Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phony Pro-Life Democrat Bart Stupak: Says He'll Vote For Obamacare WITH Publicly Funded Abortions

Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak has publicly emerged as an opponent to Obamacare, due to the proposal to publicly fund abortions (LA Slimes).

Stupak is a nine-term representative, a Catholic and a former police officer, who's destroyed recent Republican opponents with up to 69% of the vote.

Stupak says he's run up against a stonewall with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other fellow Democrats in seeking to protect that 33-year-old ban in the evolving healthcare reform legislation.

He says he's got 40 fellow House members who stand with him, most of them who'll vote against any reform bill without the antiabortion protection. And Stupak asserts he's prepared to lose his job over this stand.

Well, that's all smoke and mirrors. A video at The Hope For America shows Stupak saying he'll vote for Obamacare, even with the public funding for abortions.

So much for his "principled stand." In the end, it's always "Party First" with Democrats.

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