Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama's "Moral Compass" Fr. Michael Pfleger Uses Haiti Earthquake For Race-Baiting, Calls US Military "Occupiers" Of Haiti

I've just caught on the car radio the Vanilla Ice of race-baiting preachers, Fr. Michael Pfleger, who came out from under the Obama bus to speak last weekend at Howard University's Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel. The sermons are taped and carried the following week on 96.3 FM WHUR.

In his "sermon," Pfleger used the tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti to race bait and insult the efforts of the US Military.

I'm recalling from memory, as being in the car I was unable to tape any of the audio.

Pfleger called the US military "occupiers, not liberators" in Haiti, because they control who comes in and out of the airport. He also blasted "white news anchors" and their coverage of the tragedy.

He also took shots at "Rush Limbo and Glenn Beck and Pat Robertson," telling Robertson in particular "you don't speak for us, and you shure as Hell don't speak for Jesus Christ."

What is it about some of these liberal "people of the cloth," who feel they have to use profanity in the pulpit? Furthermore, a lot of people didn't like what Robertson had to say, but who the Hell are you, Pfleger, to speak for Jesus Christ?

While also speaking about inner-city violence, Pfleger also attacked the kooky group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, saying they care more about "the life of a black dog than a black child."

While I don't agree and condone the outrageous ad campaigns of PETA, I don't condone animal cruelty, especially dog fighting. I guess Fr. Pfleger didn't care about Michael Vick's dog-fighting and the hip-hop culture which bred that brutality.

Keep in mind Pfleger was once called by Barack Hussein Obama as "my moral compass," and appeared as an endorser of Obama on his Faith section of his Presidential campaign website, until he became too much of a liability to Obama.

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