Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Return of The "Whack-A-Mole" Strategy of Fighting Islamic Terror--Plus, Another Nigerian Arrested On Similar Detroit-Bound Flight

Clinton’s second term national security advisor, Sandy Berger, described the official White House position towards these attacks as "a little bit like a Whack-A-Mole game at the circus. They bop up and you whack ‘em down, and if they bop up again, you bop ‘em back, down again."

David Horowitz
How the Left Undermined America's Security Before 9/11

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano took a break from profiling conservatives as "domestic terrorists" to reassure America on CNN that "the system worked" on Christmas Day, in preventing air jihad on NWA Flight 253.

What we are focused on is making sure that the air environment remains safe, that people are confident when they travel. And one thing I’d like to point out is that the system worked. Everybody played an important role here. The passengers and crew of the flight took appropriate action. Within literally an hour to 90 minutes of the incident occurring, all 128 flights in the air had been notified to take some special measures in light of what had occurred on the Northwest Airlines flight. We instituted new measures on the ground and at screening areas, both here in the United States and in Europe, where this flight originated.

Maybe if the "system had worked," this creep would not have been allowed on an airplane, as his name was on a terror watch list.

Maybe if the system had worked, thirteen lives, plus one unborn life, would have celebrated Christmas this year while authorities would have taken action against the suspicions voiced about Major Nidal Malik Hasan, thus preventing his jihad at Ft. Hood.

Under Barack Hussein Obama the system of fighting Islamic terrorism has returned to the "whack-a-mole" strategy which Sandy Burglar illustrated during the Clinton Administration. This government is back to reacting, in a defensive manner, towards Islamic terror; instead of taking proactive action against Islamofascist terror suspects and threats.

This is an administration which refuses to admit there is a "War on Terror" only a "man made disaster." Terrorists like the 9/11 Mastermind Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed are given more protection than American citizens whom his satanic hordes of Islamic terrorists would like to kill. As is the case with liberalism since the 1960s, the perpetrators become the "victims" who are "misunderstood." It doesn't help matters when we have an Administration whose strategy is to bury their heads in the sand, bow to foreign leaders and apologize for the supposed misdeeds of this nation in their Sally Field attempt ("You like us, you really, really like us!") at diplomacy.

How many citizens are afraid to fly back home during their Christmas vacation, or even in the future? How many want to go through the inconvenience of a near-strip search at the airports, then told to sit in your seats for the last hour of the flight?

Is it any wonder the so-called "leadership" in Washington is so disconnected from the people they represent? How many of them (paging Nancy Pelosi) fly on the taxpayer dime, using the US Air Force as their own private airline while Americans face more travel inconveniences. All because the liberal politicians and weak kneed Republicans don't want to do something as common sense as profiling.

Yes, I said it: PROFILING. If you think that's racist, then you're more of an idiot than you look like, and willing to put your fellow citizens lives at risk all so not to offend your effeminate liberal sensibilities.

But nooooooooooo! Our elected officials are more concerned about shoving a takeover of our healthcare system (a power not granted to the government in the Constitution) down our throats, all against our wishes, instead of protecting the citizens they serve. Additionally, while these liberal Democrats talked a good talk about doing a better job of protecting us from terrorists, all they did when they got power was declare war on the previous Administration's methods of fighting terrorism.

Maybe if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi had channeled all that gusto they used in shoving socialized medicine down our throats towards fighting Islamic terrorism instead (this government's number one Constitutional duty), our troops would be ready to come home from a secure Afghanistan and Iraq, al-Queda would be eradicated, and we wouldn't think twice about getting on a plane.

This has been two attacks by Islamic terrorists in two consecutive months. I'm worried about what's going to happen when the next shoe drops.


3:20 p.m. EDT Michelle Malkin writes that another Nigerian has been detained on another Amsterdam to Detroit flight.

No, just another isolated incident by a "lone nut." Move along please!

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