Tuesday, December 08, 2009

See BS News Sorry That Lib Tomato Thrower Missed Palin

The psychotic liberal hate towards Sarah Palin has gone from insults by libs towards her son, Trig, and African Americans attending her book signings to a near assault yesterday in Minnesota.

And See BS News is only sorry that the assailant had a "terrible aim." (h/t: Kristinn at Free Republic).
Headline: Sarah Palin Almost Gets Tomato in Face, but Jeremy Olsen Has Terrible Aim

NEW YORK (CBS) Maybe Jeremy Olson should have practiced with a target first before attempting to pelt Sarah Palin with tomatoes at a book signing in Minn. Dec. 7.
Kristinn asks:
"Let's try a few alternate takes: If only he had better aim with Michelle Obama, or Nancy Pelosi, or Hillary Clinton, or even Barack Obama, Himself. Think CBS News would be wishing for a successful assault?"
Or tomatoes at "Chipmunk face" Katie Couric?

Still think there's no such thing as liberal media bias?

A lib blogger at Gawker, Adrian Chen, thinks the creep is a hero. How would you like it, Adrian, if you had your ugly mug rubbed in a pile of cow patties?

Liberal men are such pussies, they're always attacking women or their young children.

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Anonymous said...

They fear her.

The violent leftists in our country keep pushing and pushing.

The 2010 election will flip the House and Senate. Or at least bring the leftists members down to a manageable level.

The criminal example mentioned in the article will push harder and soon the right will react to defend. Patience will be at an end.

I see it as inevitable. We are under attack from within. The exact flash point is unknown for now but it will surface in 2011.

People are stacking it deep.