Thursday, December 10, 2009

"That One" Picks Up His Undeserved Nobel Prize On The Taxpayer's Dollar

Associated with Obama Press, via Yahoo News, reports this morning that Barack Hussein Obama has flown to Denmark to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize (aka The Liberal of the Year award), which he was nominated for after only 11 days in office.

A wartime president being honored for peace, Barack Obama said Thursday that criticism of his Nobel prize as premature might recede if he advances goals such as a nuclear-free world and tackling climate change.

But, he added, proving doubters wrong is "not really my concern."

"If I'm not successful, then all the praise in the world won't disguise that fact," said Obama from this chilly, damp Nordic capital where he is picking up his Nobel Peace Prize.

A nuclear free world? How is he going to do that? Answer: disarming the United States. That's who he wants to see without nuclear weapons. "That One" clearly believes all the racist, anti-Americanism he heard in Jeremiah Wright's sermons, that America is too arrogant, too bullying. It's the typical liberal misguided worldview of the nuclear freeze movement in the 1980s (led by Communists), "if we get rid of ours, they'll get rid of theirs."

The end result? The real bullies, like Iran, become more dangerous, and the free world cannot fight back.

The climate change garbage is ridiculous. It is the godless liberal's attempt to play God, because they think the Creator of the Universe doesn't exist, and that man is somehow the be all and end all.

The fact that this Administration and the liberal Democrats refuse to engage in skepticism over the validity of glo-BULL warming after the Climategate e-mails show how much of this junk science is both a political agenda and religion to liberals worldwide. Conversely, any flimsy evidence twisted by liberal Democrats that the Bush Administration "lied" to go to war in Iraq (of which there's no concrete proof of such a lie) has been used as an excuse for them to say we should withdraw and impeach the (then) President. The only thing that's different is that, with Climategate, we have proof of these self-righteous liberals embracing an outright lie and trying to use it (via "Crap & Tax" and refusing expanded oil drilling) for political purposes over the amount of energy we use.

And proving doubters wrong? Are you kidding? Obama is so thin-skinned towards critics he and his spokes mouth attack them in a manner not seen since Richard Nixon, all with the approval of the Lapdog Media, the 37th President's nemesis.

And one final note. For someone so concerned about "climate change," why did he take a polluting airplane over to accept the award, like all the other bleeding hearts who went to Copenhagen for the conference on the fraud known as glo-BULL warming?

Perhaps Obama can use that monetary prize to reimburse the American taxpayer for some of his unnecessary globetrotting, such as to pick up this award and the failed Olympic bid.

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