Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Van Halen Alumni Sammy Hagar Says "Hell Yes" To McCain Use of "Right Now"

When the Van Halen brothers issued their statement that John McCain's campaign didn't have permission to use the song "Right Now," I had a feeling that Sammy Hagar (who lives in Marin County, CA) wouldn't feel the same way.

And I was correct (Eddie Van Halen Reaches Out To Sammy Hagar Over The GOP's Use Of Their Song "Right Now")
"I got goosebumps from it — my fur went up," says the band’s ex-frontman, Sammy Hagar, who co-wrote and sang the song — and said he’d be "just as happy" if Obama played it. "I was honored that a potential president of the United States used those words in a positive sense, like, 'We gotta act now!' "

Hagar, who’s tight-lipped on his presidential endorsement ("I vote for the man, not the party," he says) heard that McCain used the tune via a deluge of phone calls. "I got calls from relatives, friends, doctors, lawyers… everyone thought it was so cool," he says. "Then I started getting excited. Those words are an old Zen philosophy — it’s totally cool that they’re timeless."

Even former bandmate Eddie Van Halen rang Hagar up."I got a message on my cell phone and it was Eddie’s voice," Hagar recalls. "He goes, 'Sam? This don’t sound like you. I got the wrong number.' And he hangs up! So I hit redial. He didn’t answer, but I left a message: 'Ed, it’s me. If you would like to talk about the 'Right Now' situation I'd love to speak to you about it.'"

The two never connected, which raises some lingering questions. "Why didn’t [Van Halen] say no when Pepsi Cola gave us a million dollars to use the song in a Pepsi Light commercial?" asks Hagar. "That’s when you say no. That isn’t the message of this song." But when a potential future president is using it to bring a message to the world, he says, "I’m going, 'Hell, yes!'"

Being in a field dominated by liberals (musicians), Hagar has to be tight lipped about his choice for President. Yet it's no secret that he has given money to Republican candidates, including George W. Bush. I'm sure he doesn't care who uses the song because he's a class act also, compared to Eddie and Alex Van Halen (that's what hanging with David Lee Roth does to you).

All I can say is when the next Van Halen record comes out or the next tour comes to town, I'm voting with my wallet and going to see Sammy Hagar instead!

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