Friday, September 18, 2009

Fact Checking LGF's Charles "Icarus" Johnson's Lies Of 9/12 Metro Ridership

Charles "Icarus" Johnson of Little Green Johnsons has become one really paranoid individual. When he's not smearing other bloggers as neo-Nazis, white-supremacists or illiterates, he's pretending to see white hoods on people who showed up in Washington DC on 9/12, and that the other half who was there really didn't show up.

Here's his latest insane rant last night, attempting to debunk a theory about the size of last Saturday's rally.

"Icarus" was referring to a study done by the Heritage Foundation on Metro ridership to the rally.
For a fair comparison, we looked at the Saturday after Labor Day in 2008, which is when September 12 fell in 2009. On September 12, 2009, 437,624 rode metro rail. By comparison, on the Saturday after Labor Day in 2008, 202,528 rode. The difference is 235,096. Even if nobody else came to the March, and we know they did by chartered bus and by carpool, the theory that only 70,000 people were there is off by roughly 335% - debunking the 70,000 claim.

Here's the big problem with "Icarus'" claim that Metro ridership wasn't that big on Saturday and his 362,773 number from a year ago, September 12.

In 2008, September 12th fell on Friday, a work day.

Hertiage's numbers make more sense, because they are comparing, apples to apples (Saturday after Labor Day), while "Icarus" Johnson compares apples to oranges.

I'm going to add photos also of the ride to Federal Triangle. This one was while we were waiting for the train coming to West Falls Church from Vienna, the most Western stop on the Orange Line (and it's just one angle).I was told by one couple there that the Vienna Station's parking lot was completely full. Below is what it looked like on the Metro leaving the West Falls Church Station. This is what it looked like getting off at Federal Triangle, an hour & a half before the march was to start.

You see, "Icarus," there's a difference between you and other bloggers. Myself and so many others (if we're not working or are out of town) actually go and cover these events in person. We don't leave the work to someone else while we ride our bicycle or come up with cruddy guitar licks on our Les Pauls.

From my own experience, I've never seen a crowd as big as I did Saturday, and there were way more people than 60-70,000, as you're parroting from the Washington ComPost. I've counterprotested ANSWER rallies of up to 100,000 in San Francisco, "Icarus" and the numbers on 9/12 far exceeded that.

What do you have to compare the 9/12 crowd with? The night back in 1978 you were with George Duke, waving the "Dukey Stick" at Cowpie Arena, or playing London's Royal Flush Hall in 1984 with Al Jarreau?

But, hey, why let facts get in the way? Especially when you want to smear an entire movement, as well as people who once supported your website.


missiondweller said...

Perhaps Icarus would believe the Park Service in DC:

"..a spokesman for the National Park Service, Dan Bana, is quoted as saying "It is a record.... We believe it is the largest event held in Washington, D.C., ever."

F said...

Thanks for the fact checking

Icarus Anne Riley said...

History is such an interesting animal. I like people who fact check. I like people who attend events they try to report on (not to be confused with merely opining).
Blog posts are fun - they can live forever, and be discovered again and again for insights into the past.