Saturday, November 08, 2008

Calling John McCain: Go Public And Defend Palin From Smears

I have a message for John McCain, besides my condolences on the loss of the Presidential Election this past Tuesday: come out in front of the microphones and denounce both the vicious smears and innuendo against your running mate, Sarah Palin, as well as the "anonymous" sources inside your campaign who are leaking these smears to the press.

How many times in this campaign did you condemn people who supported you for daring to mention Obama's middle name (HUSSEIN), or running ads you didn't like, as some state Republican party groups did? So why can't you come forward and defend Gov. Palin? Because to be brutally honest, you wouldn't have come as close as you did in this election if it hadn't been for her.

Speaking for myself, I only planned to give you my vote as more of a vote against the Marxist, anti-Americanism of Obama than a vote for you. Sarah Palin changed that for myself and many others. Because she is the real deal, a strong, unapologetic, articulate conservative. She enthused the base and brought out voters who were planning to stay at home or vote third party. My parents in Texas were originally talking about sitting out the election, but voted for you after the addition of Palin to the ticket.

I liked her when I heard her name was being vetted for the veep spot. Then came the vicious, hateful smears from the lib blogs and that DNC mouthpiece Alan Colmes. The ideology of modern feminism was shown to be hypocrisy, as the same so-called "feminists" who stood by Bill Clinton attacked Palin on the basis of her politics only. Never mind that her addition to the McCain ticket was a victory for independent women who rose to the top of their professions on their own merits and balanced that with family responsibilities. But that didn't matter to the National Association of Gals (NAG, formerly known as NOW), who proved that modern feminism is only the promotion of abortion on demand and liberalism, masquerading under the banner of equality for women. Add to the mix also the Republican "elitists," who pointed to Palin as their reason for opposing McCain. Made me wonder that if Ronald Reagan were to appear on the scene today if these same elites would ridicule him as they did Palin. Never mind that many of them (Peggy Noonan and Colin Powell) owed their careers to Reagan.

That's when I (and many Americans) moved from liking Sarah Palin to admiring her, because in the onslaught of all this vitriol, attacks and intrusions into her personal life (and e-mail), she didn't whine, get thin skin or anything of the sort. Instead, she showed grace under pressure against this raging tide that would have made a lesser person withdraw, and she came back stronger.

The other day, she said something to the effect that she was sorry if she cost John McCain one vote. Gov. Palin, as far as I'm concerned, you have nothing to apologize for. Instead of making him lose votes, you brought him votes! The facts speak for themselves. Wherever she went, there were turn-away crowds. Her appearance on Saturday Night Live was highly rated. The vice-presidential debate attracted a high number of viewers also. Why? Because Sarah Palin is authentic, not some marketing concept packaged by slick spinmeisters. She might seem like an unsophisticated backwoods hick to the elites, but she resonates (as did Joe the Plumber) with middle and working Americans, who will vote for her when she eventually runs for the top job. I'll predict here that she will be the first female President of the United States someday, maybe as early as 2012.

The liberals smears were false and didn't destroy her and the RINO efforts to prevent her from leading the Republican Party and America into a greater future will fail. In fact, you RINO cowards who are smearing Sarah Palin in anonymity better watch out, because you will be the first ones we will steamroll over as we rebuild the party.

And John McCain, if you have any honor, you will defend Sarah Palin, after all she brought to your campaign.

If you'd like to, as well, Skye notes that Mike Miller at Flopping Aces is giving people a chance to "Say Thank You to Sarah" by leaving comments here.

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