Sunday, August 31, 2008

Male Chauvinist Liberal Pig Alan Colmes' Low Blows on Sarah Palin's Marriage & Downs Syndrome Child (PROOF BELOW) UPDATE: Colmes Blames Conservatives

Guess who is one of the liberal male chauvinists attacking Sarah Palin, the Republican V.P. nominee?

Supposed nice guy Alan Colmes, the worst half of FOX News' Hannity and Colmes.

Colmes wrote the following on his blog, Alan Colmes' Liberaland:

In her speech in Dayton today, Gov. Sarah Palin announced that she and her husband are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, which means they were married on August 29, 1988.

On April 20, 1989 – less than eight months after they eloped – their first son, Track, was born.

I think I can guess the real reason why they eloped, and it wasn’t to save money on an expensive wedding.

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It gets even worse. Alan decided once he hit bottom, he needed to break out the shovels and dig. He even blames Palin for her youngest child having downs syndrome, claiming it was a product of Palin not taking proper pre-natal care. Someone at his website apparently has something God didn't bless Alan with, decency, and took the post down under the guise of "technical issues."

Here is the "disappeared" page from Alan's blog, courtesy of Wizbang.

I guess Alan has been feeling the pressure from the DailyKooks and to be more tough and mean-spirited, so he decided to join them in the politics of personal destruction, as perfected and practiced by liberals.

After a sleazeball comment like that on a classy woman like Sarah Palin, Alan should be lucky I'm not Sean Hannity.

Keep talking your sexist tripe, Alan and the rest of you libs! See what happens on Election Day when women are turned off by the sexism against Gov. Palin and vote in droves against that empty suit Obama.

UPDATE: Alan the Asshole responds, saying the post about Sarah Palin's down syndrome child was taken down because of conservatives!
"The post about Sarah Palin’s pre-natal care was taken down because of the vile comments made by a pletehora of conservatives who decided to invade the site and show us just how decent and value-driven some of them are. Nothing like epithet-hurling if you want to make your point, or if you have strong objections to what someone says or does. Furthermore, I in no way mean to suggest that her child’s Down Syndrome was in any way related to decisions she made. "
Oh bullshit, Alan! What was the title of your post, "Did Palin Take Proper Pre-Natal Care?" You didn't have to say the words "down syndrome" for anyone with half a brain to understood what the implication of your article was, being, she harmed her child. A simple apology would have worked. Instead, acting like a true liberal, you blame others (this time, conservatives) for your stupidity.

It's not just conservatives either, who are outraged (see HillaryClintonForum). Anyone with a sense of decency, regardless of political ideology, would be appalled at what you wrote, as well as how low in the gutter you and your liberal friends will go to attack this woman. I guess you're too busy trying to suck up to the Daily Kooks, Democrat Undeground and, (the same people who made fun of a tribute to 9/11 victim Barbara Olson).

One more thing, Alan. I don't need a lecture about "decency" and "values," least of all from a hateful liberal like you.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Former DNC Chair Jokes About Hurricane Gustav Possibly Hitting New Orleans, "Demonstrates God Is On Our Side"

Keep It Classy, Democrats!

Absentee at happened to be sitting near former Democrat National Committee National Chairman Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt on a flight from Denver to Charlotte N.C.

After hearing the two Democrat male chauvinists attack McCain's V.P. pick, Sarah Palin, this interesting conversation was picked up about Hurricane Gustav hitting New Orleans around the time of the Republican Convention.

"....the hurricane's gonna hit New Orleans around the time they (Republicans) start (laughs). The timing, as it appears now is it will be there by Monday. That just demonstrates God is on our side.

It's not just these two Democrats either, as lard ass crockumentarian Michael Moore told Keith "Droopy" Olberwuss that Hurricane Gustav "is proof there is a God in Heaven."

So Fat Boy and two major Democrats think the deaths and destruction on New Orleans from a hurricane is God's blessing to them? Why? So they can pull out the race card again to use against the Bush Administration and Republicans?

For a party whose mantra is "change" I have yet to see any. It's still the same old mean spirited politics of dividing Americans along lines of race, color, and class.

How about an apology, Don Fowler & Michael Moore? Here's their e-mails:

The silence from the liberal MSM is deafening!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Is McCain's Nominee: Two Thumbs Way Up!

John McCain selected Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his choice for a running mate against Barack Hussein Obama and Joe "Plugs" Biden and I couldn't be happier!

Palin and Mitt Romney were the two names I hoped McCain would pick for his veep nominee. I think she is a great pick because she is a staunch conservative, is an outsider to Washington and has a reputation of taking on corruption, even in her own party. She's attacked the ridiculous "Bridge to Nowhere" project of Alaska's Republican Sen. Ted Stevens and threatened to sue the Bush Administration over the ridiculous politically motivated plan to put the polar bear on the endangered species list, all a ploy used by radical treehuggers to stop any plans for drilling in ANWR.

Also, as Alaska's Governor, she can make the case on how drilling would bring jobs and economic opportunity to her state.

And, leave it to the liberals, the attacks are starting. Instead of being gracious, the Obama Campaign acted in arrogance not only towards a woman, but towards small-town America as Bookworm Room notes.
"Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement.

McCain's Campaign swung back with a great rebuke:
It is pretty audacious for the Obama campaign to say that Governor Palin is not qualified to be Vice President. She has a record of accomplishment that Senator Obama simply cannot match. Governor Palin has spent her time in office shaking up government in Alaska and actually achieving results — whether it’s taking on corruption, passing ethics reform or stopping wasteful spending and the ‘bridge to nowhere.’ Senator Obama has spent his time in office running for president.

Gov. Palin has something the Obamessiah doesn't have, executive experience. She's been governor of a state, as well as a mayor and co-owner of a company. When was the last time Obama ever had to make an executive decision or meet a payroll?

After the way Hillary Rotten Clinton was snubbed by the Obama campaign, this kind of snobbery won't go over well if The One wants the women's vote. I predict that the level of sexism and sexist attacks by liberals and Obama acolytes against Palin will hit gutter level. Don't think so? Look at the racist attacks towards Condoleezza Rice and Michael Steele as examples.

UPDATE: Not to be outdone in the arrogance department, "Do Nothing" Nancy Nine-Percent followed Obama with another classless Democrat swipe at McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate.
"John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin raises serious questions about his judgment. Why, when the country is fighting two wars, facing an uncertain economy and an energy crisis, did Senator McCain make the choice that he did?

Why, with so many other qualified women and men in his party, did John McCain choose Sarah Palin? Sarah Palin is not the right choice. She shares John McCain's commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade and continuing George Bush's failed economic policies."
On the other hand (and I never thought I would say this) Hillary Clinton was gracious and congratulated Palin.
“We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin's historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain. While their policies would take America in the wrong direction (sic), Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.”

Zombietime At Invesco Field, (aka The Obamacrpolis) Where Parking Cost $80

"Tonight, more Americans are out of work and more are working harder for less. More of you have lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet. More of you have cars you can't afford to drive, credit cards, bills you can't afford to pay, and tuition that's beyond your reach."

.....and parking prices you cannot afford in order to hear Barack Hussein Obama speak those exact words!

Zombie, on assignment in Denver, ascertained that, indeed, prime parking at for Obama's speech at Invesco Field was...$80 dollars. It was cheaper a little further out, $60 dollars.

Oh, the party of the little guy!

The Obama souvenir shirt from the speech. Is that the mothership beaming down onto the Obamessiah?

What Obama Democrats REALLY Think Of America? gives us an idea, as hand held versions of Old Glory at the Democrat National Convention were thrown in the trash!

So that's what Democrats really think of America and our flag?

And they tell us not to question their patriotism.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Mile-High Obasm Is Tonight

Right now, in Denver

"Sing, choirs of liberals
Sing in exultation
Sing all ye partisans of D - N - C
Come and behold me
In a Football stadium
Oh come let us adore me
Oh come let us adore me
Oh come let us adore me

Drudge has a link to ABC News with the speech up at their website. I'm not listening to it, because I have an allergic reaction to bovine excrement (it was hard enough to make it through the Hildebeast's speech the other night).

