Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Controversial "Safe Schools" Czar Cites NAMBLA Member Harry Hay As "Inspiration;" Also Railed Against Boy Scouts & For Gay Agenda In Kindergarten

Van Jones wasn't the only rotten apple among the unvetted and unconstitutional Presidential "czars" being appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama.

Enter "Safe Schools" czar, Kevin Jennings, who was recently heard on an audiotape from some time ago, where he told a 15 year old boy who admitted to a sexual encounter with an older man to wear a condom.

Now, there's a whole lot more coming about about Jennings.

Zombie, Bay Area Photojournalist extraordinaire, writes at Zomblog that Jennings said in 1997:
One of the people that’s always inspired me is Harry Hay, who started the first ongoing gay rights groups in America. In 1948, he tried to get people to join the Mattachine Society. It took him two years to find one other person who would join. Well, [in] 1993, Harry Hay marched with a million people in Washington, who thought he had a good idea 40 years before. Everybody thought Harry Hay was crazy in 1948, and they knew something about him which he apparently did not—they were right, he was crazy. You are all crazy. We are all crazy. All of us who are thinking this way are crazy, because you know what? Sane people keep the world the same [shitty] old way it is now.
Who is Harry Hay? He was a pervert who was deeply involved with NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association, a group that could essentially be called the "Pedophilia Lobby."

Zombie has more evidence of Hay's links to NAMBLA, as well as a book written by Jennings where Hay has a chapter devoted to him. And please check out the rest of Zomblog, as well as the groundbreaking website zombietime. It is great work exposing the far-Left (especially in the Bay Area).

There's a lot more coming out about Kevin Jennings tonight. Kerry Picket at the Water Cooler blog at the Washington Times has audio of Jennings on a tirade against the Boy Scouts in public schools, saying:

"The Boy Scouts are a private organization and they therefore should be allowed to do what they want, and we[GLSEN] agree. They are a private organization, and they should be allowed to do whatever they want, which means they must leave the 11,000 schools where they are officially owned and operated by the district itself. If you want to have the right to do what you want, because you are private, you cannot expect public money and public employees spending their time to administering your program. The fact is that our public schools cannot be in the business of running discriminatory programs. It is wrong. It undermines the very reason why we have schools, and it must not happen."

"...and if the Boy Scouts want to discriminate, they can discriminate on their own time and their own money."

"...so let the Boy Scouts hoist themselves upon their own petard. They say 'we're a private group we should be allowed to do whatever we want.' Fine. Do it on your own time and your own money. Get out of the schools."
And that's not all. In this clip found at The Lonely Conservative...

Jennings advocates indoctrinating kindergartners with the homosexual agenda.

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