Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama's "Moral Compass" Fr. Michael Pfleger Uses Haiti Earthquake For Race-Baiting, Calls US Military "Occupiers" Of Haiti

I've just caught on the car radio the Vanilla Ice of race-baiting preachers, Fr. Michael Pfleger, who came out from under the Obama bus to speak last weekend at Howard University's Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel. The sermons are taped and carried the following week on 96.3 FM WHUR.

In his "sermon," Pfleger used the tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti to race bait and insult the efforts of the US Military.

I'm recalling from memory, as being in the car I was unable to tape any of the audio.

Pfleger called the US military "occupiers, not liberators" in Haiti, because they control who comes in and out of the airport. He also blasted "white news anchors" and their coverage of the tragedy.

He also took shots at "Rush Limbo and Glenn Beck and Pat Robertson," telling Robertson in particular "you don't speak for us, and you shure as Hell don't speak for Jesus Christ."

What is it about some of these liberal "people of the cloth," who feel they have to use profanity in the pulpit? Furthermore, a lot of people didn't like what Robertson had to say, but who the Hell are you, Pfleger, to speak for Jesus Christ?

While also speaking about inner-city violence, Pfleger also attacked the kooky group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, saying they care more about "the life of a black dog than a black child."

While I don't agree and condone the outrageous ad campaigns of PETA, I don't condone animal cruelty, especially dog fighting. I guess Fr. Pfleger didn't care about Michael Vick's dog-fighting and the hip-hop culture which bred that brutality.

Keep in mind Pfleger was once called by Barack Hussein Obama as "my moral compass," and appeared as an endorser of Obama on his Faith section of his Presidential campaign website, until he became too much of a liability to Obama.

Democrats Working Secretly To Revive Obamacare

Despite all their bravado, as well as that of "That One," be certain they're not going to give up their majority without an attempt to shove Obamacare down our throat.

The Los Angeles Slimes (h/t Kristinn) reveals how they're working behind closed doors to make their 50 year dream of socialized medicine a reality, and want to leave you and I, the American people, out of the process.

Reconciliation is also mentioned as an idea, to get around the loss of their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.
President Obama's campaign to overhaul the nation's healthcare system is officially on the back burner as Democrats turn to the task of stimulating job growth, but behind the scenes party leaders have nearly settled on a strategy to salvage the massive legislation.

They are meeting almost daily to plot legislative moves while gently persuading skittish rank-and-file lawmakers to back a sweeping bill.

This effort is deliberately being undertaken quietly as Democrats work to focus attention on more-popular initiatives to bring down unemployment, which the president said was a priority in his State of the Union address on Wednesday.

Many have concluded that the only hope for resuscitating the healthcare legislation is to push the issue off the front page and give lawmakers time to work out a new compromise and shift public perception of the bill.

...House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) particularly want to give members time to recover from the shock of Republican Scott Brown's victory in the Massachusetts Senate race two weeks ago. The election cost Democrats their filibuster-proof Senate majority.

But in the coming weeks, Pelosi and Reid hope to rally House Democrats behind the healthcare bill passed by the Senate while simultaneously trying persuade Senate Democrats to approve a series of changes to the legislation using budget procedures that bar filibusters.

...Almost all of the proponents of a healthcare overhaul are desperate to avoid a repeat of the contentious public debate and deal-making that consumed Capitol Hill last year.

"In a 24-hour news cycle, with the Internet and bloggers and cable news, sometimes a lot more can be accomplished, especially with healthcare, when it happens behind closed doors," said Drew Altman, a healthcare policy expert who heads the nonprofit Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

...Some Democrats would prefer to vote on a series of more limited bills targeting pieces of the healthcare system, an approach that House leaders are exploring. A group of liberal House lawmakers are pushing for inclusion of a new government insurance plan, or public option, in the final bill.

...Democrats hope to use a process known as budget reconciliation, which allows budget-related legislation to be passed with a simple majority in the Senate rather than the 60-vote majority that has become necessary given the threat of Republican filibuster.

...Despite the hurdles, there is a growing consensus that a modified Senate bill may offer the best hope for enacting a healthcare overhaul.

"The more they think about it, the more they can appreciate that it may be a viable . . . vehicle for getting healthcare reform done," said Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.), president of the Democratic freshman class in the House.
So, a special word for part of Fairfax & Prince William Counties in Virginia, there's one person you need to defeat in November--Jihad Gerry Connolly.

If the Democrat leadership are this determined to keep pushing this monstrosity, I say, "go ahead, make our day." You will only insure that November 2010 will make 1994 look like a walk in the park.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

He Does It Again: Obama Gives GOP The Finger Yesterday

He did it again, yesterday, at the GOP meeting in Baltimore in which he was invited to address (Gateway Pundit).
It was obvious during his speech yesterday when Barack Obama met with House Republicans at their retreat in Baltimore that he was angry. He attacked them for voting against his very radical and failed plans for restructuring America. To their credit not one single House Republican voted for the gigantic Stimulus Bill, the record Omnibus Bill, and the Son of Stimulus Bill in 2009. And, only 5 voted for the democrat’s business-busting cap-and-tax bill and only one voted for Obamacare.

But, was this really necessary?
Obama flips the bird at GOP House members in Baltimore.
Via MofoPolitics:

He has a habit of doing this when talking about his political enemies.
Flashback to April 2008, when talking about Hillary Rotten Clinton:
And after mentioning John McLame's name, days before the election.
What a childish, horse's ass we have as President.

Nancy Pelosi's $100K Tab For Booze & Food: Paid For By You & I, The American Taxpayer UPDATE: Uses Air Force To Shuttle Family Across Country

(Bumped up from yesterday, update below)

What is it with these liberals like Barack Hussein Obama, and now Nancy Pelosi, who decide to live it up and stick us with the tab?

Mark Williams and WorldNetDaily reveal how "Do Nothing" Nancy spent over $100,000 in two years for in-flight booze and food.

It reads like a dream order for a wild frat party: Maker's Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey's Irish Crème, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewars scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey … and Corona beer.

But that single receipt makes up just part of the more than $101,000 taxpayers paid for "in-flight services" – including food and liquor, for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trips on Air Force jets over the last two years. That's almost $1,000 per week.

Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Judicial Watch, which investigates and prosecutes government corruption, show Pelosi incurred expenses of some $2.1 million for her use of Air Force jets for travel over that time.

"Speaker Pelosi has a history of wasting taxpayer funds with her boorish demands for military travel," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said today. "And these documents suggest the Speaker's congressional delegations are more about partying than anything else."

Pelosi, D-Calif., recently joined President Obama on a Judicial Watch list of Top 10 corrupt politicians because of her "sense of entitlement," the group said.

"Politicians believe laws and rules (even the U.S. Constitution) apply to the rest of us but not to them. Case in point: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her excessive and boorish demands for military travel. Judicial Watch obtained documents from the Pentagon in 2008 that suggest Pelosi has been treating the Air Force like her own personal airline," the evaluation said.

It's been mentioned here and other places, how Pelosi has demanded use of some of the larger jets, and had a "don't you know who I am" attitude when her requests are denied.

Mark Williams adds:

Her liquor bill contributes to her average cross-country flight to more than $28,00.00 each way (Travis AFB, CA – DC and back).

An x-country one way is around 200-bucks on Jet Blue. Mixed drinks on Southwest go for $5.00 a pop.

Mrs. Speaker is one impressive booze hound, at top shelf prices no less.

And how many people couldn't afford to travel over Christmas, but Pelosi, who has nothing but contempt for our military, treats them like her own personal airline.

It's time for her to receive the title in November of former Speaker of the House.

UPDATE: It gets worse than just boozing it up on our tab. Doug Ross reveals that Pelosi uses (or should I say, abuses) her priviliges by using the US Military to shuttle her kids and grandkids from coast to coast, with no Congressional representatives on the flights.