My comments in parenthesis or will follow:

"To Chairman Dean (YEEEEEAAAAAH) and my great friend Dick (Gitmo guards are Nazis) Durbin; and to all my fellow citizens of this great nation (G*d damn America, where white folks greed runs a world in need).

With profound gratitude and great humility, I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States."
Humility? A speech in a football stadium, with a backdrop looking like the top of Mt. Olympus? What kind of carbon footprint are you taking up?
"....That's why I stand here tonight. Because for two hundred and thirty two years, at each moment when that promise was in jeopardy, ordinary men and women – students and soldiers, farmers and teachers, nurses and janitors -- found the courage to keep it alive.

We meet at one of those defining moments – a moment when our nation is at war, our economy is in turmoil, and the American promise has been threatened once more."
Our nation is at war because we were attacked. We find out today that the economy grew by 3.3 percent, that's turmoil? It seems the American promise is threatened by those in your campaign, Senator, who would threaten dissenters with federal prosecution. Their only crime was speaking out about a relationship with a terrorist that you wish to hide from the American people.
"Tonight, more Americans are out of work and more are working harder for less. More of you have lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet. More of you have cars you can't afford to drive, credit card bills you can't afford to pay, and tuition that's beyond your reach.

These challenges are not all of government's making. But the failure to respond is a direct result of a broken politics in Washington and the failed policies of George W. Bush."
Here we go, the "Messiah who can unite us all" goes right into the liberal, "it's Bush's fault" rhetoric.

George W. Bush? Let's see. Four years of economic growth, no terrorist attacks on America since 9/11, al Queda on the run in Iraq and elsewhere because he had the courage not to turn tail and run.

Conversely, gas prices up over 50%, when did that start? After January 2007, thanks to the failed policies of the Democrat majority in Congress. This is the same Democrat Majority who left town on vacation, doing nothing to allow offshore drilling, while many working Americans could not afford a vacation.

The rest of his speech is really nothing. He wants to have a debate on who is ready to be commander in chief? Good! Let's have it, Senator. Let's hear from the soldiers themselves.

As the Soldiers where lined up to shake his hand, he blew them off and didn't say a word as he went into the conference room to meet the General. As he finished, the vehicles took him to the ClamShell (pretty much a big top tent that military personnel can play basketball or work out in with weights) so he could take his publicity pictures playing basketball. He again shunned the opportunity to talk to Soldiers to thank them for their service.

So really he was just here to make a showing for the Americans back home that he is their candidate for President. I think that if you are going to make an effort to come all the way over here you would thank those that are providing the freedom that they are providing for you.

I swear we got more thanks from the NBA Basketball Players or the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders than from one of the Senators, who wants to be the President of the United States . I just don't understand how anyone would want him to be our Commander-and-Chief. It was almost that he was scared to be around those that provide the freedom for him and our great country.

Another said, in part:

95% of base wanted nothing to do with him. I have met three troops who support him, and literally hundreds who regard him as a buffoon, a charlatan, a hindrance to their mission or a flat out enemy of progress. Even when the rumors were publicly admitted, almost no one left their duty sections to try to see him, unless they were officers whose presence was officially required.

Mister Obama's motorcade drove up from the flight line and entered the dining hall toward the end of lunch time. Diners were chased out and told to make other arrangements for food, in the middle of the duty day. (Make way for the Obamessiah, get out of the way! M.I.M.)

Don't forget the soldiers he blew off in Germany to go work out. Yeah, lets have the debate about who's ready to be Commander-in-Chief.

Hillary Clinton, for all I disagree with her on, is correct, all Obama has is a speech. He gives a great speech, but there's nothing concrete that he would do. It's all, goverment will give you this, we will provide you that. And don't forget the politics of division from this supposed "uniter." All I heard and read tonight was "America sucks because Bush has been President of eight years."

Oh, the speech must be over. I just heard in the background a huge Obasm on the TV. I'm sure the liberal MSM types are falling all over themselves. Apparently, Keith Olbermann, the limp one, was so excited reading this speech he wet his pants.

The Bill Ayers Ad Which Obama's Gestapo Doesn't Want You To See

From the American Issues Project, complete with links documenting the relationship between Obama and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers.

Just try and make me take this down!

Where there's smoke, there must be fire, because now the Obama Gestapo is after journalist Stanley Kurtz, as Michelle Malkin writes. Kurtz' appearance on Chicago radio station WGN (audio link) was not without an attempt to shut down the show. The producer of the show even said:

It’s interesting to see what lengths the Obama campaign is willing to reach to stifle dissenting voices. Kurtz said it best at the end of the show- If a respected conservative who writes for mainstream conservative publications like the Weekly Standard and National Review can’t speak his mind, then what dissenting opinion can be voiced? Did we see a preview of the fairness doctrine tonight?
Can anyone say Third Reich in America?

There's something there with this relationship between Obama & Ayers. If there wasn't, the Obama Campaign would not resort to these brownshirt tactics.

For a reminder of what Bill Ayers' Weather Underground did, look at this post by AliVeritas on

7 October 1969 – Bombing of Haymarket Police Statue in Chicago, apparently as a “kickoff” for the “Days of Rage” riots in the city October 8-11, 1969. The Weathermen later claim credit for the bombing in their book, “Prairie Fire.”

8 October-11, 1969 – The “Days of Rage” riots occur in Chicago in which 287 Weatherman members from throughout the country were arrested and a large amount of property damage was done.

6 December 1969 – Bombing of several Chicago Police cars parked in a precinct parking lot at 3600 North Halsted Street, Chicago. The WUO stated in their book “Prairie Fire” that they had did the explosion.

27 December-31, 1969 – Weathermen hold a “War Council” meeting in Flint, MI, where they finalize their plans to submerge into an underground status from which they plan to commit strategic acts of sabotage against the government. Thereafter they are called the “Weather Underground Organization” (WUO).

13 February 1970 - Bombing of several police vehicles of the Berkeley, California, Police Department .

16 February 1970 – Bombing of Golden Gate Park branch of the San Francisco Police Department, killing one officer and injuring a number of other policemen.

6 March 1970 – Bombing in the 13th Police District of the Detroit, Michigan. 34 sticks of dynamite are discovered. During February and early March, 1970, members of the WUO, led by Bill Ayers, are reported to be in Detroit, during that period, for the purpose of bombing a police facility.

6 March 1970 – “bomb factory” located in New York’s Greenwich Village accidentally explodes. WUO members die . The bomb was intended to be planted at a non-commissioned officer’s dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey. The bomb was packed with nails TO INFILICT MAXIMUM CASUALTIES UPON DETONATION.

30 March 1970 – Chicago Police discover a WUO “bomb factory” on Chicago’s north side. A subsequent discovery of a WUO “weapons cache” in a south side Chicago apartment several days later ends WUO activity in the city.

10 May 1970 – Bombing of The National Guard Association building in Washington, D.C..

21 May 1970 – The WUO under Bernardine Dohrn’s name releases its “Declaration of a State of War” communique.

6 June 1970 – The WUO sends a letter claiming credit for bombing of the San Francisco Hall of Justice; however, no explosion actually took place. Months later, workmen in this building located an unexploded device which had apparently been dormant for some time.

9 June 1970 - Bombing of The New York City Police Headquarters .

27 July 1970 - Bombing of The Presidio army base in San Francisco. [NYT, 7/27/70]

12 September 1970 – The WUO helps Dr. Timothy Leary, break out and escape from the California Men’s Colony prison.

8 October 1970 - Bombing of Marin County courthouse (San Rafael, CA). [NYT, 8/10/70]

10 October 1970 - Bombing of Queens traffic-court building . [NYT, 10/10/70, p. 12]
14 October 1970 - Bombing of The Harvard Center for International Affairs [NYT, 10/14/70, p. 30]

1 March 1971 - Bombing of The United States Capitol . “ [NYT, 3/2/71]

April, 1971 – abandoned WUO “bomb factory” discovered in San Francisco, California.

