Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Doing The Same Thing Over & Expecting A Different Result..." Obama & Dems May "Scale Back" Obamacare

The definition of insanity.

One year after "That One" was inaugurated, how he has fallen faster than Humpty Dumpty.

After last night's political earthquake in (of all places) Massachusetts, you'd think the strategy would be to shelve the liberal attempt to grab America's health care system and put it under government control.

Guess again.

Associated (with Obama) Press says the new strategy is to "scale back" so-called health-care "reform."

President Barack Obama and congressional allies signaled Wednesday they may try to scale back his sweeping health care overhaul to keep parts of it alive in the wake of a stinging rebuke in the Senate race in Massachusetts.

A simpler, less ambitious bill emerged as an alternative only hours after the loss of the party's crucial 60th Senate seat forced the Democrats to slow their all-out drive to pass Obama's signature legislation despite fierce Republican opposition. The White House is still hoping the House can pass the Senate bill in a quick strike, but Democrats are now considering other options.

...Obama said the election results wouldn't sour his interest in passing a health care bill.

"Now, I could have said, 'Well, we'll just do what's safe, we'll just take on those things that are completely non-controversial,'" Obama said in an interview with ABC News. "The problem is: the things that are non-controversial end up being the things that don't solve the problem."

What have they learned? Not a damn thing. Instead, they're going to step back, decide a new strategy, maybe bring in that "linguist" (read: bullshit artist) from Berkeley named George Wackoff for another version of "How Can We Fool 'Em Now?" They're going to find a way to repackage this and get it passed, despite the fact no one wants the "reform" they're offering.

Barack Hussein Obama needs to heed his own words from April 2005 (see video below, from Yid with Lid).

But what else can we expect from a President who can't "step back" and "let his ego go," let alone his party's desire to control every aspect of our lives?

If that's what they're going to do...go ahead, make our day. 1994 will look like a picnic compared to what will happen in November, and Obama will be a one term President.

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