Stephen Hayes: Obama Statement He's Not An Ideologue "Ridiculous"

From Freedom's Lighthouse, Stephen Hayes from the Weekly Standard comments that Obama's statement to Republicans yesterday that he is "not an ideologue" is "ridiculous."

No wonder Obama is so deluded. I mean, look at who he's hung around with his entire life. His mentor as a youth was Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party. Then there's the racist Rev. Jeremiah (G*ddamn America) Wright and his Vanilla Ice twin, Fr. Michael Plfleger, unrepentant domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Berhardine Dohrn, PLO advisor Rashid Khalidi. You spend your life surrounded by such extremists and you think that is mainstream.

Obama/Hillary-Linked Think Tank Implies New Yorkers Aren't Tough Because They Opposed Hosting KSM Terror Trial

Need more proof of how liberal Democrat activists are concerned more about Islamic terrorists than the lives of Americans they want to kill?

Read this Politico story and a quote from Ken Gude from the Center for American Progress (h/t: Kristinn at FreeRepublic).
“Obama and the Department of Justice need to get out there and push back very clearly with the public…Frankly, I thought New Yorkers were made of sterner stuff than this—traffic is going to be disrupted?” said Ken Gude of the liberal Center for American Progress.

The implication? New Yorkers are a bunch of wimps and Obama needs to "get in their face" over their (appropriate) resistance to the idea of having the 9/11 mastermind spew his anti-American rhetoric in this OJ Simpsonesque show trial.

According to DiscovertheNetworks, Center for American Progress head John Podesta was a former Clinton-ite who served on the Obama transition team. The group was initially founded as a Hillary Clinton think tank and is partially funded by George Soro$. One of their offshoots is Media Matters, headed by David Crock. CAP also is one of the groups involved in trying to abolish conservative talk radio from the airwaves.

Three Cheers! RINO Susan Collins Rips Apart Obama Administration Failures On NWA 253 & War On Terror

I have to give three cheers and two thumbs way up to RINO Senator Susan Collins from Maine. She absolutely destroyed the Obama Administration's approach not just to the War on Islamic Terrorism, but the attempted bombing of NWA Flight 253 (h/t Kristinn at FreeRepublic).



“Less than one hour. That’s right, less than one hour.

“In fact, just fifty minutes.

“That’s the amount of time that the FBI spent questioning Abdulmutallab, the foreign terrorist who tried to blow up a plane on Christmas Day.

“Then, he was given a Miranda warning and a lawyer, and, not surprisingly, he stopped talking.

“How did we get to this point? How did the Obama administration decide to treat a foreign terrorist, who had tried to murder hundreds of people, as if he were a common criminal?

“On Christmas Day, the skies above Detroit became a battleground in the War on Terrorism.

“That day the bomb being carried by Abdulmutallab failed to detonate. Thanks to the courageous action of the passengers and crew, nearly 300 lives were saved on the plane and more lives were spared on the ground.

“The government’s security system, a front line in the war against terrorists, failed long before Abdulmutallab boarded his flight to the United States.

“It failed when his visa wasn’t revoked, even though his father had warned our embassy in Nigeria about his son’s ties to Islamic extremists.

“It failed when the intelligence community was unable to connect the dots that would have placed Abdulmutallab on the terrorist watchlist.

“It failed when this terrorist stepped on to the plane in Amsterdam with the same explosive used by the ‘Shoe Bomber,’ Richard Reid, more than 8 years ago.

“But, today, I want to discuss another failure – a failure that occurred after Abdulmutallab had already been detained by authorities in Detroit – an error that undoubtedly prevented the collection of valuable intelligence about future terrorist threats to our country.

“This failure occurred when the Obama Justice Department unilaterally decided to treat this foreign terrorist as an ordinary criminal.

Abdulmutallab was questioned for less than one hour before the Justice Department advised him that he could remain silent and offered him an attorney at our expense.

“Once afforded the protection our Constitution guarantees American citizens, this foreign terrorist ‘lawyered up’ and stopped talking.

“When the Obama administration decided to treat Abdulmutallab as an ordinary criminal, it did so without the input of our nation’s top intelligence officials.

“The Director of National Intelligence was not consulted.

“The Secretary of Defense was not consulted.

“The Secretary of Homeland Security was not consulted.

“The Director of the National Counterterrorism Center was not consulted.

“They would have explained the importance of gathering all possible intelligence about Yemen, where there is a serious threat from terrorists whose sights are trained on this nation. They would have explained the critical nature of learning all we could from Abdulmutallab. But they were never asked.

“President Obama recently used the phrase that ‘we are at war’ with terrorists. But unfortunately his rhetoric does not match the actions of his administration.

“The Obama administration appears to have a blind spot when it comes to the War on Terrorism.

“And, because of that blindness, this administration cannot see a foreign terrorist even when he stands right in front of them, fresh from an attempt to blow a plane out of the sky on Christmas Day.

“There’s no other way to explain the irresponsible, indeed dangerous, decision on Abdulmutallab’s interrogation. There’s no other way to explain the inconceivable treatment of him as if he were a common criminal.

“This charade must stop. Foreign terrorists are enemy combatants and they must be treated as such. The safety of the American people depends on it.

“I’m Senator Susan Collins from Maine. Thank you for listening.”

Friday, January 29, 2010

More Obama Arrogance & Lecturing: This Time To Republicans

I'm beginning to think that a psychological exam should be given to all Presidential candidates to see if they are also psychologically fit for the job (Associated with Obama Press).

In a remarkably sharp face-to-face confrontation, President Barack Obama chastised Republican lawmakers Friday for opposing him on taxes, health care and the economic stimulus, while they accused him in turn of brushing off their ideas and driving up the national debt.

The president and GOP House members took turns questioning and sometimes lecturing each other for more than an hour at a Republican gathering in Baltimore. The Republicans agreed to let TV cameras inside, resulting in an extended, point-by-point interchange that was almost unprecedented in U.S. politics, except perhaps during presidential debates.

With voters angry about partisanship and legislative logjams, both sides were eager to demonstrate they were ready to cooperate, resulting in the GOP invitation and Obama's acceptance. After polite introductions, however, Friday's exchange showed that Obama and the Republicans remain far apart on key issues, and neither side could resist the chance to challenge and even scold the other.

Obama said Republican lawmakers have attacked his health care overhaul so fiercely, "you'd think that this thing was some Bolshevik plot." (M.I.M. note-it is!) His proposals are mainstream, widely supported ideas, he said, and they deserve some GOP votes in Congress.

"I am not an ideologue," the president declared.

But Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., pointedly asked Obama: "What should we tell our constituents who know that Republicans have offered positive solutions" for health care, "and yet continue to hear out of the administration that we've offered nothing?"
Video below found at Gateway Pundit, who calls Obama "an ideolauge in denial."

I think I'm ready to make a prediction. This guy is certainly (barring any dumb missteps by the GOP) going to be a one-term President, and a really bad one at that...worse than Carter or even Hoover.

What happened today with the GOP was a repeat of Wednesday night, an arrogant lecture coming from a petty, little man who operates on an equal dose of narciscissm and insecurity (stemming from being abandoned by his father and mother). Is he not surprised there's been a party line vote to all his extreme agenda? His attitude to the GOP a year ago was to reject any suggestions from them, the tone being, "I won." Now, he wants to lash out for their principled opposition to his big government scheme?

Well, that's not what our founders had in mind, having some tinpot dictator tell everyone what he wants and when he wants it. He and his party seem to have forgotten their power derives from the people. You know, those of use whom you ignored at town halls and tea parties.

