Monday, November 17, 2008

Unrepentant Terrorist Bill Ayers Hides From DC Freepers At Book Signing

Unrepentant Weather Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers came to Washington DC this evening to promote his book on race at an event sponsored by Busboys & Poets independent bookstore.

Freepers from the DC Chapter of FreeRepublic were there. Jonn from This Ain't Hell was there to cover it also (see for photos). Below is a video from TAH of highlights from the evening.

The appearance was moved from the bookstore to All Soul's Church at 1500 Harvard St., NW (which will now need gallons of Holy Water to purify the sanctuary after Ayer's appearance).

According to Jonn, Ayers didn't pass through the front door of the church, where the Freepers were. Instead, he snuck in the back door like a coward. His audience consisted of "about 100 mostly white, draft dodger types of the Vietnam era."

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