Saturday, September 12, 2009

A "Little Green" Slander Of DC Tea Party Patriots

Charles "Icarus" Johnson's blog "Little Green Johnsons" jumped the shark for me months ago, when he thought the Obama Administration's DHS Report saying returning war vets and conservative activists was no big deal.
Jumping the Shark: Charles "Icarus" Johnson

In June, he barely mentioned the murder and wounding of two soldiers at an Arkansas recruiting center by a Muslim prison convert. Last week, the guy who coined the word "Troofer" tried to claim that Van Jones really wasn't one. I haven't even talked about how he seems to have a penchant of smearing several great bloggers, conservative websites, and fighters of Islamofascists as being neo-Nazis.

Now, today, "Icarus" is smearing those of us who attended the DC Rally today as "Birchers," in addition to a sign displayed at the rally which hurt his sensitivities. He might as well join CNN or ABC, because his blog has devolved from once being a great source of information.

I, for one, didn't run into any of the LaRouche kooks in my area (though we all know they're not right-wingers), and I didn't receive any propaganda from the Birchers. This might interest you, "Icarus," but one flyer I received even had you among other blogs as recommended sources. Yet you want to trash many of the people who've supported you over the last several years.

I guess if one really wanted to, anyone could say all professional & semi-pro rock, pop or jazz musicians as nothing but a bunch of dope-smoking, alcoholic, hippie Satan worshippers.

Don't tell me that the people who were here today, families with children, retirees, veterans, and many common folks who've lost jobs or businesses in the last seven months, are a bunch of "Birchers" or neo-Nazi extremists. But then again, I guess it's hard to understand people you don't really know, especially when you're busy plucking your banjo and riding your bike on Venice Beach.

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missiondweller said...

Ghandi once said,
"first they ignore you
then the mock you
then they fight you
then you win"

The opposition is changing from mocking us to fighting us. Pretty hard to ignore us anymore.