James O'Keefe's Statement After Arrest At Landrieu's Office

I've refrained from commenting on the arrest of James O'Keefe and associates the other day in Louisiana Senator Mary "Baby Phat" Landrieu's office.

The lapdog media, looking to get O'Keefe after his brilliant expose of ACORN, tried to say he was trying to wiretap the Senator's phone lines, when the allegation was not made by the government.

O'Keefe writes at Big Journalism:
The government has now confirmed what has always been clear: No one tried to wiretap or bug Senator Landrieu’s office. Nor did we try to cut or shut down her phone lines. Reports to this effect over the past 48 hours are inaccurate and false.

As an investigative journalist, my goal is to expose corruption and lack of concern for citizens by government and other institutions, as I did last year when our investigations revealed the massive corruption and fraud perpetrated by ACORN. For decades, investigative journalists have used a variety of tactics to try to dig out and reveal the truth.

I learned from a number of sources that many of Senator Landrieu’s constituents were having trouble getting through to her office to tell her that they didn’t want her
taking millions of federal dollars in exchange for her vote on the healthcare bill. When asked about this, Senator Landrieu’s explanation was that, “Our lines have been jammed for weeks.” I decided to investigate why a representative of the people would be out of touch with her constituents for “weeks” because her phones were broken. In investigating this matter, we decided to visit Senator Landrieu’s district office – the people’s office – to ask the staff if their phones were working.

On reflection, I could have used a different approach to this investigation, particularly given the sensitivities that people understandably have about security in a federal building. The sole intent of our investigation was to determine whether or not Senator Landrieu was purposely trying to avoid constituents who were calling to register their views to her as their Senator. We video taped the entire visit, the government has those tapes, and I’m eager for them to be released because they refute the false claims being repeated by much of the mainstream media.

It has been amazing to witness the journalistic malpractice committed by many of the organizations covering this story. MSNBC falsely claimed that I violated a non-existent “gag order.” The Associated Press incorrectly reported that I “broke in” to an office which is open to the public. The Washington Post has now had to print corrections in two stories on me. And these are just a few examples of inaccurate and false reporting. The public will judge whether reporters who can’t get their facts
straight have the credibility to question my integrity as a journalist.
In a similar vein, Kyle-Anne Shiver also writes at Big Journalism: James O’Keefe Reveals an MSM Drowning in its Own Leftist Ideology.

O'Keefe says he probably could have used a different approach, and I think he might be right. However, I'd still like to know more of the facts before I fully comment on what they did exactly. I understand completely why they did it. I've called Nancy Pelosi's office and put through to voice mail (which I'm sure are automatically deleted). On Christmas Eve, before the Senate vote on Obamacare, all I got were answering machines in Sens. Jim "Mellonhead" Webb and Mark Warner's offices. So you wonder, for all the citizen outrage, why weren't Congresspersons listening?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

White House Tells Holder: Try KSM Somewhere Else (Except Gitmo, Where He Belongs). Notice How Troops, Terrorism Were Ignored Last Night?

Breaking news this evening (the evening before a Friday, how convenient!). It's not good enough, though.
The White House ordered the Justice Department to consider other places to try the 9/11 terror suspects after a wave of opposition to holding the trial in lower Manhattan.

The White House took the action hours after Mayor Bloomberg called Attorney General Eric Holder to say he would "prefer that they did it elsewhere."

"It would be an inconvenience at the least, and probably that's too mild a word for people that live in the neighborhood and businesses in the neighborhood," Bloomberg told reporters.

"There are places that would be less expensive for the taxpayers and less disruptive for New York City."

State leaders have railed against a plan to try Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in Manhattan federal court since Holder proposed it last month.

The order to consider new venues does not change the White House's position that Mohammed should be tried in civilian court.

"President Obama is still committed to trying Mohammed and four other terrorist detainees in federal court," spokesman Bill Burton said Thursday.

"He agrees with the attorney general's opinion that ... he and others can be litigated successfully and securely in the United States of America, just like others have," Burton said.
Why not in the military tribunals? There is legal precedent, and this was an act of war. But this incompetent Administration seems hell bent on treating these war criminals like petty thieves. Why? Payoffs for their trial lawyer constituents?

While writing my review of the arrogant, petty lecture which passed for a State of the Union address (with one hand holding my nose), I neglected to notice something that Sgt. Tim at 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America noticed, and it is outrageous!

President Barack Obama on Iraq, last night during his State of the Union Address:

“As we take the fight to al Qaeda, we are responsibly leaving Iraq to its people. As a candidate, I promised that I would end this war, and that is what I am doing as President. We will have all of our combat troops out of Iraq by the end of this August. We will support the Iraqi government as they hold elections, and continue to partner with the Iraqi people to promote regional peace and prosperity. But make no mistake: this war is ending, and all of our troops are coming home.”

Was that a loss, win or tie? If someone won, which side, and who and what made victory possible?

America won, our coalition won, and the people of Iraq won. Together, we won by force of arms and staying the course, despite the mistakes made — as they are always made — in the fog of war, growing political opposition at home, and enemy opposition on the battlefield.

More specifically, our troops won with courage beyond description, sacrifice, blood, tears, and honor — always honor.

Yet they did not fight or pay the price alone. Their families, the troops of many nations, and thousands of federal and contracted personnel stood with them, fought along their sides, or supported them near and from afar. And the Iraqi people won because America stood with them through years of chaos, helped them to establish a government, worked with multiple factions despite civil war, and trained an army and police forces that could stand on their own, defend in place, and keep peace on Iraqi streets.

Obama has to date thanked exactly no one.

Last night, he thanked not one U.S. or coalition fallen hero, wounded troop, intelligence agent, government official, family member, ally, or Iraqi. Stunning is too small a word to describe that omission. “This war is ending.” No, Mr. Obama, we ended it with our victory; you are just now the guy in charge of a homecoming victory parade you will never conduct.

Obama did not lead the fight in Iraq, fight there or sacrifice himself, or acknowledge those who led, fought, and sacrificed. Our troops and that leadership were owed at least this President acknowledging another honorable chapter in American history written in blood.

Shame on you President Obama, shame on you.
One of Michelle Malkin's readers noticed something else that is just as shameful.

No one in the media has brought up the ultimate snub from Pres. Obama during his speech last night. He gave a shout out to Michelle Obama- twice, Joe Biden- once, but to the two officers who brought down the Ft. Hood terrorist and who were sitting right next to the First Lady, he said nothing.

Why?…You would think in one of the most tragic events that happened on our soil since 9/11, Pres. Obama would have addressed them. We all know well Pres. Bush would have.
Mr. Obama, we don't need your petty schoolyard lectures about security, when you can't give our troops credit for their victory in Iraq which you wanted to deny, as well as for the heroes who stopped the jihadist killing spree at Ft. Hood.

Hell Welcomed A New Resident

One less Marxist college "professor" & 9/11 Troofer warping young minds with anti-American revisionist history (
Howard Zinn, the Boston University historian and political activist who was an early opponent of US involvement in Vietnam and whose books, such as "A People's History of the United States," inspired young and old to rethink the way textbooks present the American experience, died today in Santa Monica, Calif, where he was traveling. He was 87.

His daughter, Myla Kabat-Zinn of Lexington, said he suffered a heart attack.

"He's made an amazing contribution to American intellectual and moral culture," Noam Chomsky, the left-wing (America hating) activist and MIT professor, said tonight. "He's changed the conscience of America in a highly constructive way. I really can't think of anyone I can compare him to in this respect."
Hollywood idiots (not known for their intellectual skills) loved him, because he taught them to hate the nation which gave them the freedom to be overpaid morons who read lines written by someone else. The moron known as Ben Affleck is an example.
Howard had a great mind and was one of the great voices in the American political life," Ben Affleck, also a family friend growing up and Damon's co-star in "Good Will Hunting," said in a statement. "He taught me how valuable -- how necessary -- dissent was to democracy and to America itself. He taught that history was made by the everyman, not the elites. I was lucky enough to know him personally and I will carry with me what I learned from him -- and try to impart it to my own children -- in his memory."