29 August, 1971 - Bombing of the Office of California Prisons . [LAT, 8/29/71]

17 September 1971 - Bombing of The New York Department of Corrections in Albany, NY [NYT, 9/18/71]

15 October 1971 - Bombing of William Bundy’s office in the MIT research center. [NYT, 10/16/71]

19 May 1972 - Bombing of The Pentagon . [NYT, 5/19/72]

18 May 1973 - Bombing of the 103rd Police Precinct in New York

28 September 1973 - Bombing of ITT headquarters in New York and Rome, Italy. [NYT, 9/28/73]

6 March 1974 - Bombing of the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare offices in San Francisco

31 May 1974 - Bombing of The Office of the California Attorney General.

17 June 1974 - Bombing of Gulf Oil’s Pittsburgh headquarters .

11 September 1974 – Bombing of Anaconda Corporation (part of the Rockefeller Corporation).

29 January 1975 - Bombing of the State Department in (AP. “State Department Rattled by Blast,” The Daily Times-News, January 29 1975, p.1)

16 June 1975 - Bombing of Banco de Ponce (a Puerto Rican bank) in New York.

September, 1975 – Bombing of the Kennecott Corporation.

October 20, 1981 - Brinks robbery in which several members of the Weather Underground stole over $1 million from a Brinks armored car near Nyack, New York. The robbers murdered 2 police officers and 1 Brinks guard. Several others were wounded.

1981 “Guilty as hell. Free as a bird. America is a great country,” Ayers said when interviewed by David Horowitz.

September 11, 2001 “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.” Ayers is quoted in NYT article
And the leader of this group is now a college professor in whose home Barack Hussein Obama began his political career. Why didn't Obama, when he started his career in politics, have any courage and say "no way, will I meet in the house of this terrorist, even if it costs me my political career?" Because that is the modern Democrat Party, a.k.a. The Party of Treason.
And why won't the liberal mainstream media report on this, as well as the Obama campaign's fascist tactics against those who would dare release this important information?

Would you like to ask Obama why he is friends with unrepentant Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayers? On the website for the radio show of Mark "The Great One" Levin is phone numbers to the Obama staffers:

Be Polite & Civil when you call

You can politely and civilly ask Obama staffers why he is friends with William Ayers.

Call: 866-675-2008 (Option 6) or 202-224-2854
And yes, I also stress, be polite and civil. Let's not act like liberals.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How Moonbats "Support The Troops" In Denver

They make posters entitled, "Crude Reality" (photo taken by Zombie, Bay Area Photojournalist extraordinnaire on assignment in Denver). Writing and posting photos on LGF and Pajamas Media, Zombie says:

This sign conveys in the most concise manner possible the Left’s self-negating thesis concerning the American military: our soldiers are crude, violent occupiers who fight wars to steal oil; AND they’re sad, pitiable victims who get their legs blown off fighting wars they don’t want to fight (notice the artificial legs), and that the way we can “support the troops” is to bring them all home permanently. I see this paradoxical and fundamentally illogical position promoted everywhere these days.

Hmmmm. Pink on the poster. Could this be the work of Code Pinko, whose co-founder Jodie Evans is an Obama bundler (and whom the Obamessiah has not denounced)?

The same Code Pinko terrorist enablers who rub elbows in Denver with Rep. Charlie Rangel?

Nancy Pelosi's Arrogance To Drilling Advocates: "Can We Drill Your Brains?"

Just when you think "Do Nothing" Nancy Pelosi's arrogance had hit bottom, she breaks out the shovels and starts digging and drilling for even lower approval ratings.

The Crypt at reports that she and House Majority Whip Stingy Hoyer of Maryland insulted regular citizens who were protesting high energy prices and advocating for domestic drilling.
Seeming to enjoy the back and forth, she followed with another question: “Can we drill your brains?” She went on to refer to the protesters, who continued to chant sporadically, as “handmaidens of Big Oil.” Arguing that increased offshore drilling would reduce gas prices by only a couple of pennies a decade from now, she referred to the demonstrators as the “2-cents-in-10-years-crowd.”

Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer swiped at the demonstrators, too, saying that “sophomoric chanting” won’t solve the energy crisis and that “all thinking Americans know”stressing the word "thinking" and looking at the crowd — that America doesn’t have a quarter of the word’s fossil fuels yet uses a quarter of the world’s energy.

So this is today's Democrat Speaker of the House? Insulting working Americans like some modern-day Marie Antoinette? I hope there's video of this. If so, the Republicans should use this in TV ads against this $25 million dollar (rhymes with rich) and her Democrat Party, showing them as out of touch elitists who want us all to "eat cake" while they scheme for more power.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Speaks At DNC Convention--Only Mentions Obama 10 Times, Race Card Played?

10:45 p.m. EDT, Hillary arrives to overwhelming ovation. Entry music: Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down."


"I'm here as a proud mother, as a (pause) proud Democrat, a proud American and a proud supporter of Barack Obama"

That did not sound enthusiastic. She sounds prouder to be an American than a supporter of the Obamessiah.

Michelle Obama isn't grinning.

10:54 p.m. So far, the speech has been more about Hillary than Obama. Hillary sounds like she's still running. On and on and on.

11:04 p.m. - I've heard more about Bill and Hillary than I have about Barack Obama. The Bush / McCain bashing just ended. High gas prices? Hey Hillary? Who hauled ass out of town while gas prices were high? Democrats.

11:08 p.m. - Speech over. No God Bless America from Hillary. I heard Hillary refer to herself and Bill more than she did Obama.

Hillary quoted Harriet Tubman (Underground Railroad):

“If you hear the dogs, keep going.
If you see the torches in the woods, keep going.
If they’re shouting after you, keep going.
Don’t ever stop. Keep going.
If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.”

Was Hillary playing the race card?

ABC News Radio was going crazy saying she "accomplished the unity theme." The MSM types will claim that. I didn't hear that. It was more lip service than any real show of support to Obama.

Apparently, Bill Kriston said Obama was mentioned by the Hildebeast only 10 times and it was a minimal endorsement. To me, she seemed to list Joe Biden's assets (in her eyes) than Obama.

Obama's Thuggery Continues: Now Goes After GOP Donor For Ayers Ad

Now it's not just the American Issues Project who've been threatened by the Obama Campaign, via a letter to the Justice Department.

It is also Dallas, TX billionaire Harold Simmons, as reported by
"We reiterate our request that the Department of Justice fulfill its commitment to take prompt action to investigate and to prosecute the American Issues Project (AIP), and we further request that the Department of Justice investigate and prosecute Howard (sic) Simmons for a knowing and willful violation of the individual aggregate contribution limits."

Interesting that the campaign cannot get his name right, as well as the facts straight. Funny also how they have such a problem with this ad, but, as Michelle Malkin writes, the Obama campaign hid $800,000 in ACORN payments.

AIP released the following statement:
"Having failed in its attempts to get our legal, factual and fully-supported ad off the air, Barack Obama's campaign now wants to put our donors in prison for exercising their right to free speech," said Ed Martin, the group's president. "These over-the-top bullying tactics are reminiscent of the kind of censorship one would see in a Stalinist dictatorship, with the only difference being that those guys generally had to wait until they were in power to throw people who disagreed with them into jail."

Power Line blog has a great observation.
"...if Obama is elected President, will he appoint an Attorney General who will carry out politically-motivated prosecutions like the one he is now demanding? I suppose we can't know for sure, but why wouldn't he? If he demands criminal prosecution of free speech that opposes his political interests when he's a candidate, why wouldn't he order it as President?"

Notice too, how all the groups who went around calling George W. Bush the second coming of Adolf Hitler support a candidate (Obama) who is using tactics out of the Third Reich to silence political opponents? I wouldn't have any doubt that politically-motivated prosecutions would be pursued by an Obama appointed Attorney General, but the IRS would be used against political opponents in ways Bill Clinton never dreamed.

That's the change Barack Hussein Obama would bring to America. Change for the worst.

