Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Late Night Power Grab On Health Care, Cloture Passes: 40 Vote For Liberty, 60 For Tyranny

The Grinch, "Dingy" Harry Reid was able to strong arm and bribe all his Senators to end cloture on the socialized medicine bill, setting up passage for a Christmas Eve vote.

58 Democrat and Two "Independents" voted on the side of tyranny.

All 40 Republicans voted on the side of liberty.

All in the middle of the night, behind closed doors (despite the empty campaign promise of "transparency" and "having the hearings on C-SPAN"), and--most importantly--despite the massive public outcry against this bill, liberal Democrats told their constituents and the majority of this nation, "Screw you...we know better."

There IS NO health-care crisis. Then why the rush? Simple. Liberal Democrats will never have this much power again, so they need to cement their grasp on power by any and all means necessary.

The cost of "Dingy" Harry's bribes to ensure a rubber stamp Senate for Barack Hussein Obama's utopian socialist state? $1.2 billion of OUR MONEY, according to the CBO. Michelle Malkin has a list of the bribes used by Reid to whip the liberals into goosestep behind passage of the bill.

Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse made the upcoming list of 2009 Liberal Assholes of the Year, channelling fellow liberal rectal orafice Alan Grayson.

Repeated calls this morning to Sen. Jim Webb's office in Fairfax County and DC have been fruitless. I will keep calling and tell Senator Melonhead that I intend to work to see him defeated in 2012.

Beware liberals--we are less than a year from the coming bloodbath at the ballot box.


To those fooled by the phony "moderate" lingo of Democrats and Obama's act last year, who voted for them and now regret it this morning.

The classic scene above from Animal House is appropriate.

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