Warp your kids minds? Shame on you Ben. And we all know you think dissent is American...except when it's Obama in power.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State of Obama's Union - Lies & Arrogance On Display From The Divider In Chief (Refers To Himself 114 Times)

Honestly....I tried to watch the SOTU tonight. I just couldn't.

Instead, I'm reading the transcript, which I found on one liberal blog, because I have a low tolerance for listening to BS, in addition to the fact I can finish reading the speech in less time than he'll take to drone on. And it's hard to read it, because the BS emanates from the page.

Besides the bashing of President Bush's era, Wall Street, banks, businesses, this speech is a Washington equivalent of going to a Burger King, because of the whoppers that Obama is telling tonight. There's nothing conciliatory or "moderate" about it. It is pure Obama arrogance on display.

Here's a few excerpts for comment.
Let me repeat: we cut taxes. We cut taxes for 95% of working families. We cut taxes for small businesses. We cut taxes for first-time homebuyers. We cut taxes for parents trying to care for their children. We cut taxes for 8 million Americans paying for college. As a result, millions of Americans had more to spend on gas, and food, and other necessities, all of which helped businesses keep more workers. And we haven’t raised income taxes by a single dime on a single person. Not a single dime.
LIE! How many of you have received your first paychecks for the year and noticed you're bringing home less money? I am. Mrs. M.I.M. is. Did you know a tax increase is happening this year? Yes. The Bush Tax Cuts are expiring. That means, working Americans are going to have their taxes go up. This is just recycled from his campaign theme of 2008.

Obama also said this:

And if there’s one thing that has unified Democrats and Republicans, it’s that we all hated the bank bailout. I hated it. You hated it. It was about as popular as a root canal. ..But when I ran for President, I promised I wouldn’t just do what was popular – I would do what was necessary. And if we had allowed the meltdown of the financial system, unemployment might be double what it is today.
Really? When you proposed the so-called "recovery" plan, we were told that unemployment would not go higher than 8 percent. It is now been 10 percent for the last three months. Look at this chart below for an example of how the "stimulus" only stimulated unemployment, and this was as far as September of last year.

Because of the steps we took, there are about two million Americans working right now who would otherwise be unemployed.
Sure, after you've gerry-rigged the numbers. A few months ago, it was over 600,000 jobs had been created. Now it's two million? How many of these jobs were created in "phantom" zip codes and congressional districts that don't exist?

Look, I am not interested in punishing banks, I’m interested in protecting our economy.

Then why do you want to punish them with more fees? What do those fees do? They prevent the banks from making more loans for people who need them, to buy a home or start a business, as well as prevent banks from hiring more people.

At the beginning of the last decade, America had a budget surplus of over $200 billion. By the time I took office, we had a one year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program. (read: It's Bush's fault) On top of that, the effects of the recession put a $3 trillion hole in our budget. That was before I walked in the door.

And when "That One" walked in the door, it was time to do what all liberals do--spend more of the taxpayer's money, with no accountability. Check this out and you'll see that the guy Obama likes to blame for all the evils of the last ten years, George W. Bush, had the deficits going down (due to the tax cuts creating jobs, thus more tax payers). After the Democrats took over, it went up and then Obama kicked it into high gear.

Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections. Well I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities. They should be decided by the American people, and that’s why I’m urging Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps to right this wrong.

There were questions if you received money from overseas from your campaign. What happened to transparency? What ever happened also to the concept of free political speech? Did you forget the words of the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law no law...abridging the freedom of speech. Free political speech was the reason why the First Amendment was added.

I’m also calling on Congress to continue down the path of earmark reform. You have trimmed some of this spending and embraced some meaningful change. But restoring the public trust demands more. For example, some members of Congress post some earmark requests online. Tonight, I’m calling on Congress to publish all earmark requests on a single website before there’s a vote so that the American people can see how their money is being spent.

Where is the website? I'm sure that promise will be as good as the "bills will be posted 72 hours before being voted on" one, or the "all the health care negotiations will be on C-SPAN."

So no, I will not give up on changing the tone of our politics. ... And if the Republican leadership is going to insist that sixty votes in the Senate are required to do any business at all in this town, then the responsibility to govern is now yours as well. Just saying no to everything may be good short-term politics, but it’s not leadership. We were sent here to serve our citizens, not our ambitions.

In other words, "don't oppose me and don't question me." If you're really interested in serving the citizens, Mister Obama, you and your party would have shelved the Obamacare socialized medicine plan. Instead, you turned a deaf ear to the outcry against your scheme, and your party derided tea-partiers as "teabaggers," "unAmerican," "Nazis."

Throughout our history, no issue has united this country more than our security. Sadly, some of the unity we felt after 9/11 has dissipated. We can argue all we want about who’s to blame for this, but I am not interested in re-litigating the past. I know that all of us love this country. All of us are committed to its defense. So let’s put aside the schoolyard taunts about who is tough. Let’s reject the false choice between protecting our people and upholding our values. Let’s leave behind the fear and division, and do what it takes to defend our nation and forge a more hopeful future – for America and the world.

Where was that tone during the Bush years from Democrats? Oh yes, I remember then-candidate Obama calling our fallen in Iraq "wasted lives" and saying we were "killing civilians" in Afghanistan. You chose to look at 9/11 as a "National Day of Service." So, if you want to hang your head about the loss of unity after 9/11, you and your party should take a long look in the mirror.

We have made substantial investments in our homeland security and disrupted plots that threatened to take American lives. We are filling unacceptable gaps revealed by the failed Christmas attack, with better airline security, and swifter action on our intelligence. We have prohibited torture and strengthened partnerships from the Pacific to South Asia to the Arabian Peninsula. And in the last year, hundreds of Al Qaeda’s fighters and affiliates, including many senior leaders, have been captured or killed – far more than in 2008.

After lecturing us about avoiding the "schoolyard taunts about who's tough," here's Obama tauting, "Don't call me weak on terror, I captured more terrorists than Bush did!" He's also implying the liberal line that our military "tortured" people, which Islamic terrorists have picked up on and used for propaganda purposes.

Even as we prosecute two wars, we are also confronting perhaps the greatest danger to the American people – the threat of nuclear weapons. I have embraced the vision of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan through a strategy that reverses the spread of these weapons, and seeks a world without them.

The difference is, Reagan was able to reduce nuclear weapons from a platform of strength, not by showing weakness, like Jimmy Carter and the 1980's nuclear freeze movement tried to do.

Unfortunately, too many of our citizens have lost faith that our biggest institutions – our corporations, our media, and yes, our government – still reflect these same values. Each of these institutions are full of honorable men and women doing important work that helps our country prosper. But each time a CEO rewards himself for failure, or a banker puts the rest of us at risk for his own selfish gain, people’s doubts grow. Each time lobbyists game the system or politicians tear each other down instead of lifting this country up, we lose faith. The more that TV pundits reduce serious debates into silly arguments, and big issues into sound bites, our citizens turn away.

No wonder there’s so much cynicism out there.

No wonder there’s so much disappointment.

I campaigned on the promise of change – change we can believe in, the slogan went. And right now, I know there are many Americans who aren’t sure if they still believe we can change – or at least, that I can deliver it.

This is the problem with Obama. Arrogant narcissism. Others call it "self-will run-riot." Obama has shown that he doesn't get the message voters sent last week in Massachusetts, as well as last November in Virginia and New Jersey. He still wants to convince you he's the most brilliant person in the room (but can't go into a Sixth grade classroom without TOTUS), and he's not to blame for any of what's wrong today--it's Bush's fault, or the banks, evil corporations, and Fox News pundits.

