Saturday, July 04, 2009

More Deranged Liberal Democrat Attacks On Trig Palin

Vicious, hateful attacks on a little toddler suffering from Down Syndrome, just because he's the child of Sarah Palin, don't stop on the Fourth of July, and they're coming from the champions of womens rights and hate crimes laws: liberal Democrats.

Kristinn at FreeRepublic, who alerted readers to the Obama linked Huffington Post website's now redacted attack on Trig Palin, has found more attacks (screenshots below).
The liberal Talking Points Memo website, which is deemed a respectable political site by the mainstream media which regularly quotes from their articles, published an article last night that speculated Alaska Governor Sarah Palin resigned because "she wants to spread Down syndrome." Palin's infant son Trig was born last year with Down syndrome.

Amazingly, the article was published at 11:51 p.m., hours after the Huffington Post had issued an apology over a similarly themed article that the site pulled after it was highlighted by Free Republic.

The TPM article, entitled Possible Reasons for Sarah Palin's Resignation and Other Schadenfreude, was written by Wayne Francis, a self-described Democrat.

The article, which is meant to be humorous, takes a snide swipe at Palin and her son Trig in Francis' reason number four for her resignation:

4. She wants to spread Down syndrome. When, earlier today, Sarah expressed a desire for more "Trigs" in the world, I could not have agreed more, because Down syndrome is just too cute to be reserved for 1 in 800 births.

Another liberal website, Paliban Daily, published a piece by Chris Smith entitled, Sarah Palin’s Retarded Platform: More Trigs!, that mocked Palin and her son Trig in language eerily similar to the master race language of the Nazis:

That’s right. Palin is about to embark on a career of causing babies to be born retarded. Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, crack addiction, or a good old-fashioned kick to the pregnant tummy, it doesn’t matter to Palin. She wants the world to have more Trigs.

Other than fueling a greater need for social services, think how this could benefit Palin politically. She already tests well with the Retarded demographic, and also the Retarded Sympathizer demographic.

Imagine the world Palin is trying to create, in which instead of a superior race, Palin breeds a stupider race. 20 years from now, she’ll only be in her late 60s. She’ll be able to run for President on the Retard ticket . . . no doubt with full support of Retardeds, Retarded Sympathizers, and the Politically-Correct.

Next time around, when Palin is told “Your platform is completely retarded”, she will be able to say, “You betcha! That’s just what my constituents want!”

It's amazing what passes for respectable political dialogue among Democrats these days. Simply amazing.

Paliban Daily, which claims to be a "Christian" website, is now running the following, Poll: Should Paliban Daily Fire Charles Smith?

After his article caught attention and caused people to think we’re hate-mongering liberals at the Paliban Daily, Paliban Mom asked me to set up a poll to see what our readers think.

I can't believe for one minute that so-called Christians would think attacking a young toddler with Down Syndrome is something to joke about, even for the sake of "satire."

The DemoCrap Party, who are still slamming Palin for her "bizarre behavior" in resigning, will not apologize for these hateful attacks on a child, let alone the frivolous and false ethics claims, all based on lies.

Why? I guess attacking a woman and her children, something they'd never tolerate if it was Obama's family being the targets, is a great diversion from the miserable failures of the Obama Administration and liberal Congress.


Paliban Mom said...

Dear Marin Moron:

I have seen your vile lies about the Paliban Daily. You think that because one article by someone who has written all of four articles for us slams that idiot Palin -- Sarah, not Trig, if you bothered to read the article -- that we must all be "liberal hate-mongers". I suppose you never read a second article on the site; if you had, you'd see that our writers are Conservative Christians, and that we spend a lot more time on the unGodly things that YOUR Beloved Leader Obama (I've no doubt you're a closet Lefty) is up to than anything else, at present.

You might also have noticed that Mr. Smith writes satire, not serious articles.

Maybe if you got your head out of your purse for a moment and did just a tiny bit of research before flapping your ill-informed gums to the world (ok, the two people in the world who read your witless drivel), you'd KNOW that.

palibano said...

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