Saturday, November 21, 2009

Northern Virginia Doctors Rally Against Obamacare In McLean, VA

Today, as the Senate debates their version of the Obamacare bill, a group of Northern Virginia doctors and medical professionals, as well as Tea Party supporters, rallied in McLean, VA to protest the Democrat's and their government takeover of health-care.

Here's what it looked like, walking up the sidewalk at Old Dominion and Old Chain Bridge Road, in front of the Giant Supermarket, at about 12:30 p.m. today.

One Obamacare supporter came over to argue with some of the doctors. However, in typical lib fashion, "arguing" meant name-calling, as he came over to call them "morons" and then left right after screaming "you're f**kin nuts" to the doctors in the video below.

Though the votes have been close, one attendee told me that the protests, and especially the large numbers coming to DC on 9/12 and the November 5th House Call led by Michele Bachmann "had a profound effect" on Congressional staffers. The attendee went to a Leadership Conference seminar and had a staffer on the Hill remark that the November 5th rally "scared them," since it was on a Thursday and came together in only four days.

Here's more photos of the McLean event. I head a similar event was being held in DC.

One doctor was interviewed by Channel 7, the ABC affiliate in DC.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Having been a 60 year resident of that area at one time I wish I could have joined them.

"Down With The Usurper"

Have a great and God Bless America