Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is Virginia About To Become More Illegal Alien Friendly?

It appears liberal Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine is about to make Virginia the California of the East Coast, according to a Washington ComPost story linked at a great Prince William County blog, Black Velvet Bruce Li.
RICHMOND -- Virginia, known for some of the nation's toughest policies on illegal immigration, appears to be abandoning its hard-line approach as state officials consider proposals to help foreign-born residents assimilate, including increasing the number of English classes.

In the coming weeks, the Virginia Commission on Immigration will send Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) two dozen recommendations, most of which would help immigrants instead of penalizing them.

Those on both sides of the issue say interest in immigration has waned because of the growing economic crisis, a clearer understanding of the state's limitations on a largely federal issue and backlash at the voting booth.

....Recommendations include shortening the Medicaid residency requirements for certain qualified immigrants, offering in-state tuition to immigrants who meet specific criteria and creating an immigration assistance office.

Notice the key word left out of the ComPost article, ILLEGAL? BVBL also notes the commission recommends that things like allowing hospitals to keep tabs and fingerprint patients who do not pay their bills and providing proof of legal residence to be eligible for public assistance (all common sense methods) should NOT be done.

So what will be the end result? Look to California as your example what Virgina would look like. Lower class whites and blacks will have a harder time finding work in these tough economic times, because unscrupulous employers will want to pay slave wages to these illegals. The school systems will go downhill. Hospitals will go broke and crime will go up.

Example. After neighboring Prince William County got tough and decided to enforce immigration laws, their crime rate went down almost 19 percent. Where I live, Fairfax County, the crime rate went up 22 percent from the year before, thanks to liberals like Jihad Gerry Connolly (who was just given a promotion to House of Representatives by the voters after wrecking the county financially), who've made the county illegal alien friendly. Even during the first six months of this year, crime in Fairfax County was up 12 percent. Even in Herndon, where (like Prince William County) there are some elected officials who have the balls to stand up for enforcement of immigration law, there's still problems. I've heard stories of women being afraid to walk in areas of Elden Street due to the "loitering" on the sidewalk.

Virginia liberals and RINOs may think immigration is no longer an important issue, but wait until this new liberal experiment is enacted. Then, you will see voter outrage at the polls next year toward these California style "Progressives" for their aiding and abetting of illegal aliens.

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