Monday, January 04, 2010

In Age of Obama, Hanging Effigys Of "That One" Are Now A Crime: Bush, Palin Effigys "Free Speech"

Quick! Somebody call the SPLC and the failed jazz guitarist Charles "Icarus" Johnson. It's RAAAAACISM in Plains, GA (of all places).
The US Secret Service is investigating an effigy of President Barack Obama found hanging from a building in the hometown of ex-president Jimmy Carter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Monday.

The paper said footage from the local WALB-TV station showed the doll was hanging by a noose in front of a red, white and blue sign that says, "Plains, Georgia. Home of Jimmy Carter, our 39th President."

A witness told the television station that the doll wore a sign with Obama's name on it, according to the report.

A Secret Service spokesman said the doll was removed Saturday but declined further comment, the paper said.

Now we have al-Queda emboldened who are upping their threats to this nation and we're more interested in a hanging effigy of Obama? That makes national news?

Personally, I'm not one to go out and hang an effigy. If there is any "race" motive to this (as the liberals would claim), I'd be willing to bet it's staged to make it look like one. Finally, where were the Secret Service when the following effigys/hangings were done?

George W. Bush hung and burned in effigy, San Francisco, November 2004 (photo by zombie)

Doll of George W. Bush hung at S.F. ANSWER Rally, August 2006

Sarah Palin hung in effigy, Southern California, 2008

Video of Bush burned in effigy in Washington DC, on the day the Age of Obama began

and in Alaska.
Oh yes, I forgot, in the above cases, it was "free speech."


Trish said...

Liberals and hypocrisy, hm, I believe the two words will soon mean one and the same!

Hypocrisy in a Thesarus:
Double Standards

Donovan said...

Well, let's put this in some more context, atleast the way I see it.

Liberals don't care that much about this - from the ones I've shown. It's more for the African American community - not for Obama's respect. Whatever you think of Obama, I don't think it's a polite thing to use 200 years of baggage for America as a political tool. I know a few, AA GOP members and they seem pretty put off. Not a good move to mix it with race/politics as well is all I'm saying.

Just my thoughts on it. Bush was pretty deserving of that. The Palin one was a joke, but nonetheless disturbing and should be condemned along side this latest incident by all good Americans.

iri said...

Bush was deserving, Palin was a joke and a little free speech aimed at the vile Obama is racist. I get it Donovan, you're just trying to be polite.

Mark said...

Bush was deserving of this? WTF? are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

A glowing example (pun intended) of the left's double standard.

- from a fellow northern VA captive in Loudoun County