Sunday, September 07, 2008

Proof Below: Obama Met With Terrorist Enabler & GOP Convention Disrupter Jodie Evans of Code Pinko

A YouTube video of a news report by WCCO Channel 4 in Minneapolis (posted at Melanie contains the photographic proof that Barack Hussein Obama met with Code Pinko co-founder and campaign bundler Jodie Evans.

Jodie Evans with Democrat candidate Barack Hussein Obama at unknown fundraiser, date unknown.

Jodie Evans attempting to disrupt the American Margaret Thatcher, Gov. Sarah Palin, this past Wednesday night.

The Obama campaign knows who she is also. She is listed among his top campaign bundlers, or when her name is entered into the "search" function.

So when will the mainstream media question Obama about this connection? When will Obama be forced to return this money and denounce Jodie Evans & Code Pinko?

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