Another Slam Against Obama By Bill Clinton? is reporting that former (impeached) President Bill Clinton made a comment interpreted by some as undercutting Barack Hussein Obama, the Democrat nominee.
The former president, speaking in Denver, posed a hypothetical question in which he seemed to suggest that that the Democratic Party was making a mistake in choosing Obama as its presidential nominee.

He said: "Suppose for example you're a voter. And you've got candidate X and candidate Y. Candidate X agrees with you on everything, but you don't think that person can deliver on anything. Candidate Y disagrees with you on half the issues, but you believe that on the other half, the candidate will be able to deliver. For whom would you vote?"

Then, perhaps mindful of how his off-the-cuff remarks might be taken, Clinton added after a pause: "This has nothing to do with what's going on now."

Nothing to do with what's going on now? Right! And you did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Obama may be the nominee, but any endorsement by both Clintons is as phony as Michelle Obama saying last night that she "loves this country."

Monday, August 25, 2008

UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED - 9/11 Troofer Alex Jones & Goons Go After Michelle Malkin At Convention, Yell "Kill Malkin"

UPDATE 9:45 P.M. EDT - Found a video of the incident on YouTube

Jones, the belligerent loudmouth who is five cans short of a six pack, went over to Michelle to clearly start trouble. Jones' goons, wearing what look like "We Are Change" T-shirts, yell "Kill Michelle Malkin." Remember that last April a We Are Change member attacked a paralized young woman outside a booksigning with Laura and Jenna Bush.

Stalking and terroristic threats by Alex Jones. Great video to use against him in a court of law.

Nutball 9/11 Troofer Alex Jones, who got his start at loserdom as a host on ACTV (Austin TX Public Television), went after fellow blogger Michelle Malkin outside the Democrat Convention in Denver, CO today.

Photo above from Gateway Pundit. Michelle writes:
"... 9/11 nutball Alex Jones started barking at me and attempting to make a scene and incite a riot. I should have brought my spit shield. Ick. Jim Hoft was there, along with my friends from Pajamas Media, and provided volunteer bodyguard services (thanks, guys).

Video of that coming for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned."

Sights In Denver: Pro-Saddam Poster, Soros Group Shows Snuff Films Of US Soldiers

So many great bloggers are in Denver to bring us the news the liberal MSM won't tell us.

Zombie is there with camera in hand to document the moonbats outside the Democrat Convention for LGF and Pajamas Media. Below is a banner under which speakers like the Drugstore Indian Ward Churchill, Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan and (now a Marin County CA resident) Cynthia McKinney spoke under.

Zombie says the banner:

"... purports to merely make a case for moral equivalence (bad enough), but which is actually pretty obviously anti-US and pro-Saddam."
Speaking of more anti-Americanism, liberal billionaire and Democrat sugar daddy George Soro$ is funding this bus from Americans United for Change about the Bush Legacy (Gateway Pundit / Founding Bloggers). One of the films shown on the bus is a snuff video on US Soldiers.

Remember the Democrats used the same video in an ad against McCain.

And they wonder why we question their patriotism.

Obama Campaign Threatening TV Stations Who Air "Weathermen" Ad

Preview of coming attractions. What kind of change does an Obama Administration have in mind?

Bank on him taking away the First Amendment rights of people and groups who attempt tell the truth about the Obamessiah. His campaign is doing that right now over the ad below describing his relationship with anti-American Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers.

Kristinn Taylor writes at FreeRepublic that:

The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee in waiting Barack Obama is threatening TV stations that dare to run a controversial ad that questions Obama's friendship with unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

Politico quotes an Obama aide as saying this afternoon, "The Obama campaign plans to punish the stations that air the ad financially, organizing his supporters to target the stations that air it and their advertisers." (copies of letters to stations and to Justice Department here)

...The Obama campaign is unleashing an unprecedented attack against First Amendment rights personally directed by a leading presidential candidate. Should he become president and actually have the power to carry out these threats, the Nation will be pushed to a perilous precipice.
Democrats are fond of using fascist tactics to silence information that threatens them. They threatened ABC back in 1996 over The Path to 9/11 miniseries. All the while they remind us about the importance of "dissent" in a free society.

First, what in the ad is not true? Obama willfully went to this unrepentant terrorist's house to begin his political career and appeared with him at other times. If Obama was a savvy politician, he would have steered clear of such an extreme individual. Instead, bonds were formed with America haters like Ayers, the Racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright and others who are linked to Palestinian groups. The Obama campaign has avoided talking about or giving the money back donated from bundler Jodie Evans of Code Pinko.

Obama's website whitewashes Ayers' past, painting him as "mainstream" and "respectable."

The fact that Obama's campaign is threatening stations and writing the Justice Department shows not just that these allegations are true, but they want to avoid the issue. The fact they will resort to Gestapo tactics to silence critics shows also the threat to our free society an Obama Presidency would bring.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Obamessiah Moves The Waves & Wears Halos--Perfect Photo Opportunities Taken By An Adoring Media?

In today's Washington ComPost, the photo below took up almost the entire page as part of the feature entitled, "How Hawaii Shaped Him"

The caption read:

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., throws a lei at the point where he scattered his mother's ashes in Honolulu, Hawaii, Thursday, Aug. 14, 2008. Sen. Obama is in Hawaii for a vacation.

If it were my relative, I think I'd want a little privacy for such an intimate moment. To me, this photo strikes me as it did the Clintons dancing on the beach before Monica broke or, the rocks on the beach at Normandy in 1994. It's too perfect a photo, like the many "halo" photos taken of Obama at rallies.

I can't help but picture......

Apologies to the late Charlton Heston.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Says Joe Biden "Ready To Step In And Be President" (?)

Say that again, Barack? Is this an admission from your lips that you are not qualified to be the President?
Biden calls Obama, "Barack America" and did what he did best, bloviate.

Ron Fournier writes that Obama's choice of Biden makes him look weak.

Hillary is dissed by not even being vetted for the VP spot and the Biden announcement came around 3 a.m. (a swipe at her 3 a.m. ad?) this morning. You can bet Bill and Hillary are mad as Hell over this one.

Denver is going to be pretty interesting this week. I'm stocking up on the chips and Pace Picante Sauce!

Obama's VP Choice Joe Biden In Oct 2001: "We're (America's Military) This High-Tech Bully"--Senate's Walking Gaffe Maker

Welcome Hugh Hewitt Readers!

(BUMPING TO TOP FROM TUESDAY) Obama picks Biden as of this morning, Saturday 7:25 a.m. EDT

The buzz today, at least from Howard Fineman and others is that Delaware Senator Joe Biden is the leading choice for Barack Obama's running mate due to his "foreign policy background."

What background? Biden's history as an appeaser?

As our military was waging a battle against al-Queda and the Taliban in October 2001, Joe Biden told the Council on Foreign Relations he hoped the US air campaign wouldn't last much longer as it:

"plays into every stereotypical criticism of us is we're this high-tech bully that thinks from the air we can do whatever we want to do, and it builds the case for those who want to make the case against us that all we're doing is indiscriminately bombing innocents, which is not the truth. How much longer does the bombing continue? Because we're going to pay every single hour, every single day it continues, we're going to pay an escalating price in the Muslim world."
A little over one month after the worst attack on American soil and this pantywaist is more worried about what our enemies think of us than making sure they never have the ability to launch attacks on this nation again. It's a good thing Joe Biden wasn't around in April 1942. He'd probably call Jimmy Doolittle a "bully" for leading the first air raid against Japan, fearing the daring raid would inflame Imperial Japan even more. Tokyo Rose would have had an on-air companion.

Want more of Joe Biden, another in a long line of blame America first Democrats. Here he is on CSPAN in April of this year, saying we have "no credibility." Biden doesn't want to get tough with our enemies, but he sure does with the President, telling one voter how he'll shove a threatened veto "down his (the President's) throat." Finally, Biden takes profane exception with President Bush's (accurate) statement about those who appeased Hitler, while never once mentioning Obama or anyone else.