This is a President who is on his way to only one-term. But it's not going to be his hopes for a "good one term." Instead, he's making a man in Plains, Georgia smile a bit wider tonight, as he'll no longer be looked at as the worst President in modern history.

Michelle Malkin blogs here on "That One's" speech. Did push-ups instead of the drinking games when some words or phrases were used. Personally, I quit drinking years ago, this speech would have been one good excuse to go on a bender.

Gateway Pundit didn't finish the speech before giving Obama a F-.

Ace of Spades has video of Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito mouthing "not true" at Mr. Obama's attack on the campaign finance decision.

The Other McCain noted that Vodkapundit was drunkblogging SOTU.

UPDATE: 1/28/10 6:30A.M. - Other reactions.

Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity's show:

Says the SOTU shows evidence of the "disconnect" between the people and the White House.

Kevin Hall of the Examiner writes Obama referred to himself 114 times. "He said "I" 96 times, and used "my" or "me" 18 times." Add to that 10 times he blamed George W. Bush and 4 times he blamed Wall Street or bankers. Other than that, Hall notes "That One" only deviated from his ultra-liberal agenda once, and offered no new ideas, changes to Obamacare, no lessons learned from the "stimulus," and no focus on national security.

Tea Party Express:

"Tonight was a night of hot air, delivered in a way too long speech that revisited pledges we've quite frankly heard from Barack Obama before. His comments in the State of the Union were similar in tone and substance to his comments made after he won the 2008 presidential election and during his inauguration.

"But actions speak louder than words, and this administration violated its promise for increased transparency. Lobbyists were appointed by the president to positions he swore would never be filled by former lobbyists. Worst of all, we've seen out-of-control spending, and an unparalleled growth in the size and power of government.

"We'll start to believe Barack Obama when his actions match his words. Until then, it's just more empty promises, and we've all heard far too many unfulfilled promises from the politicians in Washington.

"In our opinion, the best part of this speech was the end."

Ketih Fimian, who is running for the seat held by "Jihad" Gerry Connolly, sent a response to Obama's SOTU by e-mail.

“Tonight the President said he planned to make job creation and controlling wasteful spending a priority. I commend him for that and hope he carries through on his pledge. So far we have seen too many broken promises from this White House and members of Congress like Gerry Connolly. The problem is that the agenda in Washington is being driven by career politicians who cut their back room deals and leave taxpayers like you and me to pay for it all. Or worse, who borrow the money from China and obligate our children and grandchildren to pay it back. That's just plain wrong and it has to stop.”

“I believe in a different course of action. I am a businessman who has actually created hundreds of jobs and a CPA who knows how to balance a budget. We need to stop playing the games the insiders play and stop cutting deals with special interests. We must stop the failed stimulus. Too many of the President’s proposed reductions in spending are somewhere off in the future when what we really need are real spending cuts right now. Let's start a serious audit of the federal government now to make serious cuts. Then we need to have government stop trying to create ‘temporary jobs’ with more spending, and instead give small businesses and the American people the freedom to grow, expand, and create jobs in the private sector.”

"Breck Girl" John Edwards Hated "Fat Rednecks Try(ing) To Shove Food Down My Face"--Separation From Wife Announced

I guess what the ambulance chaser John Edwards, really meant about "Two Americas" were the liberal elites in Washington he liked to hang out with vs. small town rednecks at town fairs he tried to sucker into voting for him.

That's according to a former aide of Edwards, Andrew Young, who has written a new book titled, The Politician (USAToday).

Washington Wire writers Louise Radnofsky and Susan Davis obtained a copy of The Politician, by former close aide Andrew Young, that details Edwards' attempts to hide his affair with Rielle Hunter, a videographer who worked for the campaign.

...Young , the WSJ reports, writes about discovering a compromising video of Edwards and a naked, pregnant lover identified by him as Hunter: "It was like watching a traffic pileup occur in slow motion — it was repelling but also transfixing."

Young also writes that Edwards, who billed himself as the modest son of a mill worker, hated making appearances at state fairs where "fat rednecks try to shove food down my face. I know I'm the people's senator, but do I have to hang out with them?"

That's right up there with "clinging to guns and religion." It looks like the Breck Girl hung out too much with John Kerry.

And when it rains, it pours for Johnny Boy. He and wife Elizabeth have legally separated today.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The State of The Union, After One Year Of Obama: A Blogger's Response (Video)

Tomorrow (Wednesday) night is the State of the Union Address, which Barack Hussein Obama will deliver after one year in office and being rebuked at the polls in November, as well as last week in Massachusetts.

Associated with Obama Press is touting "That One's" plans to revitalize the sluggish economy, nearly a year after a massive "stimulus" package was passed and unemployment has gone higher than was promised by this Administration.

Our (Virginia's) new Governor, Bob McDonnell, will give the GOP response. In that vein and speaking as one lowly blogger, I would like to give a pre-emptive response to the State of Obama's Union, in video and words.

What we've seen over the last year was the biggest mismanagement of this nation in its history. While Americans lost their jobs, their savings, in some cases their homes, and our security threatened again by Islamic terrorists, this Administration showed just how out of touch they were with reality, and the concerns of most Americans. The date nights, the endless White House parties (all on the taxpayer tab), pushing so-called "health-care reform," over the objections of the public, and the globetrotting around the world apologizing for this nation.

What did we get in return? We're less secure, less free and more in debt than ever and have nothing to show for it than IOU's to pass to our children and grandchildren. All in the space of one year.

The only thing which will turn this nation around is the following: less government. Less taxation. Less restrictions on business as well as our ability to produce more energy domestically. We also need the government to do it's sole purpose, as outlined in the Constitution, to protect us from the enemies this Administration pretends doesn't exist.

But, that's the opposite of what you will hear this President propose more of tomorrow night.

Obama's Military "Support" In Budget: Rhetoric Vs. Reality

The Associated with Obama Press breathlessly writes the following about how "That One's" proposed budget will support military families.
First lady Michelle Obama said Tuesday the president's 2011 budget will include a record $8.8 billion to support military families.

The largest sum, $1.9 billion, would be spent on counseling and other support services. An additional $1.3 billion would go for military child care.

President Barack Obama included another $439 million to build 10 Defense Department schools, the first step in a program to replace or renovate 103 such schools by 2015.

The budget also has $84 million for career development for military spouses, including tuition assistance and a federal internship program. It includes $14 million for Coast Guard housing and money for youth programs for military kids.
Well, that's all well and good. But here's where the rhetoric ends and cold reality begins. A(O)P did not report what Jonn at This Ain't Hell is reporting, via Stars & Stripes.
The White House will propose a 1.4 percent military pay increase in 2011, which if approved would be the smallest since the start of all-volunteer military in 1973.

That figure represents a steep drop from the 3.9 percent boost troops saw earlier this month.

White House officials said the 1.4 percent figure, which will be included in the fiscal 2011 budget to be unveiled Monday, is based on projected private sector wage increases for next year.
Jonn adds:

So even though the cost of living is increasing, the cost of living increases are decreasing. I think I said back in 2008 that the first people to bear the brunt of Democrat spending increases will be the military and retirees. I’m not prophetic, I’m just speaking from experience. Keep that in mind when you listen to the State of the Union Address.

I'd love to have Obama try and explain to me how you keep and attract people into our all-volunteer military, especially in the middle of a War on Terror (that he pretends doesn't exist), when you cut the rate of their pay increases.

Man With Reston, VA Address Arrested In NJ With Weapons, Grenade Launcher & Map of Ft. Drum

A man with a Reston, VA address was arrested Monday in New Jersey with high powered weapons, and there's no idea yet what he might have been planning. But the clues given in the article below are troubling.

