Friday, November 14, 2008

Proposition 8 Backlash in California: The Chilling of Free Political Speech

Do you notice how nice the Left wants to be, when they win elections (witness the 52 to 48 malarkey)?

But when they lose, there's hell to pay. That's where Proposition 8, the California amendment which defines marriage as between a man and a woman, passed. Supporters of gay marriage have, in knee-jerk fashion, labeled supporters of Prop 8 as bigots and haters. That is, when gay marriage supporters aren't engaging in religious bigotry against Catholics and Mormons, as well as yelling the racial slur "nigger" at black passers by.

But it not enough to throw a public temper tantrum. Now the Gay Gestapo (GG) is targeting supporters of Prop 8 who donated to the campaign for boycott. Not just businesses mind you, but individuals. Look at this website created by the GG, listing businesses and individual donors to Prop 8.

Already, Scott Eckern , who was artistic director at the California Musical Theater in Sacramento, stepped down after the Gay Gestapo demanded a boycott of the group. With one scalp in their hands, they goosestepped down to the El Coyote Restaurant in Hollywood, whose owner donated $100 to Prop 8.

Diana West (linked from Michelle Malkin) writes of how the owner of the restaurant, Marjorie Christoffersen, was forced to express regret for the crime of giving a monetary donation to a cause she believed in. As West observes, "Thought police are now political donation police."

Here's the kind of "tolerance" the Gay Gestapo practices, as Derek A. writes on a review of El Coyote for
I will NEVER step foot in this overrated dump again! Mormons are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. Organized reigion sucks!THIS IS EXACTLY how you fight back. These people had no idea this list was public record. This is a prime example of bigots saying one thing to someone's face and then doing the opposite in private. I have no sympathy for what happens in the fallout. Her INSANE meeting was further proof how bigoted and stupid this woman is. SORRY! But those are the cold hard facts, people need to be held responsible for their actions especially those that are done covertly

He then followed up with:
Had to Re-review this place due to this stupid Marjorie bitch donating money to prop 8 supporters. Mormons are the biggest hypocrites on the planet so this really pisses me off considering I have gone here 15 years or more. I hope your business TANKS! Margaret Cho was right, DONT FUCK WITH GAY PEOPLE. Hit this bitch in the pocketbook. Yes she has a right to think or donate money to what she wants but WE have a right not to go here anymore. Last time I checked half her staff is gay and so is her clientele. What a stupid, stupid thing to do. But as we all know Mormons are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Who's being the real bigot here, Derek A.?

If you read this blog and are anywhere near El Coyote, please go eat there and support Ms. Chirstoffersen. If I still lived in California I would do it myself.

If you or I cannot utter a political thought or opinion without the fear of some financial backlash, loss of employment or harm to our family, then you should be frightened, because we no longer live in a free nation. This is supposed to be the United States (and California is still a part of it), not Nazi Germany. Freedom of speech is not meant to apply to one point of view, but all sides.

For all their talk of "intolerance," the homosexual community is doing a great job of showing just how intolerant they are of anyone who dares to disagree with them.


Guano said...

Boycotting is free speech as well. You are free to vote against my rights, I am free to not spend money on your products.

I'm also free to tell my friends not to do so as well.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the restaurant, but a majority of it's customer's are gay. I understand why they feel angry and betrayed. I will continue to eat there, but if they lose the their gay clientelle I am afraid they will be forced to close. I do not understand why we were asked to donate and fight for prop 8 instead of prop 4 which allows teenagers to get an abotion withiut parental notification. This passed in California.

FogCityRob said...

Just as those who supported Proposition 8 sought to limit my individual rights, freedom and pursuit of happiness, I have the same right to interrupt their lives. I see it as an obligation to uncover those individuals and limit their ability to do harm to me and to the LBGT community in any legal method possible. If that means boycotting and destroying a business or interrupting their lives, then I can be as mean spirited as they are.