When he's not acting like a profane bully or a loudmouth, Biden does his best to show himself off as a genuine dumb ass. Here, Chris Wallace of FOX News Sunday asks him what he has in common with Southern voters.

Biden's answer? My state was a slave state. That's his way of warming up to the Southern voters he and other liberal Northeastern elitists look down upon as "hicks" and "rednecks."

Below, he tells a citizen about what to expect if you enter a 7/11 or Dunkin Donuts in Delaware

That's right up there with Biden's comments about his possible partner in the 08 race?
"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man."

A walking gaffe machine and someone who takes potshots against the military in a time of war (I didn't mention the plagiarism incident).

If that's change America can believe in, I say once again, "keep the change!"

Obama VP Pick Made....Still Waiting For the Email

As we all know now, Barack Hussein Obama made his VP choice, Joe Biden.

I first found out reading Yahoo news this morning as I was going to check my Yahoo e-mail. What did I receive? No VP choice e-mail, but I did receive this e-mail from Camp Obama.
As of 8:30 this morning, still no e-mail. So much for being the first to know!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama's VP Choice????? Tomorrow Is To Be The Day

According to The Drudge Report, Evan Bayh (who was rumored to be the nominee) and my worthless Governor Tim Kaine were told they aren't the choice.

And Her Heinous, the Hildebeast, wasn't even vetted. Don't ya think that's not only going to piss off the Hillary supporters and PUMAs, but also Don Clinteone?

Word is the message will be sent out tomorrow, before a joint appearance in Springfield, Illinois.

Springfield, huh? Could the man pictured below possibly be the Obamessiah's choice?

"Do Nothing" Nancy Pelosi Ordered Poster Honoring Fallen Troops Be Taken Down In House Offices

"Do Nothing" Nancy Pelosi has done something else which shows her to be nothing but a deplorable person.

She had a poster showing the fallen soldiers from Camp Lejune taken from the wall outside the corridor of Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) office.

Bruce Fein, writing at The San Francisco Chronicle, picks up the story.
It was altogether fitting that Jones saluted the fallen soldiers on congressional premises. Congress authorized the wars that occasioned their tragic deaths. Congress appropriated the money that dispatched them to mortal danger. The posters communicated to congressional visitors that war is a combination of heroism and hell. Voters would leave with more informed judgments about the costs of the twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There was no tension between Jones' wall poster and the ordinary use of the House Rayburn Office Building to host direct communications between Members of the House and the public. On one occasion, for instance, a mother from Minnesota entered Jones' office with tears in her eyes to thank him for displaying the picture of her son who had been killed while serving the nation.

Speaker Pelosi apparently took umbrage. Under federal law, she is empowered to issue and enforce rules and regulations governing the use of the House office buildings. A 1999 rule prohibits "displaying any flag, banner, or device designed or adapted to bring into public notice any person, party, organization or movement..."

....On Aug. 2, the architect of the Capitol removed Jones' name and picture poster from the Rayburn Office Building wall. Borrowing a page from Humpty Dumpty in "Through the Looking Glass," the removal notice insisted that the poster violated the hallway policy, although it was neither a flag nor a stored item within a hallway. The architect also hinted that the wall poster constituted a "flag, banner, or device" prohibited by the 1999 rule, although no one associates any of those nouns with a wall poster.

Is this bug-eyed witch out of her mind? Does she hate this Commander in Chief so much that she is willing to insult the memory of our fallen heroes and their families by ousting their names from public display? Apparently, she does and she has gone too far this time.

Here's her contact information. Feel free to call or e-mail Nancy Nine-Percent and tell her to apologize to Rep. Jones and the families of these fallen heroes and to allow this poster to remain outside his office.

E-mail: or

Phone (and don't let them put you through to voice mail):
San Francisco (415) 556-4862
Washington DC (202) 225-4965

Pelosi's actions show once again how the Democrat Party does not support our troops and how they should be voted out of the majority this fall.

And yes, Nancy, I DO question your patriotism, though it's hard to do since you obviously have none!

Phony Soldier Beauchamp Back In The News

Scott Beauchamp, the "Baghdad Diarist" whose stories of war atrocities were proven to be fake, is back in the news, courtesy of something called Radar Magazine.

Bob Owens, also at Confederate Yankee, wrote the following at Pajamas Media.
In “Notes on a Scandal,” (Spencer) Ackerman interviews Scott Beauchamp and Elspeth Reeve — and no one else — and shockingly comes to the conclusion that the magazine that fired Ackerman for his anti-war views was wrong to pull its support for a series of articles (”Shock Troops” was just one of three Beauchamp stories) that reinforced those views.

How did Ackerman conduct this investigation? He hung out with Beauchamp and Reeve at a bar and later communicated with them via email. What he did not do is present any evidence to support the contention that Beauchamp’s claims are true, or that Franklin Foer was wrong to pull support for stories that still lack on-the-record evidence of any kind.

On the first page of “Notes on a Scandal,” Ackerman attacks Michael Goldfarb, a McCain campaign blogger formerly of the Weekly Standard, for posting a claim that Beauchamp signed a sworn statement conceding that the events written about in “Shock Troops” were falsified. This was an error, as Beauchamp, to this day, has never recanted “Shock Troops.”

What his statements did prove is that Scott Beauchamp is either great at parsing language — or he lied.

Another misfit and phony soldier ready for IVAW membership? They'll need someone to lift them from the gutter pages of Hustler.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why Is It That Liberals Who Decry Wealth Are Filthy Rich Themselves?

It's a question I've thought of tonight, hearing and reading about the latest attack on John McCain by Barack Hussein Obama.

Apparently, because McCain and his wife have seven houses (some of which are income properties), McCain is too "out of touch" and "too rich" to be President.

Coming of course from a guy (Obama) who lives in a million dollar plus mansion, which imprisoned Tony Rezko helped him buy. The same Obama who earned millions last year on his books. The same Obama who took a vacation to a private beach in Hawaii and at a "billionaires row" in the U.S. Virgin Islands this past March.

Look at the other liberals. "Do Nothing" Nancy Pelosi and her husband live in a posh home in San Francisco and own a Napa Valley winery where union help is not hired. Bill & Hillary Clinton have raked in millions of dollars, something Bill keeps reminding us of in his speeches. The Democrat Left Wing apparatus is funded by the green lifeline of George Soro$ billions.

Then look at some of the most "progressive" (socialist) areas. Marin County, for example, exclusively liberal and ultra wealthy. Median home price is over $900,000. There's liberal Hollywood. It's the same in many of the wealthiest areas in the Northeast (Manhattan, Amherst); ultra liberal, heavily Democrat.

Personally, I could care less if Barack Obama, the Clintons, John McCain, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush or Dick Cheney are rich or not. They earned it, God Bless them. The same goes for Rush Limbaugh. I know liberals who had a cow when they heard he was going to earn over $400 million for the next however many years. Rush has earned every penny of that money, even the amount the government will confiscate in taxes.

What I have a problem with are these wealthy liberals who attack people legitimately making money and wealth by running a business (oil, etc) as if it is some crime. These are the same people who attack conservatives and Republicans as "for the rich" and also call those of us working Americans who want to keep more of what we earn "selfish." These liberals are not only the ones being selfish, they're outright hypocritical.

Why is it then, that when liberals raise taxes on "the rich," it is always the lower and middle classes who pay out the nose? Could it be that so many of these wealthy liberals put most of their wealth in tax shelters? How about when they tax businesses (like evil "Big Oil") to death? Who pays? You and I do, at the pump or at the store.

No, liberals don't have a problem with wealth. They just don't want you or I to become wealthy.

All Quiet At Berkeley Recruiting Station--Code Pinkos, et al MoveOn

Remember the Holy hell the Code Pinko terrorist enablers (along with the Revolutionary Communist Party front group World Can't Wait) were raising about the US Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Berkeley, CA?

It started almost a year ago and was the sight of many dueling protests between troop supporters and the aforementioned far-Left loons.

