Monday, July 14, 2008

Epiphone Guitars & Soldier's Angels Team Up To Give Guitars To Soldiers

Here's a Support the Troops story which also ties in with one of my favorite activities, playing guitar.

Epiphone Musical Instruments, a subsidiary of Gibson Guitars, recently teamed up with Soldier's Angels to give the gift of music to wounded servicemembers at Brooke Army Medical Center who also play the guitar.

In cooperation with Soldiers' Angels, Epiphone Guitar announced is support of the program with a donation of new Epiphone acoustic guitars to wounded guitar-playing service members as part of a "Freedom Celebration" at the Brooke Army Medical Center on July 5th in San Antonio, TX. In addition, Angels & Airwaves and the Van Warped Tour will create a party that will live on in memories of wounded service members and their families as they recover.

A picnic for approximately 1200 wounded soldiers and their families, held in the Fisher Houses "Quad" area and hosted by Soldiers' Angels, will form the core of the Freedom Celebration. The band Angels and Airwaves will showcase their acoustic abilities, and there will be a variety of activities especially for children.

...Freedom Celebration's highlight will be the awarding of Epiphone acoustic guitars to wounded service members, and a single guitar will be presented to each of the seven local Fisher Houses at Brooke to be used to further the programs that enrich wounded military member's live through the making of music.

The husband of Soldiers' Angels founder (and winner of America's Favorite Mom, M.I.M) Patty Patton-Bader, Jeff Bader, is proud to be participating in Freedom Celebration and points out the therapeutic value of Epiphone's gift. "I am honored to be involved in the whole event," says Bader, "but since I am also a guitar player, this new program and the gifts to our service members are something very special to me. Music truly has a healing power, and guitar-playing soldiers who have suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) have improved their memory capabilities by remembering the songs they used to play."
Kudos to Epiphone Guitars for showing their support of our military and especially those who've been wounded.

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