (or tumors) on my neck in the future, I won't be worried about spreading cancer cells throughout my body.
Our best wishes and prayers are with you, Mel!

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Anonymous said...

Good News Marooned for both you and Melanie!(I lost track of her and didn't hear when/why she left the Lee Rogers early morning show on KSFO, then happened to rediscover her on the same station before Lee's show by chance, then later she wasn't on that show anymore).