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Obama White House Working With Code Pinko To Subvert Afghanistan Policy


Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea-King have this latest in their ongoing series on Code Pinko and their relationship with President Barack Hussein Obama.

Top Obama funder, Code Pink co-founder and terrorist supporter Jodie Evans wrote
at AlterNet of a White House initiated phone call she received last week, two days after Obama’s Afghan war speech at West Point. The Obama official said the administration wanted to “consult” with Code Pink in response to the group’s e-mail campaign targeting the White House with opposition to the president’s surge strategy.

However, it appears that the Obama administration was already in consultation with Code Pink before this reported phone call. In its message to supporters, Code Pink guaranteed their e-mails would be read by someone in the White House.

“It’s time to turn our outrage into sustained action. Use our quick and easy tool to send your response to Obama’s announcement to the Executive Office of the President–where it will be read by a member of Obama’s team! Let them know that you are mad as hell and will push back on the escalation. It is our job to continue to press them as we move forward.”

In the article at AlterNet, Jodie Evans gloats about Code Pink’s success, noting the Obama official called “three minutes” after the e-mail campaign was launched.

“It was working! Impassioned CODEPINKers all over the globe were being heard inside the White House!

Obama has been consulting with Jodie Evans for nearly three years since first inviting her to co-host the breakthrough Hollywood fundraiser in February 2007 that made his presidential candidacy a serious contender. He appointed her a bundler for his campaign and took tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from her for his Obama for America and Obama Victory Fund campaign vehicles.

Obama’s last known meeting with Jodie Evans was in October when she gave him an antiwar propaganda package based on her recent trip to Kabul. While in Afghanistan, she met with members of the Taliban, according to her friend Jane Fonda. Obama allowed himself to be filmed accepting the propaganda package.

Jodie Evans and Code Pink have a well documented history of working to bring about America’s defeat in the war on terror. They have the blood of America’s soldiers on their hands from funding “the other side” in Fallujah, acting as a mouthpiece for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and sympathizing with Osama bin Laden.

Obama and his team know this, yet they continue to work with Jodie Evans and Code Pink as Obama sends more of America’s sons and daughters to fight Code Pink’s allies overseas.

The official with the White House Office of Public Engagement who made the call, identified in the article as “Jayne”, tells Jodie Evans she wants to consult with Code Pink to “make our communications better.”

Jayne said she was acting on instructions from Obama “to stay open to all opinions” and appeared to have been briefed on Jodie Evans’ position on the war.

The Office of Public Engagement, formerly known as the Office of Public Liaison, was rebranded by the Obama administration under its boss, Obama crony Valerie Jarrett. But it maintains its traditional purpose of serving as the link from the president to base constituencies. It would not be unusual for the White House to try to mollify a core constituent group after taking a policy decision that would upset that group. However, when that group is an agent of influence for state sponsors of terrorism and terrorist groups, the White House should be calling the FBI, not coordinating with the group to undermine the president’s war policy.

In Jodie Evans’ retelling of the conversation, there is no mention of Jayne asking for Code Pink’s understanding of Obama’s public position of Afghanistan being the good war, just the White House wanting to work with Code Pink to make sure Code Pink’s treasonous message is effectively heard.

Instead, Jodie Evans bluntly tells Jayne that Obama doesn’t believe in his own announced policy, observing that “he didn’t have the courage to be in his own body as he delivered (the West Point speech.)”

Given the way Jodie Evans describes the phone call, it’s doubtful that Jayne is privy to the inside-outside game that Barack Obama and Jodie Evans are playing with the war. It appears someone higher up in the Office of Public Engagement provided Code Pink Jayne’s e-mail address to direct the e-mail letters. That would explain Jodie Evans’ bossy attitude in telling Jayne how to better manage her inbox when Jayne asked that e-mails be sent to another address because they were making it hard for her to do her job.

“There is nothing I can do,” I told Jayne, “but maybe in your email program you could create a folder they all go to. I assume your system is that sophisticated.”

Jodie Evans says she ended the conversation with Jayne by asking her to relay a message to Obama:

“I asked Jayne to thank the President for waking the sleeping giant and assured her that we will do all we can to make sure he does not get the money from Congress to escalate this senseless war.”

Barack Obama and Jodie Evans are progressive ideological soulmates. Just because they have a public disagreement over the war on terror, doesn’t mean they don’t share the progressives’ goal of a weakened United States, subservient to the global
socialist movement.

A generation ago, Obama’s scheming with Jodie Evans and Code Pink to undermine the war effort would be considered an impeachable offense. Whether it is for this wartime generation remains to be seen.
This is something that, should the GOP take over Congress next year, the Judiciary Committee should investigate, and, if there is evidence of collusion, should immediately begin impeachment proceedings on Barack Hussein Obama, this treasonous S.O.B. whose administration continuously sides with terrorists and against those who are fighting the Islamic terror threat.

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