Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dems Mad About Leak of Auntie Zeituni's Illegal Status; Silent Over Spying Into Joe the Plumber's Records & Nat'l Security Leaks

Now that the illegal alien status of Barack Obama's Auntie Zeituni has been revealed, Democrats are screaming foul.

John Conyers, the race-baiting, impeachment obsessed Democrat chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has fired off a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff complaining about the leak ( Conyers, partisan that he is, is also implying that the Bush Administration or someone in the McCain camp is responsible.

Now isn't that amazing? Where was John Conyers voice when Joe the Plumber's records were being searched by Ohio government officials in an effort to smear him? Remember, Joe the Plumber's only crime was asking Obama a legitimate question about his tax policies. In 24 hours, we knew more about Joe the Plumber's life than we did about Barack Obama's. Even the Daily Kos ran previous addresses and other information on Joe. The same happened to Sarah Palin, in the liberal effort to destroy her.

During all that, John Conyers and the Democrats were silent into this government intrusion into the lives of two (legal) Americans, using the leaks for political advantage.

Likewise, when National Security secrets in the War on Terror were leaked onto the pages of liberal newspapers like the New York Slimes, all these Democrats were silent and used these illegal leaks for political advantage. In Conyers' case, he used these leaks to bolster his (partisan)case for Bush's impeachment.

Of course, Obama (as he did with the racist Rev. Wright) is acting ignorant, saying he didn't know Auntie was here illegally. That's a bold faced lie. Auntie Zeituni attended Obama's Senate swearing in ceremony. Doesn't this just raise more questions into Obama?

Over at the pro-Hillary blog No Quarter, Larry Johnson and Co. are also asking some important questions about Auntie Zeituni.
How did she contribute a total of $260 to her nephew’s campaign in a series of small donations from her South Boston address if she is not a United States citizen?

Are many illegal immigrants and foreigners submitting small donations to the Obama campaign in order to avoid scrutiny by the FEC? (bingo!)

How does she qualify for public housing if she is not a United States citizen?

How is Obama to be trusted to reform the immigration system if his relatives are breaking immigration laws and living illegally in this country?

And why did the Senator not file a form I-130, a Petition for Alien Relative, on behalf of his aunt after her request for political asylum was rejected? As a United States Senator, he certainly could expedite the adjudication of such a petition.

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