A Virginia man who once spent eight years on the run from naval investigators was arrested in Somerset County early today with a trove of high-powered weapons, including a grenade-launcher and two assault rifles, along with maps of a U.S. military base and a civilian neighborhood, authorities said.

...Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne Forrest declined to speculate about Woodson’s intentions but remarked on the suspect’s arsenal, which included hundreds of rounds of ammunition, some of them hollow-point bullets, and a night-vision scope.

"In our experience, for private citizens to have this type of armament is quite unusual in Somerset County," Forrest said. "If you’re over in Afghanistan, it wouldn’t be rare."

Mixed in among Woodson’s belongings, the prosecutor said, was a Middle Eastern, red-and-white traditional headdress.
Ft Drum was the military base the suspect had a map of. But the FBI now says there's no terrorism link in this arrest. Really? What makes them come to that conclusion?

Maybe I'm wrong, but why do I suspect this claim by the FBI is another case of "Move along...nothing to see here folks."

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mad Dog Bob Beckel: GOP Is "The Party Of Birthers, Baggers & Blowhards”

No wonder Americans see Obama and Democrats as polarizing, when they have assholes like Bob Beckel carrying their water for them (Gateway Pundit).
Far Left hack Bob Beckel, who was Walter Mondale’s campaign manager, lost it today on FOX News calling the Republican Party “the party of birthers, baggers and blowhards.”

TPM video via Freedom’s Lighthouse:

So Beckel is the latest angry lib hack using the crude "teabagger" sexual slur? No wonder he uses graphic sexual terms. Just ask Bob about "Tiffany." (from Smoking Gun).
Meet Maryam Massihi. The 21-year-old hooker recently stole political consultant Bob Beckel's heart--at least for a few hours, at $300 per. Then Massihi (who used the names Tiffany and Cindy professionally) and her cohorts allegedly tried to extort $50,000 in hush money from the Democratic heavyweight (he ran Walter Mondale's 1984 presidential campaign). Beckel's recent run-in with Massihi & Co. is detailed in this search warrant affidavit filed August 23 in Alexandria, Virginia's Circuit Court. Beckel discovered his young consort via the Internet (Massihi's electronic come-on is below) and paid her by check, which proved helpful when cops began probing who was trying to shake down the 53-year-old Beckel. With Massihi currently imprisoned and facing extortion and conspiracy charges, her D.C. answering machine message needs an update: "Hi. I'll be back around September. Thank you."
Hey Bob, what do they say about people in glass houses?

Gallup: Obama Most Polarizing First Year President, "That One" Also Says He'd Rather Be A Good "One Term" President

Newsmax (via FreeRepublic) linked to this poll from the (not right-wing) Gallup Inc., who found Barack Hussein Obama the most polarizing first-year President.

The 65 percentage-point gap between Democrats' (88%) and Republicans' (23%) average job approval ratings for Barack Obama is easily the largest for any president in his first year in office, greatly exceeding the prior high of 52 points for Bill Clinton.

...Thus, the extraordinary level of polarization in Obama's first year in office is a combination of declining support from Republicans coupled with high and sustained approval from Democrats. In fact, his 88% average approval rating from his own party's supporters is exceeded only by George W. Bush's 92% during Bush's first year in office. Obama's 23% approval among supporters of the opposition party matches Bill Clinton's for the lowest for a first-year president. But Clinton was less popular among Democrats than Obama has been to date, making Obama's ratings more polarized.

Gallup notes that Obama campaigned on "seeking to unite the country." The rhetoric doesn't match the reality, and the nation sees it. Obama has ignored the nation's disapproval over Obamacare, and said stuff like, "I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess."

"That One" also told Diane Sawyer at ABC the following:

"I'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president."
Well, you're on your way to partially achieving that goal, except you're going to be remembered as a President who was so bad he made Jimmy Carter look great.

Libs Say Bush Is "An Idiot," But Obama Can't Go Into A 6th Grade Class Without His Telepromter?

You've got to be (bleeping) kidding me!?!?!?!?!

President Barack Obama and his Education Secretary Arne Duncan appeared at the Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Va., Tuesday on Jan. 19, 2010 and opted to use teleprompters to speak to the 11 year old kids.Obama and his staff brought along two teleprompters into the classroom along with the podium with the Presidential seal to chat with 30 sixth graders.

This guy can't even go into a 6th grade classroom without a teleprompter to tell him what to say? Yet every diehard liberal voter and media personality will get spittle faced, telling you how Bush and Palin are a couple of idiots. But those same libs will wet themselves talking about Obama's "intelligence," how choirs sing when he speaks and his oratical skills move mountains.

Speaking of the so-called "idiot" McChimpy BusHitler (as the BDS inflicted libs liked to call him), the Washington Times found this photo of Bush speaking in a grade school sans teleprompter.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Liberal Temper Tantrums Begin Again, Just Ask Michele Bachmann

After the political earthquake of Scott Brown's win of the Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy (D-Chappaquiddick), the liberals are showing signs of becoming unhinged.

Ask Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who was on a radio show with turncoat Senator Arlen Sphincter yesterday. When trying to respond to a question from the interviewer, Sen. Sphincter interrupted Bachmann, telling her to "act like a lady."

According to Bachmann (appearing on Hannity last night, video from Gateway Pundit) Sphincter's office hasn't even called to apologize.

She also told Sean Hannity:

I told him that we should focus on prosperity and job creation and Senator Specter turned and questioned if I was a lady. He told me basically to sit down and be quiet. I was actually stunned at the arrogance...But, what’s really stunning again about that whole interchange is that it was emblematic of the message the voters sent on Tuesday evening. The voters repudiated the arrogance that’s come out of the democrat party and what I heard yesterday on the radio with Senator Specter was more of that arrogance. They haven’t sobered up yet to the reality that the people are in charge not this very liberal majority.

It's going to get worse, before November, as the one thing Democrats hate most is losing power. They become mentally deranged, with supposedly grown men and women acting worse than spoiled two year olds.

Need proof? I found this clip from Rush Limbaugh's TV show of Democrats going ballistic right after the Republicans took over the majority due to the 1994 election.

Well be seeing more of this in the weeks and months to come.

Oh, by the way, Sen. Sphincter--stop acting like an asshole!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Organizing for America (aka Astroturfing for Obama) Proves They Didn't Get The Message Sent By Voters On Tuesday

Last night, I wrote that Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats didn't get the message sent by the voters in Massachusetts, by indicating they'll "scale back" Obamacare.

This morning, I received Exhibit B in the proof of how tone deaf this Administration is to the concerns of this nation, from Mitch Stewart at Astroturfing for Obama (really known as Organizing for America), which was formerly Obama's campaign website.

Yesterday's disappointing election results show deep discontent with the pace of change. I know the OFA community and the President share that frustration.

We also saw what we knew to be true all along: Any change worth making is hard and will be fought at every turn. While it doesn't take away the sting of this loss, there is no road to real change without setbacks along the way.

We could have simply sought to do things that were easy, that wouldn't stir up controversy. But changes that aren't controversial rarely solve the problem.

Our country continues to face the same fundamental challenges it faced yesterday. Our health care system still needs reform. Wall Street still needs to be held accountable. We still need to create good jobs. And we still need to continue building a clean energy economy.

The President isn't walking away from these challenges. In fact, his determination and resolve are only stronger. We must match that commitment with our own.

But it won't be easy. Real change never is. For that reason, I am grateful you're part of this fight with us.

The gist of how they're looking at the New Massachusetts Tea Party on Tuesday? They are deluded enough to think it is frustration that "change" (ie. socialism) isn't happening immediately, and Tuesday was another example of it being "fought at every turn." How about the fact that people aren't buying the "change" you and "That One" offer, Mitch?

