Monday, August 17, 2009

Outraged Obamabots Attack Whole Foods With Boycotts After CEO's OpEd Opposing Obamacare

Last Wednesday, the CEO of Whole Foods natural grocery store, John Mackey, wrote an oped in the Wall Street Journal in which he opposed Obamacare and offered some rational approaches to making health care insurance more affordable.
Because of his piece, a bunch of lockstep lefties who populate the Austin-based grocery chain are threatening to boycott the stores because Mackey dares to oppose Dear Leader (Fox News).
Calls to boycott Whole Foods Market are growing louder and more sophisticated following a Wall Street Journal opinion article by the company's chief executive, John Mackey, in which he criticized President Obama's health care plan and offered his own alternative.

Mackey's article first prompted individuals to threaten taking their business elsewhere. But now the Progressive Review, an online alternative publication, is calling for a formal boycott, and campaigns are popping up all over, including on Facebook, a popular online social networking site.

Protesters are hoping a boycott will cut into the success of Whole Foods, the 10th largest food and drug store in the U.S., which reported sales of $1.8 billion for the last quarter, a 2 percent increase from the previous quarter.

As of Saturday, the Whole Foods Internet forum had more than 4,000 postings. One commenter thanked Mackey for revealing his political views.

"While it was a horrible business move, it was a great courtesy," a commenter identified as boycottwf wrote. "Now, I know that my dollars spent at whole foods are going to fund your misguided conservative views."

The commenter added, "Until you publically apologize to the nation and pledge that you will provide better benefits to your employees, I will not spend another dime at your store."

Another commenter identified as Betrayed, who claims to have been a customer for nearly 20 years, said, "I was so shocked to read Mr. Mackey's horrible, horrible opinion in the WSJ. I hope this severely hurts his profits. His customer base is mostly liberal Democrats who will, like me, be horrified at what we have been supporting all this time."
Isn't this typical of Lefties? Once anyone gets out of lockstep with their socialism, you're immediately called a "conservative." And as far as benefits, Whole Foods pays 100 percent of the premiums for employees working over 30 hours (employees pay deductible). That's not bad.

In this national debate over health care, it seems to me that a CEO of one of those "evil corporations" (in the eyes of libs) may know more about healthcare than someone whose only experience in life has been, say, a community organizer.

Wonder if That One will join the boycott next time he buys arugula?


Nathaniel said...

If you go off the libtard reservation, be prepared for the Howler monkeys to throw poop at you through their cages. Pathetic.

libhom said...

I am hardly an "Obamabot," but I certainly am boycotting Whole Foods.