Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Welcome Back To 1979.....

...and the second term of Jimmy Carter.

That's what we will get under the administration of Barack Hussein Obama, only I fear it might be worse.

America lost last night. The media, as well as George Soro$, won. The only reason Obama got as far as he did was because of an adoring media who packaged this empty suit as a "healer" and ignored the glaring flaws, associations of ill repute and Marxist ideology sugarcoated as a "progressive" agenda. As a result, they lied to the American people by omission, the LA Times is a good example.

If you think I'm kidding, ask yourself, would any white candidate get away with belonging to a white-supremacist church, hanging out with unrepentant bombers, or referring to someone of another race as a "typical minority person?" That's what Barack Obama was allowed to get away with from an adoring media. Look at what the Washington ComPost did to George Allen over a word no one ever heard of before, "macaca."

It is also a reflection of the education system today, especially at the college level, who employ many radicals like Bill Ayers who propagandize to their students, instead of teaching independent thought. These pupils go into the fields education and journalism for the sole purpose of advocacy, to "change the world." Is it any wonder that American history is lost on today's students? Too many today probably think Samuel Adams is the name of a beer instead of one of our Founding Fathers.

If I don't seem charitable, gracious or magnanimous today, please excuse me. After the last eight years of Bush Derangement Syndrome, the assassination movies, books and jokes, not to mention the undermining and slandering by Obama and the Democrat of our military in the greatest fight since my grandparent's generation fought World War II, I'm not going to get on my knees and accept someone who has the potential to do some real damage to this nation. "Reaching across the aisle" is for RINOs and I'm not one of those. We saw with George W. Bush what a "new tone" and "reaching across the aisle" accomplished. Not a damn thing. What makes anyone think That One will, in any way, be as accommodating to conservatives as Bush was to liberals?

It's time for us to find new leaders who will promote and eloquently champion conservatism, not watered down "compassionate conservatism." Those who said the Republican Party needed to change were wrong. So were fair-weathered Republicans like Peggy Noonan Colin Powell and others, who proved that the only thing worse than a liberal elitist is a Republican elitist.

The fight begins today.

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