Notice too, that so-called "health care reform" is ahead of jobs (third on the list) on their priorities. And nowhere on the list is defending this nation from Islamic terrorists who would like to pull of another 9/11 (or worse). That is completely off their radar.

As pathetic as Bill Clinton was, he got the message in 1994. Americans don't want socialism, and he struck a more "moderate" tone ("The era of big government is over.") He'd had that experience before, after he lost re-election as governor of Arkansas, when the voters let him and the Hildebeast know they didn't like the fact their governor and first lady acted like a couple of hillbilly hippies. What did the Clintons do to win the next time? Cut out the hippie act and moderated, looked more mainstream. Moderate has never been in Barack Hussein Obama's vocabulary, because he's never been forced to do that. All he's ever had to do is vote "present" on anything controversial and read a speech from a teleprompter, so he's never been held accountable by voters for any of his far-Left agenda...until now.

So Obama's determination and resolve is "only stronger" to bring socialism to America? Great! Make our day. Then just wait until this November, as well as 2012, when, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan: "A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose your job and a recovery is when Barack Hussein Obama loses his!"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Doing The Same Thing Over & Expecting A Different Result..." Obama & Dems May "Scale Back" Obamacare

The definition of insanity.

One year after "That One" was inaugurated, how he has fallen faster than Humpty Dumpty.

After last night's political earthquake in (of all places) Massachusetts, you'd think the strategy would be to shelve the liberal attempt to grab America's health care system and put it under government control.

Guess again.

Associated (with Obama) Press says the new strategy is to "scale back" so-called health-care "reform."

President Barack Obama and congressional allies signaled Wednesday they may try to scale back his sweeping health care overhaul to keep parts of it alive in the wake of a stinging rebuke in the Senate race in Massachusetts.

A simpler, less ambitious bill emerged as an alternative only hours after the loss of the party's crucial 60th Senate seat forced the Democrats to slow their all-out drive to pass Obama's signature legislation despite fierce Republican opposition. The White House is still hoping the House can pass the Senate bill in a quick strike, but Democrats are now considering other options.

...Obama said the election results wouldn't sour his interest in passing a health care bill.

"Now, I could have said, 'Well, we'll just do what's safe, we'll just take on those things that are completely non-controversial,'" Obama said in an interview with ABC News. "The problem is: the things that are non-controversial end up being the things that don't solve the problem."

What have they learned? Not a damn thing. Instead, they're going to step back, decide a new strategy, maybe bring in that "linguist" (read: bullshit artist) from Berkeley named George Wackoff for another version of "How Can We Fool 'Em Now?" They're going to find a way to repackage this and get it passed, despite the fact no one wants the "reform" they're offering.

Barack Hussein Obama needs to heed his own words from April 2005 (see video below, from Yid with Lid).

But what else can we expect from a President who can't "step back" and "let his ego go," let alone his party's desire to control every aspect of our lives?

If that's what they're going to do...go ahead, make our day. 1994 will look like a picnic compared to what will happen in November, and Obama will be a one term President.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts Special Election: Coakley CONCEDES! BROWN WINS!!! The Message Below Has Been Sent....


9:22 p.m. Boston Globe (via FreeRepublic) and Fox News says Coakley has conceded. Scott Brown in the winner of Ted Kennedy's old Senate Seat in Democrat Massachusetts!

Thank you, Bay State Voters! You Did it!

That is the end of the 60 vote, filabuster proof majority.

First, it was here in Virginia, then New Jersey, now Massachusetts. This is THREE STRIKES! Are you listening to us "teabaggers" and "astroturfers" now, Pelosi? Reid? Obama?

For Massachusetts Voters: Some Inspirational Words Today To Vote For Scott Brown

I saw someone reference this video last week in regards to the Massachusetts Senate special election today, and thought I would post it for those in Massachusetts or who have friends or family living there.

This clip comes from the 2004 movie Miracle, about the miracle on ice 30 years ago (has it been that long?) this month when the United States Olympic hockey team came from nowhere to defeat the Soviet Union, seen as the greatest hockey team worldwide at that time. It's similar to conservative Scott Brown, who came from a 30 point deficit and now leads in the polls.

So, this is US coach Herb Brooks, giving his pre-game talk to the US hockey team. When you hear the words "Soviet Union," think Democrats, the Kennedys and Martha Coakley.

"This is your time. Their time (Democrats) is done, it's over!"

Liberal Democrat Thuggery: Coakley Supporters Wrap Cameraman In Sign

From Americans for Limited Government, another example of Democrat Thuggery:
A cameraman working on a ballot integrity initiative with Americans for Limited Government Foundation was wrapped up in a large Martha Coakley campaign sign by her supporters as he tried to video the campaign rally.


According to Erich Heyssel, who was attempting to film a Coakley campaign event, "While filming at a Martha Coakley event I was approached by two men holding a 4×8 sign. They proceeded to hold the sign up in my line of sight, I tried to move, and was continuously blocked by these men and their sign."

Heyssel continued, "The situation escalated as they forcibly held me in place by wrapping the sign around me."

Dan Tripp, the project leader for Americans for Limited Government Foundation's
coverage of the Massachusetts special election, defended Heyssel, saying, "Martha Coakley needs to calm down her bullies."

Tripp said "things could get ugly out there tomorrow as tensions rise in this close election. As we seek to identify, publicize and prevent election fraud tomorrow, I have instructed my crews to travel in teams. If Erich had been alone, this could have
been worse."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rush Was Right! Obama Using Haiti Tragedy For Political Benefit. Is Media Twisting Rush's Statement To Divert From Harry Reid's Racism?

What does the Obama Administration and liberal Democrats do when they want to divert attention from themselves?

Attack Rush Limbaugh.

Lapdog Media outlets have been parroting the claim that Rush Limbaugh told his radio audience not to donate to relief efforts for Haiti after the earthquake which has devastated the island nation. Of course, these so-called "objective" media outlets have used "sources" like Media Matters, Center for American Progress and Huffington's Toast, who took Rush's comments completely out of context.

Of course, Rush saying we had donated to Haiti via tax dollars was correct, as NRO points out. But Rush never discouraged anyone to contribute to relief for Haiti. The objection was using the White House website as a source for donation funds. That's a reasonable concern. How many people have found cookies from or Obama's campaign website on our computer when doing spyware checks? How do we not know that Obama won't use names, addresses, etc. for his own fundraiser lists?

Rush also said the following:

Yes, I think in the Haiti earthquake, ladies and gentlemen -- in the words of Rahm Emanuel -- we have another crisis simply too good to waste. This will play right into Obama's hands. He's humanitarian, compassionate. They'll use this to burnish their, shall we say, "credibility" with the black community -- in the both light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country. It's made-to-order for them. That's why he couldn't wait to get out there, could not wait to get out there.
Well well! While liberals criticize him, Rush has proven once again he is 100 percent right on the money.

Kristinn at FreeRepublic just found the following item:

The Obama administration is burnishing Barack Obama's image as intently focused on the plight of Haitians by pushing on the press a detailed-to-the-minute timeline of Obama's involvement with the response to the Haiti earthquake this week.

This shameless promotion of Obama confirms what Rush Limbaugh said earlier this week--that Obama would use the earthquake for his political benefit.

The release of the Haiti timeline is in stark contrast to the failure of the White House to similarly account for Obama's time in the aftermath of the Christmas Day terror attack on America while Obama was on vacation in Hawaii. Then, the administration told the press Obama was getting briefings in between golfing, snorkeling, picnicking and otherwise not doing his job.

The timeline lists twenty-two entries for Obama taking meetings, briefings and phone calls in the sixty-nine hour period from 5:52 p.m. Tuesday (an hour after the quake struck) through 3 p.m. Friday. Other entries note meetings convened by others at Obama's direction.