Here's the Marine Corps Recruiting Station today, per
Looks like Code Pinko and WCW have "Move(d)On!"
Score a huge win for the good guys and gals!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama In 1995 on Rev. Wright "The Best of what the Black Church Has To Offer"

Amanda Carpenter at references a video found by the American Spectator of Barack Obama in 1995, after the publication of his book, Dreams From My Father.

At around 2:40, Obama says the following:

"Wright, who is my pastor, and he is a wonderful man…He's a pastor of a large congregation in Chicago, and one of the interesting things that I discover in my journey to discover what my identity is and who my father is, is also discovering my own faith, which is not necessarily a traditional faith. I don’t come out of an institutionalized religious setting, but what becomes important to me as I work with churches in the South Side of Chicago and low income neighborhoods is to realize that all of the stories and songs of the Church, the hope that is embodied in the Church, the sense of liberation that is embodied in the historically African American Church, is really something that moves me deeply, and I think is probably the main pillar around which a lot of inner city communities are going to be built, and Rev. Wright, my pastor who I speak about in the chapter in the book, I think represents the best of what the black Church has to offer."

Of course, that was years before "G*d Damn America" Wright was thrown under the bus by Obama for political expediency.

Herndon VA Proposals To Crack Down On Illegal Immigration "Going Too Far," Local Rag Complains

The Fairfax County Times, a free "newspaper" you can pick up around Fairfax County, calls proposals made by the Town of Herndon, VA recently to combat illegal immigration as "Going Too Far."

Some of the proposals include confiscating bicycles chained to trees, getting rid of pay phones in some areas, as well as eliminating ABC licenses from some businesses, preventing alcohol sales. The reason for these common-sense ideas is to prevent loitering in many areas of Herndon.

But according to the open-borders liberals at the Fairfax County Times, that's "draconian."
"While Prince William County's recent efforts to have everyone down to the
local librarian checking patrons' immigration status may have seemed extreme to
some, ideas now circulating in Herndon border on the absurd – confiscating
bicycles chained to trees or signposts, revoking ABC licenses of some businesses
and removing pay phones.

These measures would affect all residents, not just day laborers. As the
main reason that the laborers are in Herndon is for work, the proposals also
seem unlikely to meet the council's goal of chasing the laborers out of

There it is. The often repeated "they come here to do the jobs Americans won't do" line used by the open-borders crowd to justify coddling those who've broken our immigration laws. Note also that the Times uses the politically correct "day laborer" term, instead of the correct terminology, "illegal alien."

If they come here to work, explain this to me. Why has Fairfax County's crime rate risen 22 percent in first quarter 2008, compared to the same period last year. Compare that to neighboring Prince William County, whose crime rate fell 19 percent in the same period. There's something to be said for PW County's get tough policy on illegal aliens. It's working. But tell that to Fairfax County politicians like County Supervisor Gerry Connolly (running as a Democrat for Tom Davis' House Seat), who said last year about illegal aliens.
"I can just tell you Fairfax County is not going to go the route of some of our neighbors. We’re not going to demagogue. We’re not going to essentially roll back the welcome mat."

This is the same Gerry Connolly who doesn't have a problem with the county extending the lease of the Saudi Islamic Academy, who have been found with textbooks containing extremism rhetoric about Jews and Christians. Connolly went as far as to will call opponents of the school slanderous bigots.

It's all about diversity to Gerry Connolly.

For the people who live in towns like Herndon, its about their safety and security. Many, especially women, are harassed with catcalls from these "workers," leaving them feeling unsafe.

Thank goodness there are some leaders in Prince William County and in Herndon VA who have the balls to do what the citizens elected them to do. We need more of them here and around the nation, instead of pandering liberals like Gerry Connolly who'd bring a bit of San Francisco's insanity to Northern Virginia, as well as the rest of the nation.

All in the name of "diversity."

"Babies For Obama"--A Cover For Obama's Abortion Problem?

That's a question posed by Austin Hill on WMAL, last night, after he played a NBC4 report from (neighboring) Loudon County, VA of Obama supporters doing their get out the vote drive. In the office, there was a "Babies for Obama" sign and photos of babies.

It appears to be more than just a phenomenon in one office.

There's a Babies for Obama website and a link to a CNN profile on little children (no doubt brainwashed by their parents) saying "OBAMA" on cue.
Cute huh? But who really thinks Barack Obama speaks for either the unborn, or a poor baby who has survived an abortion attempt.
While an Illinois State Senator, Obama voted against a bill which would have saved the life of a baby who survived an abortion attempt. Obama has given at least 10 different reasons why he opposed the bill. Peter Wehner in National Review Online wrote that Obama's vote is "the most extreme vote imaginable on abortion, worse even than supporting partial-birth abortion."
You bet! That's not an abortion. That is outright infanticide, sanctioned by Barack Hussein Obama's vote.
But when does a life begin? According to the Messiah, that's "above my pay grade."
Let me give you a clue, Barry. It's simple. When that egg is conceived and starts to grow, that is life. I remember feeling our son kick at night, as I lie next to Mrs M.I.M. and I knew that this was a living breathing child inside her.
Something to consider, if Barack Obama is not willing to protect the most innocent from a botched abortion, then what makes one think he's willing to protect this nation from the threats we face?

Monday, August 18, 2008

WaComPost, Media & Obama Camp Make Excuses Or Cover For "The One's" Poor Saddleback Showing

If Rick Warren's candidates forum on Saturday with John Sidney McCain and Barack Hussein Obama showed anything, it showed Obama as an empty suit.

So, the Obama camp is making excuses and his PR firm (the liberal MSM) are doing their best to cover for him.

NBC's Andrea Mitchell started with the excuse making, repeating a claim from the Obama camp suggested to her that McCain may have heard the questions, and was out of the so-called "cone of silence."

In the Washington ComPost's On Faith section, Jacques Berlinerblau repeated the MSM/Obama camp blather and made some excuses of his own for Obama's poor showing.
"McCain staffers told the Times that the Republican candidate was in a motorcade on his way to the church when Obama was being questioned, but heard none of the questions.

This is no small matter. In fact, it's a huge matter, if only because we: 1) were assured by the Pastor that he (McCain) was not able to hear the questions asked of Obama, 2) were led to believe by McCain that he was in the "cone of silence" as well, and 3) watched McCain blow the doors off of every question that was asked of him.

I do not know if this story is accurate (so why are you repeating it as if it is? M.I.M.) and I guess that in the next few hours we will be learning a lot more. But insofar as I pronounced Senator Obama the night's loser (see the post from this morning below), I need to retract that verdict.

As you can tell from the post below, I was not too thrilled about the Saddleback Forum. Among other complaints, I believed that only a credible news organization should have been entrusted with a conversation as important to American democracy as this one. It wasn't only secularists who lost on Saturday night, but journalists as well.

Typical liberal MSM arrogance! Mr. Berlinerblau, why should the American people trust the media with asking questions, especially when they show such an outright bias in favor of Obama?

Berlinerblau was not to be outdone by David Waters in the Under God section of the ComPost website. Not only did Waters write that Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren asked the wrong questions, but the questions he did ask must have been designed by (drumroll)..... Karl Rove!
Even a cable TV commentator could watch Saturday's Saddleback Church Civil Forum and figure out why John McCain did so well. In a sanctuary filled with conservative evangelicals, McCain decided to preach to the choir while Barack Obama decided to talk to the pastor. Obama had a conversation; McCain's goal was conversion. Fortunately for McCain, Karl Rove could not have designed a better set of questions for him.

In his opening remarks, Rev. Rick Warren, Saddleback's pastor and forum moderator acknowledged that "faith is just a worldview and everybody has some kind of worldview and it's important to know what they are." Intentionally or not, understandably or not, Warren's questions were grounded in the priorities and worldview of American cultural conservatives.

But as pastor of a church in a worldwide Christian community, Warren had an opportunity to go beyond conservative political talking points and ask questions grounded in the church's alternative and countercultural worldview.

