Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blogging the Defending The American Dream Summit

Today, I went as an official blogger to the Defending the American Dream Summit at the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington, VA, held by Americans for Prosperity.

The summit started yesterday and included a rally on Capitol Hill and News Conference. A "Tribute to Ronald Reagan" Dinner was held in the evening. Speakers included former US Attorney General (under Reagan) Ed Meese, current Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, author Dinesh D'Souza and columnist George Will.

This morning, the General Session of the summit was held and featured speakers such as John Stossel from ABC's 20/20, Fred Barnes of Weekly Standard, as well as Steve Moore and John Fund of the Wall Street Journal.

Barnes began by telling the audience that the "election is not over. Sarah Palin knows this but someone should tell John McCain."

Why the race is not over, he said, is that the future in politics is not a straight line, and three weeks before any election is a "lifetime" in politics, that "anything can happen."

The thing to do now, Barnes said, is the "encourage John McCain to 'get tough'," which was met to great applause. "That's what he needs to do." Barnes also raised more cheers when he mentioned Gov. Sarah Palin, saying she has what Ronald Reagan had, "star power."

Steve Moore, of the Wall Street Journal, said it was time to confront any politician who took money from FannieMae and FreddieMac. He said he had confronted Maxine Waters, the socialist Democrat Congresswoman from South Central LA about her taking $15,000 in campaign money from Fannie & Freddie. Despite public records proving that face, Waters denied taking the money.

Moore also took on the fallacious promise of Barack (You can't say his middle name is "Hussein") Obama to cut taxes for 95% of all Americans. He noted that the richest one percent of Americans pay 39.8% of the taxes, with the top 50% of taxpayers paying 97% of taxes. Compare that to 35% who don't pay any taxes at all.

"How can Barack Obama cut 95% of Americans taxes when 35% don't pay any taxes at all?" Moore asked.

Moore also thanked AFP for taking on "the biggest scam" of the 21st century, glo-bull warming and led attendees into the chant, "No More Bailouts!"

John Fund, who is also the author of the recent book, "Stealing Elections," talked about vote fraud and, more specifically, how ACORN's history of vote fraud "has finally reached the lame-stream media."

Currently, ACORN is under investigation in 12 states for vote fraud. The investigations, Fund said, are conducted by both Republicans and Democrats in various states.

Fund noted that ACORN has several front groups, noting that the New Orleans office had 129 front organizations.

Barack Obama has had a relationship with ACORN since 1992, working with one of their front groups "Project Vote." He served as an attorney representing ACORN interests and his campaign paid $800,000 to a front group for "election services." Obama has said, "When I ran Project Vote, ACORN was in the middle of it."

Fund believes voter fraud is a serious impediment to Democracy.

We could be in danger of another Election Day turning in to Election Month (referencing 2000). This is not the time for doubt cast on an election due to voter fraud and voter intimidation. We must stand up for the civil right of a free and fair ballot."

Various state delegations broke for lunch with representatives from their states. Lunching with the Virginia Delegation, VA House of Delegates Speaker Bill Howell and Delegate Ben Cline praised AFP members in Virginia for taking a stand against the proposed tax increases of liberal Democrat Governor Tim Kaine, including a 50 cent sales tax on gas (when it was at $4.00 a gallon). Delegate Cline said AFP members who protested the tax hikes were the reason the governor's proposals were defeated.

Cline and Howell both said the Republican majority in the House of Delegate is what is holding the line in the fight against higher taxes in Virginia.

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, who is the Republican candidate to replace John Warner in the US Senate, reminded the Virginia members that without economic freedom, there is no real freedom. He also told the Virignians that he intends to win the race for the US Senate against the liberal former Governor Mark Warner.

Gilmore told me his campaign will be "as aggressive as we can be" in challenging comments made by Warner in which he attacked Christians, pro-lifers, homeschoolers and the NRA as being a "threat" to what it means to be American. Warner had denied making the remarks, but the Gilmore campaign released a tape of Warner making the damning statement.

Other sights from today.

Bloggers above at work in Bloggers Row, "liveblogging" the speeches.

Both sides of a sign from an attendee.

John Fund and Steven Moore share laugh during a book signing.

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