Friday, November 21, 2008

UPDATE WITH VIDEO: Moonbat Willacy County DA Comes Unhinged In Cheney Indictment Hearing

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Outgoing Democrat District Attorney of Willacy County Juan Angel Guerra came unhinged in a hearing held today in the indictments against Vice President Dick Cheney, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and others, according to USA Today.

A county prosecutor who brought indictments against Vice President Dick Cheney, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and others pounded his fist and shouted at the judge Friday about special treatment for high-profile defendants as a routine motions hearing descended into chaos.

Willacy County District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra, who is accusing the public officials of culpability in the alleged abuse of prisoners in a federal detention center, asked Presiding Judge Manuel Banales to recuse himself. Guerra has complained about Banales' handling of the case.

Attorneys for the vice president and other defendants leapt to their feet in objection, as Guerra pounded the table and accused Banales of giving the defendants special treatment in allowing motions to quash the indictments to be heard before the defendants were arraigned.

"Now all of a sudden there is urgency," Guerra shouted. "Eighteen months you kept me indicted through the election." The charges against Guerra were dropped last year. Guerra lost re-election in the March Democratic primary.

Banales called a recess to contact the chief justice of the state Supreme Court for suggestions on how to proceed, and ordered Guerra, who had slipped out once before in the hearing, to remain in the courthouse.

KGBT-TV, the CBS affiliate in Harlingen, TX, has raw footage here of Guerra speaking with reporters, which should show how off his rocker Guerra is. The text of the indictment is also here. Basically, there is no there, there. He's accusing Cheney, Gonzales, and Democrat State Senator Eddie Lucio of profiting off the private prison systems which abuse people. Why is owning stock in a company a crime? If that's the case, why doesn't Guerra indict every American who has stock in the Vanguard Group?

Come to think about it, and in addition to my musings the other night of covering the Willacy County/Raymondville area as a cub reporter, I seem to recall dealing with this asshat a few times. The arrogant mannerisms in the KGBT interview are a giveaway, and the DA's office was on my beat.

This indictment is a joke and is another testament to the abuse of power of out-of-control district attorneys. Judge Banales, if he hasn't already, should throw these indictments out and throw soon to be ousted DA Guerra into the funny farm.


UPDATE: The hearing to continue on Wednesday, after DA Guerra asked Judge Banales to recuse himself. Acting like a mix between Jim Garrison and Saddam Hussein, Guerra came unhinged and yesterday's hearing ground to a halt with his demand that Banales recuse himself (see at 4:30 in video).

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