In other words, let's ask the candidates questions from a hippie point of view, as well as the "take what you like" approach in liberal Christianity. Waters' assertions in his piece show not only his bias, but a flawed biblical approach.

When asked about confronting evil, Obama tried to imply that America was evil (I guess 20 years of "G*d damn America" sermons influenced him). Other times, Obama's answers differed from ones he had given before. Without the teleprompter and the image makers, Obama naturally comes across and inexperienced, arrogant and hating his country.

As usual, the Obamamedia has it wrong once again. The problem is not Pastor Warren's questions, or whether McCain was in the green room or the bathroom. The problem is with Barack Obama.

And that's something that Karl Rove has absolutely no control over.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Dr Evil" Harry Reid and Obama Agree: Clarance Thomas Isn't Intelligent Enough To Be On Supreme Court

The Democrat Party, like chairman Howard "the Duck" Dean, love to remind us all how their party is an "inclusive" and "accepting" party.

Is it any wonder that minorities and women who are in the Republican Party (or the "White Party," as race baiter Dean says), are looked down upon, as I pointed out the other night.

One example I left out is the brilliant legal mind Clarence Thomas, one of the jurors on the United States Supreme Court. Is it any wonder that the liberals who tried to prevent this great man from becoming a justice mock and insult him today?

Barack Hussein Obama, who enjoys reminding everyone that he "looks different" from past Commanders-in-Chief, took the opportunity of Rick Warren's Saddleback (Church) Civil Forum to intellectually bash Thomas, who is black.
"I would not have nominated Clarence Thomas. I don't think that he, I don't think that he was a strong enough jurist or legal thinker at the time for that elevation, setting aside the fact that I profoundly disagree with his interpretation with a lot of the Constitution."

Obama's insult of Judge Thomas' abilities and legal mind is strikingly similar to what Senate Majority Leader "Dr. Evil" Harry Reid said in December 2004 on NBC's Meet The Depressed.
"I think that he (Thomas) has been an embarrassment to the Supreme Court. I think that his opinions are poorly written. I don't--I just don't think that he's done a good job as a Supreme Court justice."

However, both Obama and Reid praised the "brilliance" of another equally great legal mind, Judge Antonin Scalia. Which poses the question, is the Democrat leadership, essentially calling an African American juror inferior to a white man, simply because he is a conservative? From Condoleezza Rice, Michael Steele, Alberto Gonzalez and others, liberals and Democrats are threatened by minority conservatives who are living testimonies of the American Dream, calling them "sellouts" or "house slaves." In the eyes of the Party of Jim Crow, conservative blacks are 3/5 Th's of a human being, because they don't stay chained to the liberal plantation of victimhood.

For a so-called "Party of Inclusion," who are so quick to accuse any ideological opposition of Obama as "racism," they don't mind using outright bigotry to express their differences with conservatives of color.

Mark Levin, "the Great One" also notes Obama and Reid's slander of Judge Thomas at NRO:
"Without a doubt, the lowest moment of the night was Obama's smear of Clarence Thomas. He, like Harry Reid, can't simply disagree with Thomas, he has to try to degrade him.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obama's "Audacity of Hope" becomes "Jihad: Jakarta To The White House" in Indonesia

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs found an interesting item from a blogger named An American Expat Living in Indonesia.

Barack Hussein Obama's tome "The Audacity of Hope" is entitled "Menerjang Harapan: Dari Jakarta Menuju Gedung Putih" in Indonesia.

Translated, it means "Jihad: Jakarta To the White House."
When I first saw the recently released Indonesian translation of Barack Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming The American Dream", over here in Southeast Asia I was completely taken aback not only by the violent imagery in new title of the book, "Menerjang Harapan: Dari Jakarta Menuju Gedung Putih", but by the fact that it was not really a translation at all, but rather a completely different title than the original book.

A correct translation of the title of Obama's book would have been "Keberanian Harapan: Pemikiran Untuk Meraih Kembali Impian America" which translates into "Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming The American Dream". However, the title for the Indonesian translation of Barack Obama's book is "Menerjang Harapan: Dari Jakarta Menuju Gedung Putih" which translates into "Assault Hope: From Jakarta to the White House".[...]

Why would the publishers drastically change the title of the book for the Indonesian translation and make use of such figurative language? Your guess is as good as mine, but it would seem that Barack Obama is quite interested with promoting himself in Southeast Asia as a crusader for the cause of Indonesia's Muslims.

Interesting question. Why would the original title of the book be changed in an Islamic nation?

San Francisco Democrats Head Further Left, Run on Platform of Decriminalizing Prostitution, Abolishing JROTC

As if they weren't Left enough, the San Francisco Democrat Party has decided to go further to the Left of Karl Marx, as Heather Knight at the San Francisco Chronicle explains.
The San Francisco Democratic Party has veered dramatically to the left, telling voters that on Nov. 4 they should elect a raft of ultra-liberal supervisorial candidates, decriminalize prostitution, boot JROTC from public schools, embrace public power and reject Mayor Gavin Newsom's special court in the Tenderloin.

That's just what some party members feared after Supervisors Aaron Peskin, Chris Daly and Jake McGoldrick along with others who billed themselves as "The Hope Slate" were elected to the Democratic County Central Committee in June.

The powerful, 34-member panel worked late into Wednesday night deciding endorsements that could play a big role in how the overwhelmingly Democratic city votes this fall.

Peskin, the group's chairman, said Thursday that the progressive endorsements are in step with the priorities of San Francisco's voters and are geared toward making the party bigger and stronger after some left-wing members broke off to join the Green Party.

I wouldn't doubt if the San Francisco Democrats are digging further Left, in order to help "Do Nothing" Nancy Pelosi fight off the upcoming challenge in November from Cindy Sheehan. But according to the Chronicle, the meeting got interesting.
The meeting stretched over five hours, including two hours of public comment - mostly from high school students wanting JROTC to remain in their schools and sex workers who were divided on whether to decriminalize their trade.

...But the meeting turned contentious when the group took up endorsements for seven supervisorial races.

The group endorsed incumbents Carmen Chu and Sean Elsbernd and made no endorsement in District Five where Ross Mirkarimi faces no real challenge, but is a member of the Green Party. In the four wide-open races, the group picked ultra-liberal candidates Eric Mar in District One, David Chiu in District Three, David Campos in District Nine and John Avalos in District Eleven.

Many of the progressive central committee members support the city's new system of ranked-choice voting, in which voters can pick their first, second and third choices to avoid a costly runoff. Yet, in all but one case - District Three, where Denise McCarthy got a second-choice endorsement - the group declined to back a second or third candidate.

...(Scott) Wiener said Peskin and his allies displayed tribal politics at its worst.

"There's a litmus test that some people try to apply that if you don't agree with us on every single issue, you're not progressive," he said.

Sue Lee, a candidate in District One, sat in the audience as she failed to get any nod from the group. She later motioned to her back and asked, "Am I bleeding?" - implying she'd been stabbed by fellow Democrats.

It isn't just fellow Democrats stabbed in the back, what about JROTC members who have had the choice to participate in that program denied by the military-hostile politicians in San Francisco. This is more of classic San Francisco military hatred. Remember that Chris Daly led the unsuccessful effort to ban the Blue Angels from Fleet Week in San Francisco under the false concern about public safety. No, it was because Daly and these so-called "progressives" (code name for communists or socialists) hate the United States military.

As if San Francisco under the illegal alien abetting "Greasy" Gavin Newsom couldn't get any worse, now these Leftists want to decriminalize prostitution?

Is it any wonder why families with children have been fleeing San Francisco since 1960?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Howard "YEEEEAAAAAAAH" Dean Plays Race Card, Calls GOP "The White Party"

Howard "The Duck" Dean, chairman of the Democrat Party, made another idiotic racial statement today (video from Blogs for John McCain).

