Sunday, November 16, 2008

Forgetting 9/11 & Disrespecting The Victims: Arizona College Kids Make Twin Towers Halloween Costume

Do you need another example of how far down the memory hole 9/11 has become?

A website entitled The Dirty (linked from Gateway Pundit) posted the photo below taken at a University of Arizona Halloween party of an airplane crashing into one of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Notice also, the plastic figures of people falling from the "building."

"...when the girl was asked if she thought she would offend anyone she replied, “No, it’s cool, my aunt died on the 64th floor, and it was a conspiracy anyway.”

I'll bet you made your aunt proud, you dingbat!

Is it any wonder that jerks like these may have also voted for Obama, and been the key to his win?

Early reports are indicating that the youngest members of the country's electorate voted Tuesday in higher numbers than in the last presidential election — and they voted more Democratic. Youth turnout appears to be exceeding 2004 levels, which was itself a year with a big surge in voters ages 18 to 29.

...What’s more, young voters may prove to have been the key to Barack Obama's victory. Young voters preferred Obama over John McCain by 68 percent to 30 percent — the highest share of the youth vote obtained by any candidate since exit polls began reporting results by age in 1976, according to CIRCLE, a non-partisan organization that promotes research on the political engagement of Americans between ages 15 and 25.


Anonymous said...


My standard approach to situations and people like this is, "Did you let your parents know you were going to do this? No. Then, next time you see your parents, tell them I said they still have some work to do on you."

Anonymous said...

Your opinion that all youth are like this idiot, well - speaks volumes to your lack of judgement and ability to think. This woman is stupid - but is not reflective of the youth in our country.

And BTW, in case you haven't checked - its our youth fighting the wars over in the middle-east. There are a fair number of honorable, thoughtful, and decent people to turned out for this vote : youth and aged alike.

Its commentary like yours which stifles debate and real progress - you are just interested in judging and blaming. You just want to easily dissect this country in red and blue, young and old, stupid and smart. Life is not so easily broken down.

Moonage said...


I don't see where you get a generalization from what was posted. "Jerks like these" doesn't translate to all young people as you assert. According to the figures cited, 30% of the young voters voted against Obama. Who's to say the 68% that voted for Obama are the ones serving in battle zones when McCain walked in their shoes and didn't trash the wars they are fighting in. My guess, most of those were part of the 30%.

This girl is an idiot. When she grows up, she'll regret this one. Shock value's a riot when you're young. Not so much when you mature.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you would drag an anti-Obama thing into this. Because two teenagers made fun of the tragedy of 9/11, you don't know whether or not they voted for Obama. Even if they did, that does not mean that any Obama Supporters or Liberals disrespect 9/11 or tragedies.

wowwww... said...

These people are idiots.
Honestly, this isn't even funny. She's basically laughing at all thse people who died. I hope these two people, especially the girl, go to hell.

Laura said...

what the fuck. so many lose there lives why would they do that. i hope the girl gose 2 hell 2.

Anonymous said...

This photo really disgusts me. So many people on 911 lost their lives and these people making a costume, having a good old time and laughing. I don't care what age they are...its just real stupid. period. Not funny at all! Karma will surely come back to these individuals in a negative way.

Anonymous said...

you two people are idiots if you suffered these conditions in any of the two towers you wouldnt be laughing and making jokes then would you

freakin inmature wierdos

Anonymous said...

She is an idiot, Final. but dragging Obama into this makes you an idiot too. mabye you also still believe in fairy tales. Just because it goes slow, doesnt mean he is doing a bad job. He had to fix whatever that bush messed up. grow some brains.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

There are two things on this blog that almost angers me as much as this photo.

Firstly, this blogs politicization of an albeit deeply offensive act on the part of these two imbeciles has no relation whatsoever to the Democratic Party or any other party for that matter.

How do you know that these two Arizona college students are Democrats? Do you know them personally (I hope not for your sake!)?

To start making any assumption about their political persuasions (Do we even give them enough credit to think that they even vote?!) is not only extremely divisive but it is also offensive to the many Democrats in the armed forces that have fought for America since 9/11. My husband, though a registered Independent has fought in Iraq twice and Afghanistan once since 9/11 but did vote for Obama in the last election. Does that reduce him down to the level of these two people? For this, in my opinion, you represent yourself very poorly in your blog.

Secondarily, there ARE two people this photo. I hold no sway on the general consensus that this young woman is an insensitive, selfish, moron, but there is also a young man in the photo too. Is only she worth mentioning? Does he not deserve everyone's ire too?

It take two to tango people.

Anonymous said...

Nah, 'angry' is not the word, just saddened.

Anonymous said...

...Nah, not 'angry', just saddened.

Anonymous said...

Just saddened.

Frank Cipollone said...

you are not a good person at all that's not funny at all its insulting and STUPID how many people hate u now?

Frank Cipollone said...


Frank Cipollone said...


Frank Cipollone said...

o and go to hell to guy