Tuesday, February 03, 2009

UCLA Group Begins The Obama Assault On Conservative Talk Radio

We knew this was going to happen sometime soon. Now, it looks like the Obamabots have found a back way to begin their assault on free speech.

Melanie Morgan posts this item from Brian Maloney of Radio Equalizer of UCLA activists who have begun a report they hope will influence the Obama FCC to silence dissenting voices of conservative talk radio.
Establishing a new front in the left's war on free speech in America, a group of fringe separatists associated with the University of California, Los Angeles have issued what they claim is a "groundbreaking" research report on "hate" in conservative talk radio.

Armed with their "case" against the medium, groups including the (partially taxpayer-funded) UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center and National Hispanic
Media Coalition
have begun a campaign to push Obama's FCC into holding sham hearings on conservative talk's future. So far, they've utilized lefty websites and newspapers for their campaign.

The battle coincides with other efforts by the Obamists, largely behind-the-scenes, to remove their Dear Leader's key media opposition without resorting to a controversial, high-profile Fairness Doctrine reinstatement (though some Democratic Party senators do favor that approach).

Funded in part by liberal donors including the Ford Foundation, the "Hate Speech on Commercial Talk Radio" study includes only conservative, populist and right-wing programs, which it improperly lumps into a single "conservative" category.

In what was chosen for monitoring, they've been strangely selective: major conservative talkers such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin are not included. Instead, "researchers" opted to cover top-rated KFI / Los Angeles afternoon drive mainstays John & Ken, plus syndicated hosts Michael Savage and Lou Dobbs (these two dopes are conservatives?).

The UCLA group cited one episode of the John & Ken show, stating crime due to the sanctuary city policy in San Francisco, "And this all under the Gavin Newsom policy in San Francisco of letting underage illegal alien criminals loose."

The lib researchers claimed this statement was based on untrue facts, even though Newsom abandoned the policy after murders committed by illegal aliens, and other city coddling of the criminal aliens exposed in news stories.

Maloney appropriately points out that these Obamabots at UCLA left out of their report the following instances of violent hate speech from Left-wing talk radio.

Liberal talk host Mike Malloy wished death upon Dana Perino and the Bush family, as well as the hanging of Matt Drudge, and the execution of any Republican and Democrat who voted with President Bush.

Randi Rhodes has twice called for the execution of President Bush and said Mitt Romney supporters would "go on a killing rampage" if John McCain was nominated.

Roseanne Barr called for riots during the DNC 2008 convention and went on a verbal rampage against African Americans who voted for Proposition 8 in California.

So get ready, because the liberal brownshirts are out to silence dissenters of "That One." These back door methods will be the tactics they employ, because it's too politically damaging for Congress to take it head on. This should be opposed not only because it is partisan and biased, but it will set a dangerous precedent, if successful.

And, if they can silence talk radio, how much longer will it be until the internet is monitored and conservative websites/blogs are verboten?

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