Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get Ready For $4 And Above At The Pump Again: Offshore Oil Leases Cancelled By Obama Administration

Forget about energy independence, as well as economic recovery under the Obama Administration.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar not only shelved energy leases in areas of Utah, but today ended a policy made by the Bush Administration last year to allow for offshore drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts.

Remember, the Bush Administration acted after the price of gasoline rose to over $4 per gallon, no doubt affecting an already suffering economy. The Democrats, in an election year ploy, allowed the ban on offshore drilling to expire, after Nine Percent Nancy Pelosi decided it was more important to go on her book tour while Americans had to cancel or cut back on family vacations last summer.

The Democrats and the Obama Administration obviously put the desires of extremist tree huggers like Carl "We're Better Off Without Cheap Gas" Pope and the Sierra Club, who welcomed the nomination of Salazar who is proving to be an enemy of American energy independence.

"The Sierra Club is very pleased with the nomination of Ken Salazar to head the Interior Department," said Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club. "As a Westerner and a rancher, he understands the value of our public lands, parks, and wildlife and has been a vocal critic of the Bush Administration's reckless efforts to sell-off our public lands to Big Oil and other special interests. Senator Salazar has been a leader in protecting places like the Roan Plateau and he has stood up against the Bush's administration's dangerous rush to develop oil shale in Colorado and across the West."
So, when you're unemployed and have to pay $5 for gas this summer to look for two jobs, you can thank the Democrat Party as well as their tree-hugging puppet masters like Carl Pope who put their flat-earth policies against the economic well being of the American people, while forcing America to remain dependent on dictators and unstable parts of the world for energy.
Think about that next time you go to the polls.

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