Sunday, June 01, 2008

Faifax County VA Schools Threaten To Sue Army Over New Students, Yet Welcome Illegal Alien Children

See-Dubya at Michelle posted this item from my backyard, how the head of Fairfax County VA Public Schools wants to sue the United States Army?

The blog linked to by S-D is called Goodies2Choose:
This week, the Fairfax County School Board threatened to sue the Army:

"The top elected school official in Fairfax County said the system may sue to force the Army to recognize that an upcoming job influx at Fort Belvoir will bring a flood of new students."

This is pretty petty to start with. Although the County projects that next year’s school population growth of 3,541 (not all of which is due to the base realignment) will require “an additional $22 million in spending and 358 new positions,” the overall impact on the County’s economy will clearly be positive:

While Fairfax County Schools want to sue the Army for an influx of students, they do nothing about new students who are children of illegal aliens. In fact, Fairfax County Stupidvisor (and 11th Congressional District Democrat Candidate Gerry Connoly once said, in reference to illegal aliens, "I can just tell you Fairfax County is not going to go the route of some of our neighbors (referring to Prince William County, VA). We’re not going to demagogue. We’re not going to essentially roll back the welcome mat.”

Goodies2Choose continues:
"Thanks to this welcome mat, 623 children of illegal immigrants moved from schools in Prince William County (which has begun cracking down on illegal immigrants) to Fairfax County schools last year.

Now, I’m not saying that Fairfax County should close its schools to the children of illegal immigrants. For one thing, it would be illegal to do so. But clearly, Fairfax County has made a choice to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration, and even to trumpet its commitment to welcoming any and all, and that approach is responsible for an influx of new students.

Which just makes it all the more galling then while they welcome people who entered the country illegally, they cry poverty when the Army moves in with thousands of jobs in tow. The message seems to be that the children of illegal immigrants are welcome to Fairfax County schools, but the children of our fighting men and women are not.
Well, shame on the Fairfax County Public Schools as well as Gerry Connolly. While I'm not in his district (I suffer residing in Jim "I beat my ex-wife and 8 year old kids who admire my car, plus I think our troops commit ethnic cleansing while waging a war for Israel" Moron's district), may I suggest you check out the Republican candidate, Keith Fimian.

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