Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Rise Of Lt. Col Allen West

This video below has been making the rounds across the Internet of Lt. Col. Allen West, who is running for Congress in Florida's District 22. West was a 22 year vet of the US Army who came under fire during the Iraq War for the alleged mishandling of a terrorist, whom he believed had information that could have put the lives of the soldiers he commanded in danger.

He appeared on Sean Hannity's TV show on Tuesday night.

He lost in 2008, but is running again in 2010. Let's hope he wins this time around. There needs to be a lot more folks with the passion and fire of Lt. Col. West running for office and serving their constituents, instead of the usual career politician types who are smooth talkers with slick speeches.

Here's his campaign website, if you'd like to donate, as well as join his social networking pages and keep tabs on his campaign.


Trish said...

This past year has tested my love for this country! Lt. Col. Allen West makes me proud to be an American again! I think we can count on him going very far, and doing good things!

Charley James - The Progressive Curmudgeon said...

I'm not sure why anyone is proud of someone who got drummed out of the Army in a plea bargain after admitting torturing an Iraqi prisoner by holding a mock execution after allowing men under his command to repeatedly beat the detainee.

According to an August 2009 article in The Washington Post, West told the beaten Iraqi that "this is where it will end," meaning that West would kill him if he did not talk. When faced with another refusal, West said, he took the Iraqi's head under his arm, pushed it into the barrel and shot twice with his pistol a foot from the Iraqi's ear. He said he pointed the gun away.

How thoughtful; West is a real officer and a gentleman.

West's GOP and tea party supporters in Florida’s 22nd call him a hero. But military prosecutors say he committed torture, violating articles 128 and 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

“By all rights, he (West) should have been put on trial, convicted for war crimes and sent to prison,” says a former Army judge advocate who is familiar with the case. “But (then-Maj. Gen. Raymond) Odierno, the top commander in the area, just wanted the case to go away. All hell was breaking out in Iraq at the time. Although it wasn’t yet public, Abu Ghraib was happening and neither top brass nor the (Bush) administration wanted to risk bad news leaking out about bad officers.”

More at

MaroonedinMarin said...

Typical "progressives" (ie socialists), always on the side of the terrorists.

Anyone who does what he needs to do to protect his soldiers and the nation is a hero in my book--if it pisses you liberals off, then screw you. I'd rather see 1,000 dead terrorists than 1 dead American soldier. You traitors should just leave the country and set up your socialist workers paradise somewhere else.