Monday, September 29, 2008

House Rejects $700 Billion Bailout. Why Should We Pay For Lack of Accountability Anyway?

The House voted to defeat Socialism today, as the $700 billion dollar bailout bill was defeated by a vote of 228 No to 205 Yes.

Before and after the vote, Democrats couldn't wait to engage in partisanship. "Do Nothing" Nancy Pelosi may have doomed what appeared to be sure passage of this bill by engaging in a ultra-partisan rant against the "failed Bush economic policies." After the vote, Barney Frank couldn't wait to blame Republicans for the bill's failure.

What a load of crap! Ninety-four (94) Democrats voted against the bill. That's the story being ignored in the "blame the Conservative Republicans in the House" mantra.

And no, Nancy-Nine-Percent, it wasn't the "failed Bush economic policies" that caused this. It was your party, covering up for the excesses of the cronies who paid big time campaign hush money to Democrat politicians like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Barack Hussein Obama to obstruct any oversight into agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

What happened to the "most ethical House" you promised, Do Nothing Nancy? A load of crap, like this bill was! It shows why you will go down in history as the Worst Speaker of the House. And you have one hell of a nerve to accuse those of us who opposed this as being "unpatriotic." You, who along with your party, have advocated for American defeat in Iraq, who have slandered the American military time and again. All while telling us "don't question our patriotism," now you want to play this game? Just because most of the country was opposed to the implementation of socialism and destruction of the free market.

You want to see "unpatriotic?" Take a look in the mirror at the botoxed, bug-eyes looking back at you in the mirror of your Pacific Heights mansion, you miserable failure!

Lost in the partisan rancor is this fact--most Americans were opposed to this taxpayer funded boondoggle. I saw where only 25 percent of the public supported the bailout. And with good reason.

Why should I and every other taxpayer have to pay for the corruption of a few, when these problems could have been avoided had certain politicians not stood in the way of oversight into agencies like Fannie and Freddie? Furthermore, where is the accountability for those in Congress who allowed this to happen? Barney Frank (opposed oversight) and Chris Dodd (biggest recipient of campaign donations) are running the respective committees overseeing the bailout. Obama, their Presidential nominee, was the second biggest recipient of Fannie/Freddie campaign money who employed Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson as advisers. It's like the foxes guarding the hen house. There are no hearings, no subpoenas, with the threat of perjury, against those in Congress who stood in the way of any oversight of these agencies. Yet these phony-baloney Congresscritters will waste taxpayer money on partisan fishing expeditions against the Bush Administration. But when it comes to a financial mess they created, they're too busy covering their asses and expect you and I, the American taxpayer, to foot the bill in the process. They could give a damn less about what it costs us in lost tax dollars and the savings we've lost already in our investments.

The problem isn't with the market, nor capitalism. The problem resides in the lack of responsibility and accountability for those who took advantage of the system and the politicians who covered for them. This bailout, as written, would do nothing to solve the problem. It would have only encouraged more to act crooked, pay off the right politicians to get them off the hook and let the taxpayers pick up the pieces.

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TheBronze said...

Preach On brother!

You're 100% correct!

If we had a media that did it's job, instead of the bidding of the DemocRats, everyone would know this. Instead, the DemocRats have played the media like the dupes they are and most of America is none-the-wiser.