Obama seems to have slacked off some on Friday after spending the previous two days on the phone and in meetings.

The danger for Obama is that the amount of time spent on the earthquake by him has not translated into relief for the survivors in Haiti. Last night and this morning, news reports out of Haiti all told the same story: aid is bottled-up at the international airport in Haiti because no one has taken charge.

Here's a sample from the release demonstrating Obama is the hardest working man in show business, I mean the White House (via the Chicago Sun-Times):

Thursday, January 14

(The President receives verbal briefings on the situation from Denis McDonough throughout the day)

9:30 AM-- The President met in the Oval Office with several of his lead military and civilian national security team to receive an update on the situation in Haiti and on progress against al Qaeda and its affiliates.

4:17 PM - The President speaks with President Sarkozy of France about ongoing US and French relief efforts, and the need for coordination of immediate and long term international efforts to assist the people of Haiti.

4:30 PM - Deputy National Security Advisor Tom Donilon convened a Deputies Committee for approximately 2.5 hours to discuss coordination of the United States Government's relief efforts in Haiti. The meeting included senior representatives from: State, USAID, USUN, DOD, SOUTHCOM, TRANSCOM, JCS, DHS, Coast Guard, and National Security and White House Staff.

8:54 PM -- The President speaks with President Fernandez of the Dominican Republic. The President expressed his appreciation for the role the Dominican Republic has played in facilitating the evacuation of US citizens and in the flow of relief teams and supplies into Haiti through the Dominican Republic. President Fernandez conveyed his assessment of the situation in Haiti following his visit today to Port au Prince.

10:15 PM -The President receives an update from Deputy National Security Advisor Tom Donilon on relief efforts, the situation on the ground in Haiti, and tonight's Deputies Committee meeting.

Once again, Rush is right on the money. But that won't keep liberals like Zennie Abraham from attacking FreeRepublic and others who point out the truth about what Rush really said. Of course Zennie is a typical race-baiter who defended Mao Ze Dung-ite and 9/11 Troofer Van Jones as "a good man who should fight back." (Abraham has also said Islam had nothing to do with the Ft. Hood jihad, in addition to calling President Bush a "white president" while criticizing Michelle Malkin with the same photo of her used by Charles "Icraus" Johnson, racially stereotyping Malkin.

So the liberal "outrage" over Rush's statements were not surprisingly manufactured, and repeated without question by the Obama worshippers in the lapdog media.

Can we perhaps propose the hypothesis that this liberal attack on Limbaugh is nothing but a ploy to divert attention from Harry Reid's racism, as well as the Democrat Party's long history of racism?

Obama's Campaign Outfit Astroturfing For Coakley

Just received this in my e-mail box from Mitch Stewart of "Astroturfing for Obama."

There's a crucial Senate election in Massachusetts in just three days. We need your help to win it.

The polls are tightening as right-wing money floods the state, and one even shows the race to be a dead heat between progressive champion Martha Coakley and her extreme opponent.

The truth is, special elections often have very low turnout and are notoriously unpredictable.

The stakes are just too high to leave Martha's victory to chance.

If we lose, Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat will be in the hands of someone who opposes everything he fought for. We'll lose a key vote for the President's agenda in the Senate -- and put all the progress we've made toward health reform at risk.

Notice that the far-Left always sugar-coats their socialist, despotic agenda as "progressive" but those like Scott Brown who believe in the Constitution and the principles on which this nation was founded upon are "extreme?" Yeah right! Setting a scum who raped a 23 month old with a hot curling iron free without bail isn't "extreme," it's "progressive," in the eyes of liberals. Just like Looney Lynn Woolsey writing a reference letter for the rapist of a 17 year old.

AFO also complains about "right-wing money" flooding the state of Massachusetts, but here they are, asking for donations from a Virginian who set up his AFO account with a Novato, CA zip code.

And then, there's the usual rolling out of Ted Kennedy's corpse to bring out the Democrat vote. Excuse me, Obama Astroturfers, it is the people's seat!

This isn't about enthusiasm for Martha Coakley. It is about Obama's socialist agenda, and how losing this seat will make it more difficult for them, up to November, to shove it down our throats. This is a referendum on Obama's agenda, just like New Jersey and Virginia's gubernatorial elections were.

The libs are running scared! Make sure if you live in Massachusetts, or have friends/relatives there, tell them to get out and vote for Scott Brown.

Howard University's Andrew Rankin Chapel To Host Obama's Racist Ministers: Jeremiah (Gddamn America) Wright and Fr. Michael Pfleger

A couple of weekends ago, on a Sunday morning, I was driving to Home Depot and came across a Sunday sermon on WHUR 96.3FM in the DC area.

The sermon caught my interest because the "preacher" was going on about the housing crisis and how it was perpetrated on mostly black Americans.

So, I decided to do some research...was this a church? National or local? Who is the "minister?"

I came across the website for the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, where WHUR broadcasts sermons on Sunday morning, and found that this Sunday (tomorrow) the so-called "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright will be giving a sermon there.

You remember him? Obama's pastor of 20 years, who married him, baptized his children, and gave $20,000 to Wright's Trinity United Church of Hating Whitey. That church proclaimed they were "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian," where Barack Hussein Obama was moved by Wright's "Audacity of Hope" sermon, one line of which mentioned how "white folk's greed runs a world in need."

The racist Reverend who took the Lord's name in vain in the pulpit and cheered al-Queda right after 9/11, saying "America's chickennnssssss...have come roooost."

How inappropriate, on the weekend where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is honored, that a holiday for a Civil Rights leader becomes a stage for one of the leaders in the Civil Wrongs Movement, whose aim is to keep blacks enslaved in a world of resentment and a victim groupthink.

Obama's other former minister of hate, Fr. Michael Pfleger, whom "That One" described as his "moral compass" before he, too, ended up under the bus for the sake of political expediency.

Pfleger could be seen as the Vanilla Ice of the "hating Whitey" club. His fall from grace in the eyes of Obama happened in this May 2008 sermon at Trinity, where he mocked Hillary Rotten Clinton as "white and entitled."

"I really don't believe it was a put-on. I always thought she felt 'This is mine. I'm Bill's wife. I'm white. And this is mine. I just got to get up and step into the plate.'" "And then out of nowhere came, 'Hey, I'm Barack Obama.' And she said, 'Oh damn, where did you come from? I'm white. I'm entitled. There's a black man stealing my show.'"

(Fake crying).

"She wasn't the only one crying. There was a whole lot of white people crying."
No wonder racism against whites is tolerated at this "Church." I vaguely remember that Howard University was also the scene where black law students cheered the acquittal of OJ Simpson for murder, years before Karma caught up with OJ.

It will be interesting if anything comes out of these sermons. I wouldn't be surprised if they both say something stupid.

Need Another Reason To Vote AGAINST Martha Coakley? She Let The Rapist Of A 23 Mo. Old Out With No Cash Bail

From Associated Content, this is pretty horriffic stuff:

MA Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley, her party's supposedly "best" nominee for the Senate, recommended that a convicted child rapist be released with no cash bail despite the plethora of evidence that he raped a 23-month-old girl with a hot, curling iron. This...ahem...misjudgment by the then-DA occurred in 2006, but stemmed from an October 2005 case in which a policeman whose union-representative father steered lots of endorsements and donations to the Coakley for AG campaign raped a 23-month-old toddler, also his own niece! This story ought to be front-and-center in the mainstream, liberal media, but it isn't because it would be too damning for Coakley. MA voters ought to ask themselves, Do we want a woman whose office recommended releasing a convicted child rapist as our senator??
Democrats are proving to be the party of despotism as well, by saying they'll pass Obamacare by a simple majority via reconciliation, if they lose this Senate seat. That's what Maryland lib Chris Van Hollen said last night.