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Aftermath Of Van Jones: Media Again Demonstrates Irrelevancy; Liberals More Outraged At His Departure Than 9/11 Trooferism & Support for Cop Killer

In looking around the Web at various blogs, websites, etc. on the aftermath of Van Jones' resignation as Obama's so-called "Green Jobs" czar, there are two thoughts which came to my mind.

First. The so-called "mainstream media" (or as they are referred to here; Obama's Lapdog Media) have shown once again how irrelevant they have become, with one notable exception being Jake Tapper of ABC News. Other than that, this story was another example of the power of the new media. The blogosphere (in particular, Gateway Pundit, who discovered the 9/11Troof letter), talk radio and Fox News (in particular, Glenn Beck) were the ones who broke this story and dug for the truth when the Obama Lapdog Media couldn't care less.

Until the dam broke and they couldn't ignore the story anymore. Then the attacks on the right blogosphere and Fox News began. Such as this one on NBC's Meet the Depressed.

Second and finally, what should be disturbing to Americans is the attitude of many in the political party in power, the Democrat Party. From the Obama Administration, there has not been outrage that a member of their Administration believed the previous administration allowed the mass murder of Americans to happen and support of a racist cop killer, in addition to his anti-police, anti-American, pro-Maoist communist attitudes.

In leaving, Van Jones (in true liberal fashion) played the victim. His liberal Democrat apologists picked up the mantra, as well as continued the attacks on the conservative blogs and Fox News.

From the Politico (via GP):

"As we've seen before, succumbing to these types of propaganda attacks from the right wing only emboldens the aggressors. This controversy will go away and they will trump up another one tomorrow,” said David Brock (Crock), founder and chairman of Media Matters for (Democrat) America, a group that has taken on conservative commentators (funded by George Soros). “No good comes from appeasing a lunatic bully like Glenn Beck."

"If Jones left under pressure from the Obama administration then we are in for a very long and painful four years,” said Melissa Harris Lacewell, a political science professor at Princeton University. “I would hate to think that Glenn Beck can simply shout down any member of the administration he chooses to target.”
"He was swift-boated," said Medea Benjamin, a co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink and a San Franciscan who has known Jones for 15 years (as well as a fellow 9/11Troofer, M.I.M.). She spoke to him recently and said he was "very conflicted" about whether to resign.
Fox News:
Former Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean said Sunday that the resignation of White House green jobs adviser Van Jones is a "loss for the country."

"...I think he was brought down," Dean told "FOX News Sunday," saying he just spoke to Jones. "I think it's a loss for the country."
Donna Brazile, a Democrat strategist, told CNN:
"All I know is if you made a controversial statement and you're liberal - you're labeled as a radical and that's wrong. Let me just say to conservatives there's nothing wrong with liberals."
Gee Donna, accusing whites of polluting black neighborhoods, defending a cop-killer, denying 9/11, all normal in your warped mind. If libs like you think none of the aforementioned is wrong, well, I don't want to be right.

The one which takes the cake belongs to David Sirota, who said the following on CNN (via Newsbusters).
Van Jones is a national hero for his work on green jobs. ...And what I think what's going on here is that the White House is listening to the right-wing's political terrorists, people like Glenn Beck, people like conservative activists who have targeted Van Jones because Van Jones is an African-American with a progressive movement background working on behalf of social justice.
Sirota takes the cake because his reaction illustrates the liberal penchant for their typical game of "play the race-card." Funny, but I never remember Glenn Beck, myself or any other blogger targeting Jones because of his skin color. Even the pathetic RINO David Frum called trooferism "a horrific lie." Bill Clinton, for that matter, showed more outrage than Sirota and most Democrats when confronted by these idiot troofers in 2007.

Why, because Brazile, Sirota, Howard Dean, David Crock, Susie Benjamin and other liberals see conservatives and Republicans, instead of al-Queda, as their real enemy. Sirota himself promoted fat boy Michael Moore's treasonous blood money fiction Farenheit 9/11, as well as writing this post when bin Laden's pre-2004 election tape appeared. The first paragraph of which read:

If President Bush wins re-election on Tuesday, it will clearly be because he and the Republican Party have dishonestly scared America into voting for them. It is a pathetic and disgusting strategy, especially when you consider that Republicans are now openly ecstatic about Osama bin Laden being alive.

Howard Dean himself said on a radio show in 2003, "The most interesting theory that I've heard so far – which is nothing more than a theory, it can't be proved – is that he (Bush) was warned ahead of time by the Saudis."

No wonder Democrats weren't offended by Jones' 9/11 trooferism, racism and cop-killer defense because it is a part of their ideology. Blame Bush for 9/11 and defend the criminal or terrorist against the police and soldier. It was seen on those ridiculous bumper stickers on cars which also carried the "Kerry/Edwards" stickers: "Defend America, Defeat Bush." Bush was the enemy, not Osama bin Laden. It's gotten worse since last year. Chances are, if one of these hateful Democrats working for Obama during the election came by your house trolling for votes, your spouse would have been accused of "sleeping with the enemy." I know of one conservative friend who had a liberal tell her, "at least the Ku Klux Klan is more honest than you are," just because she expressed a dissenting view on "That One."

We've seen this same type of rhetoric from liberals in the health-care debate, even going as far as the Organizing for America website calling for people to use 9/11 to make calls to fight the "right-wing terrorists" whom they described as "heirs of bin Laden."

In defending Jones and condemning Fox News, Beck and the right blogosphere, Dean, Brazile Sirota, Crock, et al further illustrated why I call the Democrat Party, "the Party of Treason" who put their lust for power over the best interests of the nation.

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