Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hearst May Close SF Chronicle

Going down the crapper (MarketWatch).
The Hearst Corp. said Tuesday that unless the San Francisco Chronicle can undertake "critical" cost cutting measures including job cuts within weeks, the company will be forced to sell or close the newspaper. Hearst said the Chronicle lost more than $50 million last year and added that, "this year's losses to date are worse." The Chronicle has had major losses each year since 2001, Hearst said.

If the notoriously Left-wing Comicle is closed, I can't help but say, "Good riddance!"

Or, they'll probably run to "Do Nothing" Nancy Pelosi and beg her for a bailout.


Dave D. said...

..The closure of the Chronicle would taste like.....a bite of filet.

DenisEugeneSullivan said...


I live in the SF area. Two years ago, I took out a subscription for $20. The next year, it was $40. This year, it was $102. Now there's a business plan you can believe in.

SF Chronicle, aka SF Comical.