"....we haven't courted Southern Conservative working class folks and we need to do that, but, uh, you know our party has been a no majority party for a long time, uh, the fact is that the Democrat(ic) Party is made up of lots of different people and we're all minorities in our party, uh, that's the way it's been for a long, long time. We're the party of opportunity. So the demographic trends favor the Democrats because, uh, we are an inclusive, accepting party and if you look at folks of color, uh, even women, they're more successful in the Democratic party than they are in the white, uh, excuse me, in the (laughs) Republican Party...."
In a 2005 San Francisco appearance, Dean also called the GOP, "a white Christian party." Earlier that year, Dean commented to the Congressional Black Caucus, "You think the Republican National Committee could get this many people of color in a single room? Only if they had the hotel staff in here.”

Oh, yes, the Democrat Party is so tolerant and accepting. The way those Democrats were in 2002 when they threw Oreo cookies at black Republican Michael Steele, who was running for Lt. Governor in Maryland, implying a racial stereotype (black on the outside, white on the inside). How about that, Howie old boy? Or this photo of Steele as a "Sambo" posted by one liberal blogger named Steve Gilliard.

Condoleezza Rice has been drawn in cartoons with racial stereotypes, even called a "House Nigga" in one. That doesn't count the anti-Semitism of Jim Moron of Northern VA and other liberal Democrat voters. I know that Michelle Malkin has listed vile e-mail after e-mail of liberals attacking her with racial slurs.

It's interesting to note that the Democrat Party is home today to a Senator who not only filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act, he was also a member of the Ku Klux Klan during the 1940's who used the term "white niggers" twice on TV in 2001.

Here's more history for you, Howard, the Democrat Party's support for not just the KKK, but Jim Crow laws & slavery.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sean Penn, Champion of the Downtrodden, Puts His Marin County Home For Sale....All $15 Million Worth

"Baghdad" Sean Penn (aka Jeff Spicoli) and (apparently still) wife Robin Wright Penn are putting their home in the wealthy Marin County hamlet of Ross, CA up for sale.

The couple bought the home, located at 7 Laurel Grove Avenue, for $2.1 million in 1993 and spent two years renovating the place. Sale price now is $15 million. It is not known where the Penn's will move to.

Photos below, from SFLuxe and Curbed SF, originally from Vince Valdes for Coldwell Banker.

Back yard
Living Room

According to the Wall Street Journal:
The 10,000-square-foot house was designed with hand-hewn wood-beamed ceilings and floors, stone fireplaces and hand-painted tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen. The two-story home has five bedrooms, a home office, an au pair suite, a gym and a three-car garage. A two-bedroom guest cottage has its own two-car garage. There's also a pool, tennis court, gardens and dog run.
In most circumstances, I really wouldn't care who owns what house. But Sean Penn is a different story. Owning this house due to the success he's had should serve as an example of how great this nation is. Because he, like everyone else here, has the freedom to pursue their talents and abilities to their full potential.

And how does Sean Penn repay this nation (when he's not beating up photographers or ex-wives)? He goes around the world badmouthing this nation and its President. He acts as a propaganda stooge for two anti-American dictators (Saddam Hussein and Hugo Chavez) and goes to another enemy nation (Iran) as a "reporter" for Phil Bronstein's throw away rag, The San Francisco Comicle.

All while Penn claims to have so much compassion for the downtrodden and the common-man (like his capsizing boat in New Orleans, post Hurricane Katrina). He advocates so much for the poor, the homeless and the environment, yet doesn't have a clue how most of us working people live day to day, behind the walls of his not-so-humble abode.

Maybe Sean might do us all a favor and leave this nation which he hates so much. Maybe he can go live in Venezuela with his buddy Hugo, since Saddam is no longer available as a friendly neighbor.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

42 Illegal Aliens Arrested At Dulles Airport

From WTOP News:
DULLES, Va. - Forty-two men in the U.S. illegally have been rounded up and arrested at Dulles International Airport.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested the illegal aliens Wednesday morning on airport grounds at a checkpoint established to verify the identity and immigration status of workers entering a service gate. Most of the men were working construction projects at the airport.

Mark McGraw, special agent in charge of ICE's Washington field office, says it's important Homeland Security knows who enters sensitive areas like airports, military bases and power plants.

Yes, Mr. McGraw, I think it is important who is entering these areas, especially after 9/11. Having just flown out of Dulles a couple of months ago, I know there's a lot of construction going on out there. So why aren't the construction companies checking the citizenship of their workers? Furthermore, why is the Federal Government, who owns most of the airport property, doing business with construction companies who don't check the citizenship status of their workers?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pelosi: Election 08 Is "Like Death For Life On This Planet As We Know It Today"

"Do Nothing" Nancy Pelosi has an apocalyptic view of this year's election, according to a Left-wing Internet site, The Public Record (h/t Kristinn at FreeRepublic), writing about her appearance in Los Angeles to promote her failing book at a $30 per person event.
When Pelosi launched into the reasons an administration led by presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain would be dangerous for the country, identifying the candidate's support for an endless war (sic) in Iraq and his intention to uphold many of the questionable constitutional interpretations (sic) relating to torture and civil liberties during the Bush administration, Pelosi said the only way to "dig our way out" is by electing Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee.

“Whether it’s the deficit or the challenges to the constitution we have to dig our way out,” Pelosi said, adding “this election is like death for life on this planet as we know it today."

Death for life on this planet? Has Nancy Pelosi completely lost her sanity? Apparently, she has. She also told the audience that "I preside over the greatest collection of integrity and idealism," (William Jefferson?) and blamed her failure of leadership on the Republican minority.

"As Speaker of the house, the third highest office, first is the president, then vice president, and then Speaker, I take my responsibilities deadly seriously. I try to promote bipartisanship but that's not what the other side wants," said Pelosi, who adjourned Congress for a five-week vacation and her book tour after refusing to allow legislation for offshore drilling to come up for a vote, all while Americans continue to pay high gas prices.

Is this their next devious strategy, when race baiting won't work, to scare Americans that their very lives depend on voting Democrat?

Obama Wins Gold In The Flip-Flopping Competition

Here's a great new ad from the Tennessee GOP (h/t Sweetness & Light):

With as many flips as those, he's headed to outdoing "Lurch" Kerry as the King of Waffles.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Democrats Announce Convention Theme, More Of The Same Empty Rhetoric

Democrats announced today that their theme for their upcoming convention in Denver will be centered around these three words.

Unity, Security & Change.

What makes the Democrats think they can be the party which delivers on those three terms?

Unity - In the first place, the Democrats cannot unite around a single candidate, because of the controversy in the selection of their nominee, Barack Hussein Obama. Had their primaries been done in the "winner take all" fashion in which the Republicans ran there's, maybe there wouldn't be the hurt feelings and cries of voter disenfranchisement.

As the nominee, Obama is the last person who can bring "unity" to the nation, even though he came to prominence with his flashy 2004 convention speech on a similar theme. Here's a guy who spent 20 years in a racist "church" whose "minister" G*d-damned America and cozied up to bigots like Louis Farrakhan. Additionally, how can a guy who claimed working Americans were "clinging to guns and religion" out of bitterness bring the nation together? The same way he won't win Republicans over for calling them "ignorant."

Security - How can a party that has spent more time advocating for the rights of al-Queda terrorists be trusted to defend, protect and secure this nation from future terrorist attacks? Keep in mind this is the same party who has regularly demeaned the sacrifice and service of our military. Obama himself has claimed in 2007 that the 3,000 soldiers dead in Iraq were "wasted lives" and that our military was killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan. He even cancelled a visit to wounded soldiers in Germany so he could go work out instead, because one of his advisers had his poor ego bruised.

Change - This word has become so overused by the Democrats that its meaning is empty. Actually, the Democrats can provide change, the wrong kind of change. Instead of defending America's sovereignty and the citizenry, Democrats will apologize for America to the world. Likewise, change is all you'll have left in the bank, once Obama raises your taxes to astronomical levels and refuses to allow any drilling, allowing gas prices to rise even higher.

So when Democrats speak of Unity, Security and Change at their convention, know that they are leaving out some key words.

(Dis) Unity
(Lack of) Security
Change (in the bank)

So to Democrats and to Obama, I say the following:

"Keep The Change!"