Thursday, December 11, 2008

It Snows In College Station, Texas As California Plans $41 Billon Deficit To Combat Glo-Bull Warming

Brrrrrrrrrrr! It's freezing here in Virginia. We may have freezing rain and snow tomorrow morning here in the DC Metro Area.

And it's snowing where my sister and my brother-in-law live. They send this photo below.

No, they don't live South Dakota, or even Maine. This snowfall happened Wednesday in College Station, TX.

Snow is a rarity in Aggieland. According to Right Mind, a friend told them they hadn't seen this much snow in the 22 years they lived in the area. KBTX in Bryan/College Station says this is the first snow for many students attending Texas A&M.
Winter officially hit the Brazos Valley, and for some Texas A&M University students, it was an experience they'll never forget.

"The first time I've ever seen snow live, ever, ever," said Texas A&M student Karen Miranda.

Wednesday evening Miranda and a friend gave snowman-making a whirl, in College Station.

"Its amazing, I've been screaming the whole day. I've been dancing in the road the whole day," said Miranda.

Miranda was not the only college student in town who had never seen the white stuff in person.

"When I go to Colorado, and I don't go to Colorado, so I guess on television or on the internet," said Texas A&M student Erin-Elise Wilson.

While records show more cooler weather in many areas, as well as the rare snowfall in others, California has adopted the nation's most sweeping plan to combat "greenhouse gases," which are alleged to cause so-called glo-bull warming, according to this Associated(with Obama) Press.
The eight-member Air Resources Board unanimously approved the plan despite warnings it will put costly new burdens on businesses at a time when the economy is in extreme crisis, with California forecasting a staggering budget gap of $41.8 billion through mid-2010.

Republican (RINO) Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Schwarzenkennedy) said he believes the regulations will spur the state's economy and serve as a model for the rest of the country.

"When you look at today's depressed economy, green tech is one of the few bright spots out there, which is yet another reason we should move forward on our environmental goals," Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

The strategy relies on 31 new rules affecting all facets of life, including where people may build their homes and what materials they use to do it.

...Air regulators said the average Californian could see more fuel-efficient cars and plug-in hybrids on showroom floors; better public transportation; housing nearer to schools and businesses; and utility rebates to make their homes more energy-efficient.

But there will also be costs: Cars could become more expensive, and Californians can expect higher electric rates as utilities increase their use of renewable energy. Homes built with energy-efficient materials could also prove more costly, as could gasoline reformulated to release less carbon dioxide.

So what does this mean? Even a Texas Aggie is smart enough to figure this one out. A higher cost of living, more government control and less personal freedom for Californians. They will be told what cars to drive, how high (or low) to set their thermostats, among other things. The price of housing will go up, as "green housing" will become more expensive, placing the American dream of home ownership out of the reach of middle class Californians (like it isn't already). Businesses will not be able to do business in The Golden State, thus they will pack up and head East, taking potential tax dollars with them.

And for all their grand designs of plug in cars and "green" energy, where will the energy come to power them, if coal or even nuclear power is not used? Did you ever think of that, Arnold? What about all you tree-hugging Sierra Club members who hate "cheap gas?"

The only "warming" in California is caused by the hot air coming out of the RINOs and liberals there, who are owned by the environmental extremists. I'm already envisioning traffic in the next few years headed east on I-80 and I-10. Cars with trailers and vans headed out of California, that is.

Get ready for the exodus! Take it from me. Leaving Caleefornia is the best decision you'll ever make.

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